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  1. They are good mdms, chances are its used and has be refurbed. I work for Bright House in Tampa and trouble shoot them all day. Never had to roll a tech to replace a Motorola Modem or a toshiba 2500 or better. My self i have been using a Toshiba 2500 for a few years now and i have never had any problems with it.
  2. Anything should work as long as it supports the DOCSIS platform. But when you buy your own you take on the responsibility of replacing it if anything ever happens $50-$100+ a pop. I would go with a Motorola i havnt seen on of thos go bad yet. http://broadband.motorola.com/consumers/cable_modems.asp
  3. Air


    As long as the firewall doesnt reply, your still not crazy. Although talking to software is well, kinda.... Weird.....
  4. 6 4 Desktops, All running XP, One Dual Booting Vista. 1 Laptop With XP 1 Imac with 9x (ugh)
  5. Does your switch connect to your modem (IE Cable, DSL modem)? If so thats why, your mosty likly only being assigned one IP, how switch's work is they only give out as many IP's as they are given. If you need yo have access to the net from all computers you need a router.
  6. White Bread Ham Turkey Lettuce Real Mayo Yellow American Cheese. Done.
  7. 1. As far as past history no, not unless you (or) the server doing the test loged it. 2. Yes im sure there is, but you would have to contact an ISP for that and or read the Service level agreement. Most ISP's wont "Tell" you they are not providing you the bandwidth you are paying for in hopes you will over look it.
  8. If you think it has an impact on your connection, call your ISP let them know the situation and send them the tracert, not going to be much you can do.
  9. Yes, you can use FC4 and have XP boxes talk to it, you shouldnt have any problems, start a thread in the linux section for some help. Its really easy.
  10. Fedora Core 4, its free and wasy to work with. im sure the guys in the linux forum could point you in the right direction.
  11. What he said, after the release of the first Starwars (Phantom Menice) they started editing the new Anakin into the Return of the Jedi.
  12. When im bored i will play Marlins Secret Castle on a nes emulator.
  13. That would depend on the theme you use... 2years 2months and 14days give or take.
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