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  1. I just noticed, the Pentium IV system has PC4200 DDR2 RAM and a SATA 200GB HD whereas the other two have PC3200 DDR RAM and an ATA 200GB HD. How much difference will the faster memory and serial hard drive make?
  2. I read that unless I was multitasking the 2x2.66GHz (5.3GHz) would underperform a 3GHz sytem. What would be your second choice
  3. I need a basic PC for general use and a bit of movie conversion so I've come up with 3 possibilities, all bare bones tower with no OS. Just wanted some advice on which system is best for the price. All have 1GB RAM, DVDRW, 200GB HD Pentium IV 5.3GHz dual processor at £325 Intel Celeron D 3.2GHz (SKT 775) at £255 64b AMD Sempron 3000+ at £250
  4. TimN

    64-bit PCs

    Ah, so running 32 bit XP will be OK for all my current software and drivers. Never thought of that. I assume if I run 32 bit XP I will not get the benefits of a 64 bit processor.
  5. My PC is close to being uneconomical to repair and I was looking into new systems. The AMD and Itel 64 bit systems look interesting but I'm worried about driver and software compatibility and instability. Anyone had much experience of a 64 bit system and is it worth going for this now or sticking with a conventional 32 bit system
  6. 8210GUY/dombenson Thanks for the help. In my case I had to choose "Not available" and I was able to uninstall the applications I wanted.
  7. 8210GUY Clicking on change gives me 3 options 1) Add or Remove features 2) Repair Office 3) Uninstall Office which of these do I choose to access the options you mention. It doesn't seem to be 1)
  8. I used the Change button from the Add Remove window, but only got the option to select which features of each application to install. I can't work out how to uninstall an entire application
  9. I have a full install of Office XP Pro but would like to slim it down by removing applications I don't use such as Microsoft Access and Frontpage. The only problem is I cannot find a way to remove individual applications. It seems to be all or nothing. Can anyone tell me if it's possible.
  10. I've had the same problem in the past. You can keep ZA running on both PCs, but must put the IP address of the other in your trusted zone. As this can change sometimes, look at the IP addresses of your router and your two PCs (your router setup should give you this info) and use a small range of IP addresses (say 5) to cover all of these and add these to the ZA trusted zone on each PC. Should work fine then. I'm not on my home PC at the moment so PM me if you need the exact details when I get home. Good luck
  11. Does windows itself have anything built in to do this? I'm not bothered about hiding the folder or encrypting it, just worried about losing documents.
  12. I have some important business files which I want to protect from accidental deletion. I'm using Windows XP home and want to know if it is possible to stop a folder being deleted.
  13. Yep, that was it. I opened Task manager and watched CPU use as I hovered the cursor over each avi file. It was fine for all but one. As soon as I hovered over one file the CPU jumped to 100% and stayed there. Deleting the file fixed the problem. Thanks
  14. Over the last few days my laptop keeps getting stuck on 100% CPU use due to explorer.exe It stays this way unless I escape via taskmanager. It seems to occur most often if I try to right click a file or sometimes if I simply try to access my files through "My Computer". I've done a full virus/spyware scan, but nothing pops up. I'm using Windows XP Home SP2 if that helps.
  15. These were the best I found Tautology Bandwidth meter and Costaware
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