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  1. Thanks lugnut. I'll give that a try.
  2. That was my thinking as well, nigsy, but I am never sure if a computer crash is due to something Windows says is a "problem."
  3. When I run a Windows scan for problems, I get the following issues: Windows says there is a problem with the driver for H, J, G, and E. I have a 500 gig main © drive and my DVD player/recorder is labeled E. The DVD (E) drive is working fine but Windows says there is a problem with the driver. So, should I update these drivers or do nothing?
  4. Does anyone use the utility Process Explorer from Sysinternals? I have been using it on my Windows 7 system and shortly after I installed it and used it (it seems to work fine) I had a crash and then a problem getting any programs to load. This was solved by two re-boots but I am wondering if it is the Process Explorer program that is causing the instability. At this moment, everything seems fine. Just wondering if there might be an issue with Windows 7.
  5. I have FF 3.5.7 and everything works just fine, including SpywareBlaster. Did you put FF in a different folder?
  6. Here is an explanation of Iexplore.exc: http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iexplore.exe.html
  7. My trusty old computer is headed for the junk yard and I need to get another. The good folks at Best Buy had a couple of PC recommendations but also added a recommendation for a antivirus security suite. They recommended Kaspersky over all others on the basis that it was fast, light on system resources and would not slow down my system as much as Norton and the other suites available. Are there any recommendations here regarding what security suite I should have installed on my new system? Any opinions welcome. By the way, the two computer brands the salesperson recommended were, first, HP and second, Dell.
  8. Firefox 3.0 is significantly faster than FF 2.+ in my opinion. Ad Block Plus needs to have sites added to it using one of the sources given during installation. FasterFox does not work with FF 3.0. You will have to wait for an update to that program. You can always go back to FF 2+ but I think version 3.0 is significantly better.
  9. After reading a bit more about it, I assume it slows down internet browsing quite a bit. I guess if one wants to hide his/her browsing history from some organization that has the capability to track such things, it would be of value. I was not aware there was such software until I came upon "tor" while researching internet security.
  10. I have been reading about a software addition to browsing called "Tor." I guess it helps in overall security online and helps prevent network surveillance. Is this type of software necessary and is this particular product (Tor) any good?
  11. I contacted Linksys tech support and they had me uninstall the Easylink Adviser software. At this point, although my computer tells me that it cannot find my wireless network, my laptop CAN find it and I can access the internet wirelessly with it as well as access files on the desktop. All seems to be working right now even though my desktop -- to which the wireless router is hooked -- is saying that no wireless network is available. Until this stops working, I'll leave well enough alone and hope for the best. By the way, I could not find any drivers specifically for the linksys router -- just the ethernet driver and the driver for my PCI card.
  12. Thanks. I'll check that out but I think my Internet security suite is functioning properly. It must have something to do with the linksys router establishing a connection with the wireless network because my internet access is not affected at all. For some reason, linksys suddenly takes up 100% of the cpu when a wireless connection to the wireless network is established which does not happen at boot-up, will not connect when I try the repair tool but suddenly connects after a long period of time. Very frustrating problem and so far the good folks at linksys tech support have been no help.
  13. I have been having problems that seem associated with my new Linksys wireless network. What happens is that suddenly, my mouse starts acting erratically. By that I mean that the mouse starts and stops as I move it around the screen. It becomes very difficult to control, I move the mouse and the arrow does not move and then suddenly jumps to a new location. When I check my CPU usage, it is usually between 96 and 100%. Also, when I shut down the computer to reboot, as the Windows XP shutdown "music" comes on, it starts and stops on a second to second basis -- one second on, the next off. My hard drive is being used in the same manner - red light on, then off, every one second. What I tried to do was use the Hijack this forum to solve the problem and it seemed like it was solved. But today, when I booted up my computer, I got the usual message that the wireless network I had set up was unable to connect. Then, about 3 hours later, the notice came on that the wireless network had connected and that is the precise moment when the mouse problem came back. When I disconnected the wireless network, the mouse went back to working properly and my CPU usage went back to the 0 to 4% range that it is usually in. Clearly, there is a problem with my Linksys wireless network setup. As a bit more background, when I originally set it up, there were no problems. However, I had to use a system restore a couple of days ago regarding another problem (USB ports were not being recongized) and it seems it is after that that the problem started. How do I solve this problem?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I am using Windows XP (sp2). That said, suddenly, all of the USB ports are functioning properly. I did absolutely nothing other than what I wrote in the initial post. Even my USB external hard drive is working fine. I have no idea why this happened. I just hope that this was a one time thing and that it will not happen again.
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