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  1. Would it be safe to remove it from the trusted list zone and just raise the protection of the trusted zone to high to disallow sharing. Its this important to be on?
  2. I need help on this one. On my trusted zone list there something called: Name Loopback adapter Zone Trusted Entry Type IP Address IP Address / Site xxxxxxxx I dont remember putting this on my trusted zone list, if i did i dont remember. Whats Loopback adapter? and should it be in the trusted zone?
  3. I have Optimum Online from CableVision. I have modem called: Motorola SURFboard Voice over IP Cable Modem. Why is there 3 or 4 ports that is Closed instead of in stealth mode in which ZA suppose to do?
  4. Thanks can you answer two questions of mine? First: I did a online scan of ZA Firewall and only 3 or 4 ports are not Invisible there are close, Im still safe right? Second: I have ZA Free and I have a 15 days trial for the Pro version, should i take it?
  5. Well when you go open ZA and go Preferences under"OverView" Is said " Check for Product Updates Set either "Automatically or Manually" which one should i set? Its just that i thought they will get security updates like Norton. Not product updates. is the same thing?
  6. Ok now when ZoneAlarm is set to Automatically check for updates, ZA dont Alert that Your Security settings has been updated, why? I want to know if its really was updated. Should i set it to Manually, so i can update it and make sure its been updated?
  7. yea lets hope it get fix. Have this happen before? I dont remember this ever happend before.
  8. I did the #2 option and it work for me, It got updated. But the weird thing is that after it got updated V564 still shows. Weird. I hope this problem soon. Because alot of us are unprotected By new spyware and adware.
  9. Thanks, please post here when it update for you. I want to know if mines workely propertly. And i been having the same error message yesterday. I tried 6 times all the same message then the 7th time it said i was already update.
  10. I want to know whats the latest Definitions Version? I have V564. there was problem before that i could not update my Definition thats why im asking. Thats the latest version?
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