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  1. Not sure what sevice pack it has, but the update wasn't for IE7. It was for Capicom whatever that is. i have the exact KB number somewhere. I'll look for the folder/file you suggested
  2. Unfortunately this problem has been happening for quite a while now and I don't want to mess with any changes made since then
  3. A friend has an XP machine which on Shutdown tries to install a Windows update file, but fails for wahtever reason then tries again etc etc etc and never finishes. I know which update it is so I'd like to delete it from wherever it is and force Windows to download it again. Is this possible?
  4. Just to tie up the thread and maybe help those out with similar problems. It was indeed a PSU fault. Stuck a new one in and worked fine. The old one was light as a feather...no wonder it didn't last long.
  5. The system is a bit of both. I bought it a year or so ago from a small independent guy who sells through ebay. This is the first problem I've encountered. The only thing that may have caused the problem is that a year ago I added an extra hard drive, DVDdrive, sound card and TV card which may have put too much strain on the 400W psu.
  6. I did a bit more investigation. If I unclip the 4 pin ATX 12V connector from the mobo, but leave the 20 pin connector attached to the mobo then he computer will power up (power to mobo fan, case fan drives etc), but not boot up. Any more thoughts? Points to mobo or power supply?
  7. How do I clear the CMOS?
  8. Recently my PC which had been running for about 5 hours suddenly shut down. I rebooted and it ran OK for a few hours and did the same again. After a dozen more reboots all it does when the front power button is pressed is power-up for 1 second max then shut down. The light at the front comes on (and stays on after shut down!) and the chip and case fans run for that second. If I try to reboot nothing happens unless I switch the power supply switch from on to off and back again. Then it reboots for a second again when I press the power button. I haven't made any hardware or driver changes re
  9. I've been using both Acronis True Image (backup) and O&O defrag for quite some time now. Just recently I noticed that when trying to defrag certain partitions or when Acronis True Image starts up and analyzes all the partitions, both bits of software hang on some of the partitions. It used to take less than a second, but now takes 10-20 min per partition but no idea why. I tried a reformat of my second HD (where most of the troublesome partitions were) but this doesn't seem to have helped. I also ran the chkdsk X: /f /r command to check all partitions. They all came back clean, but e
  10. I've had the same problems before. To receive email you need the pop settings of your email provider which you have and are OK. To send email however you need the smtp settings for the ISP provider you are currently using. So for instance if you try sending email from a friends internet you will need his ISP's smtp settings not yours
  11. I used a program called Add/Remove Pro to see if that could work, but it gave the same hangs. However it did allow me to look at the uninstall strings for each program. If I followed them manually I was able to uninstall a couple of programs, but in most cases clicking on the setup.exe file the strings pointed to had no effect at all (no activation of rundll32.exe or hang). Could the problem be that Windows Add & Remove programs hangs because it is being pointed to an invalid/non-operational uninstall exe and is waiting for something to happen? Just had a look through the re
  12. I don't think it's a virus. I've scanned for that. rundll32.exe starts as soon as I press uninstall, and as soon as I terminate it Add Remove unfreezes. I've just checked. It's only in the system32 and prefetch folders as well as in the service packs
  13. When I try to uninstall a program from the Control Panel's Add or Remove Program window, as soon as I click on the program I want to remove, Add or Remove completely freezes and rundll32.exe appears in the process list eating my CPU. Only when I manually terminate rundll32.exe from the task manager will Add or Remove unfreeze, but the program will not uninstall. Some programs however will uninstall without problem. Reinstalling a program with the problem makes no difference. Could rundll32.exe be looking for missing uninstall files?
  14. mail2web worked perfectly. Many thanks
  15. Yes my company blocks webmail I guess to reduce viruses etc
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