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  1. If you need to retrieve your license key for either Optimize or Erase, you can fetch it at our customer service page at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/
  2. What? What are you talking about? It's been an on going joke between him and myself.
  3. Get the new card then. The 6800 GS would play all three games great. The AI is so much better in BF2 than either 1942 or Vietnam. Of course, I mainly play BF2 online so there isn't the AI to worry about.
  4. I wasn't suggesting that he buy a new one. I'm just saying at one time that card was a good gaming card. And that time as after Battlefield 1942 was released. If you can afford to get a newer card, definitely do that. It would be easier for you to play newer games. BF2 is so much better than 1942. It is possible to play BF2 on the FX5200 (I have friends that do), but it would be on low settings.
  5. I take it that you don't pay your own electric bill? I do have one computer I leave on. That is my media server. The only reason I leave it on is because it's set up to record shows (similar to TIVO recordings). Since I have so many different shows set up to record, I forget when they all come on. It's easier to leave it on. The other four computers I have are turned off when not in use.
  6. Thanks. This change will be made in the soon to be released version 1.5.
  7. Your current video card should be more than enough for BF1942. Remember, that game came out in 2002, a good while before the FX5200.
  8. Is it just me, or did they seem to make the APC a lot more powerful after this last patch?
  9. I was going to buy it but... 1. I don't care to create a gamespy account, 2. I want a simple download, not download something to download this 3. I still haven't played Special Forces that much. 4. I still have fun on the some of the original maps.
  10. I would recommend going with more drives. Since you don't need the space, I would go for 3 drives at 80 gig each, set up in RAID 0. This should be roughly in your budget (not sure about the rate conversion). If it's in the budget, go for 4 drives.
  11. We are currently re-working the Upload / Download tests for Optimize. We will have a minor upgrade available shortly with it.
  12. A good place to start is... Budget. What kind of money are you looking to spend? Another good question is, "what type of experience are you looking for," as in, do you want the ultra-high quality graphics or is just "high" or "medium" settings okay for you?
  13. I'm a little bit confused. Are you asking about Optimize or the disk scans from the website?
  14. If they're already gone, then they're already gone. So, no, you can't if they are already erased. Thanks for the compliments.
  15. I usually do. It helps prevent them from being found from un-erase type programs.
  16. If you have the box checked "Only delete cookies on the Grey List maintained by PC Pitstop", then the gray listed cookies are the only ones that will be deleted. To delete all the cookies (except the white listed domains), uncheck this box then click the "Erase" button.
  17. SWAT 4 does this on some levels. It didn't do it when I first got the game. I think it was something added in a patch. I was playing the game a few weeks ago and went to the one level that is in a night club. There were these posters in the game advertising for Inked (or Miami Ink) on TLC. That show wasn't out when I first bought the game. I looked at a buddies computer, who was at my house playing too, and he had a different add. The game didn't do that when I first got it. I haven't played it since. That just really bugs me for some reason.
  18. I'm showing that your techexpress link has expired. Could you run a more recent test and post that?
  19. I don't have a problem with that, but I don't think it should be hillary.
  20. Well, it all depends (I'm sure you'll find that answer a lot). If you had many computers, maybe 50 +, then I would recommend a NAS. However, since you don't, the HP should be fine. Really, all you need is a network connection and enough hard-drive space. You only have one computer connecting to it, so a NAS would be huge overkill. I would recommend using a wired connection for a file server. Wireless seems to be tricky as far as reliability. You should have less problems if it's wired. As far as "enough hard-drive space", that's really subjective. Only you would know how much hard drive space
  21. blah, blah, blah. How many years have we been hearing this? Really, it gets old. The ecomony always improves. Overall, people have more disposable income. You're looking at it from a zero-sum stand point, meaning that money cannot be created. If somebody creates jobs, money is being made. People are being hired. For example, look at PC Pitstop. They've created a product that people want (Optimize). Buy selling Optimize, the company is able to grow and hire more people. This is job creation. If Rob and Dave were too poor to afford to leave HP, then neither Sheila, Keith, Doug, Lyle, or I wo
  22. My ex-girlfriend works for a day-care. I've seen her tax return. She filed with an income just below 12,000. She doesn't have to include the 15,000 a year in child support she gets. In taxes, she paid in only 1,700. Her return? 6,000. That's right. She actually made money on that. I think that extra money she got should cover those other taxes you've mentioned.
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