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    CPU-AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (stock speed) (sock A/462) Mobo-MSI KM4M-L, VIA Unicrome KM400 RAM-1024 MB PC 2700 (512mb Elixir PC 3200, 512mb Mushkin PC 3200, mobo limits to DDR 333) HD- 120GB WD ATA133, 12GB WD ATA100 GPU-nVidia GeForce FX 5500 (310/400) MON-SamSung 930B LCD 19' (VGA/DVI, using VGA) SOUND- Creative SB live 5.1 LAN-Onboard 10/100 (VIA) BIOS- Phoenix, 6.00
  1. I guess a better way of making my decision is to think about the future - that is to say what are AMD and Intel doing in terms of future technology? Though I've only ever really used AMD processors, if Intel and their Core2 stuff is the better choice now and in the foreseeable future (at least a good year or so), then I would be fine with switching. On the other hand, this could just be a fluke and AMD will reclaim its title in a couple months (with something new?), and i would be stuck with an obsolete board and CPU.
  2. Well I did a bit of reading, and it seems to be a bit more than that. With Vista now out, it also seems like XP 64 bit edition has become sort of a dead end in terms of support and updates. I think I might try WinServer 2k3.
  3. So what does the 64-bit version have (or not have) that makes it less favorable then the 32-bit version?
  4. Okay this list looks nice, just a few things I would tinker with. Still wondering about my OS question tho.
  5. Okay I looked at the stuff cantry and shogan posted, and so I guess Intel procs are now better than AMD? Though I would prefer to stick with AMD, if Intel's stuff is really better then I guess its time for a switch then. As far as other stuff goes, I'm not really looking to skimp on the parts that need to last- namely my PSU, HDDs, Mobo and monitor. I can stick with the entry level processor (if it were an AMD then I was thinking just like the 3000+ or equivalent), 1 gig of ram, and a decent entry level video card (the GS series seem nice on my wallet). As mentioned i also dont need an O
  6. I just got into the market for a new computer, as my old one isn't really mine and I now need one for my own. It seems a lot has happened since the last time i looked around at computer parts; Socket 939/940 seems to have been completely phased out and nVidia cards are now in the 10(?) series. I really have no idea how company's quality have changed - my 8 year old system is a socket A with mostly MSI parts - but the market for all sorts of different parts seems to have expanded greatly. So I guess I'm here to ask what would be the best decision for someone with a budget under $999 US. I
  7. Yea i normally use gpedit for most of this, but i guess i forgot to mention that this is XP Home edition. I'll be trying so of the other suggestions too.
  8. this doesn't constitute a tip and/or trick?
  9. Just wondering if theres a way to password protect important files such as the control panel and the links it provides to the many sys-admin type applications, such that every time I wanted to run something in the control panel (even if I am a Computer Administrator) i would have to enter a password. Yes I know what Win+L is and i know how to make a separate admin account and I'm sure that are tons of easy programs out there to do it, but im wondering how to do it in WinXP with no extra software. Also on a side note, is there any way to be a limited account but then have a "sudo" abil
  10. I found two strange and possibly related things in my Log too. Warning - Source =Userenv: "Windows saved user HOME\Family registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use. This is often caused by services running as a user account, try configuring the services to run in either the LocalService or NetworkService account. " Error(s) Source =Userenv: "Windows cannot impersonate the user. (The handle is invalid. ). Group P
  11. Im still wondering if these symptoms are the characterisitcs of a rootkit or something a dropper is trying to do (or did)...
  12. Im having recurring login problems on my computer. Sometimes when someone else is logged in and you try to login yourself, your password will always be incorrect. Simmilarly, accounts that dont usually have a password are required to enter one (which is always incorrect as well). Sometimes you can login but it takes a rediculosuly long time. The only fix I've found is rebooting, but this isint really a fix and im starting to get more concerned about this problem (has begun happening more frequently). Just as an example: Im logged in and I lock my screen (Start - Log Off - Switch User
  13. or you could just get Adblock and filterset g good tip for new users i guess.
  14. Set taskmgr.exe as a starting program and then watch what programs start using cpu resoruces as the computer boots up. I always notice one my svchosts using crazy resources for about 20 seconds if i use a custom shell.
  15. Well i couldnt figure out if the WD rebate thing was based on number of old drives or size of old drives, but I'll probably call them tomorrow to see (i got the dead 120gB and about 4 ~10gB).
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