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  1. read their terms, All of ascendtech.us's products are guaranteed against defects for 30 days from the date of the invoice unless stated otherwise. All items under manufacturer's warranty must be registered and serviced through their warranty agreements. ascendtech.us carries a mixture of new, used, surplus, and recertified products. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN, ascendtech.us MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT TO PRODUCTS SOLD ON THE ascendtech.us SITE. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN, ascendtech.us EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT TO PRODUCTS SOLD ON THIS SITE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. YOU AGREE THAT THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE MAXIMUM LIABILITY TO ascendtech.us ARISING FROM ANY PRODUCT SOLD ON THE ascendtech.us SITE SHALL BE THE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT ORDERED. IN NO EVENT SHALL ascendtech.us, ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND REPRESENTATIVES BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES RELATED TO PRODUCT SOLD. I was gonna buy from this till i read this, you dont know if your buying a fixed or refurbished item and their prices are not as great as to run this risk.
  2. Hey there, First install this, it will tweak your system and optimize it. http://www.download.com/Advanced-WindowsCa...&tag=button if you do not have any of these please install them and run them http://www.download.com/3000-2144-10045910.html and http://www.download.com/3000-2144-10122137.html remove any ad-aware then please scan your computer here to see if you have any viruses http://www.trendsecure.com/portal/en-US/fr...l_free_scan.php after you do this go to start-> run-> and type msconfig.exe then press enter. From there go to the boot.ini tab and check the /noguiboot option on the left. (this will remove the xp splash screen.) Still in msconfig go to the startup tab and let me know what programs are there to help you even more.
  3. My cosuin is leaving in 5 days so I would apreciate it
  4. does anyone else have one I am dyinh to try xbox live!
  5. Hey N-f0rcer the 2 month code you gave me was expired does any one else have one? And xbox connect doesnt work cause I dont have a network set up.
  6. Ok well i just wanted to try out, so if anyone could give me the code i could tekk you guys if its good or not, by the way it is for the original xbox.
  7. So no one plays xbox live here?, is it good? if anyone does? Thank You
  8. Anyone have a 2 month free trial code I can use to try out xbox live? My cousin is here vsisiting and he brought his xbox with him so we wanted to try xbox live. Thank You The Mig
  9. Both, but I don't have much to spend and im probably getting a new pc in the future..
  10. Heres my pit results.. How am I doing? What can i do to improve?? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EHN80WMR6QCSVXDR
  11. themig


    Common u got me curious to how really old you are
  12. themig


    Hey, was wonderin how old everyone is... Im 16
  13. really? I had no clue, well is there any free program that shreds the recyvle bin objects that you would recomend?
  14. do you guys recomend this program?
  15. Ray G thanks for your help but I need a program where I can see the programs that ar on the start up list not a program that prevents programs for getting on the srat up list.
  16. heres my tech express report so you can see my start up prgrams if you need, I would also like it if you guys could tell me which ones i should delete. Thx.. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KWQT0WKVV8CSKQ6R
  17. well I was using spy bot, and ms Antispiware Beta, and i also did the -> Run/Msconfig thing, but evrytime I reboot my machine somehow they come back.
  18. Any of you guys recomend a startup manager? I've been deleting some start up programs but after i reboot my machine they appear again for some reason. Thank you
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