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  1. what do you get when you combine a PC with a tanning both.......? safety first!
  2. I'm in the same situation you are. Lost interest in trying to go the performance PC route so I've got into Home Theater Pc's and silent pc's. No use trying to keep up with the Jone's and have of the new tech. is overkill. As far as a new hobby I'm now interested in BBQ'ing of all things, it is summer time after all.
  3. Geeez wish I had that problem let us know how the test turns out.
  4. I'm sorry my opinion hurt your feelings, but it was just that my opinion. You're happy with your case that's all that matters. As far as fowl smelling steel cases mine is 2 years old and no funk is coming from it. I'm not sure your past with steel cases but I can say I've never had that experience. As far as the shin guard comment, well you'd be hard pressed not to see the resemblance. It was just my 2cents not trying to be funny. :beer:
  5. If more money makes you feel like its a better buy what's worse saving $ going to Circuit City or paying $100+ for that case. Thanks.
  6. Correction I picked it up for $65 soccer equipment not included :beer:
  7. looks like a shin guard molded into the front of a case. for $125
  8. intel vs amd , linux vs windows take you're pick theres enough fanboys to go around for each debate.....
  9. If you already have windows here is a nice "free" tivo like solution for you're htpc. Link
  10. I say save $$$ and go with This Motherboard and This Case The BioStar can clock upwards 2.5ghz-2.75 depending on the CPU of course. Plus 120mm fan and a full size Power Supply. Nice features for $150 total.
  11. Thank you so much Dark, the link is very much appreciated :beer:
  12. democrats scare me of cutting military spending
  13. That would be the same person I've been out of the loop for about 4 months glad to see some people remembered me :beer:
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