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  1. I use Webroot Secure Anywhere to protect my computer from malware and it DOES say it protects from keyloggers. Would it still be a good idea to add an anti-keylogging program to give me another layer of protection? I have seen that there are a number of free ones available. If it makes sense, any recommendations?
  2. Go to the Housecall website -- or Panda's on line scan or a number of other on-line scanners -- and run their on-line scan (you must be using Internet Explorer for this). Make sure you tell the scan to get rid of the viruses. Once that is done, install an antivirus ASAP! There are a number of free ones you can download and install -- like AVG.
  3. I followed the directions at the site given by Joe C and it worked. Outgoing email is now being scanned. It is interesting that when I contacted AVG Tech support about this issue some time ago, they indicated that since Mozilla was not one of the email clients they supported, I could not scan outgoing email. I guess they were wrong.
  4. Thanks Joe C. I'll give the directions given there a try.
  5. I use the paid for version of AVG and I can get it do scan my incoming email but I cannot get it to scan outgoing mail. I know that this is no big deal but it is supposed to be able to do that and I'd like to be able to use that function. The problem is that when I make the recommended changes in the SMTP addrress, I cannot connect with my SBC Yahoo ISP to send the mail. Any suggestions?
  6. I found Sygate to be better on my system than Zone Alarm. ZA tended to cause some problems for me and Sygate did not and passed every security test I used.
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