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  1. Y too!!! Prayers for him and his family. Gen Dis is depressing
  2. What the what!!! CB too!!! . This makes me Soo sad. Condolences too his family and friends. IG and CB be prayers for you guys up there!!
  3. Noo!! Prayers for his family. That hurts...he was a awesome person
  4. Haaaaa. I remember that... Ray ask me to be a mod and I kept banning Dennis lmao
  5. Anyone heard from him? Wondering how the ol $hit :filtered: is doing. It's so wierd typing on my phone in pcpitstop OC forum lol
  6. Sorry I'm late CB. Me and mine send our prayers to you and wish you well my friend.
  7. got you all beat http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4209199999
  8. WHY???

    1. flyfishingrules2


      Why what? Sent new PM

    2. OneCool


      Im not sure what I was on about there fly.

      My wife wanted me to thank you again for the phone.

  9. Wow,Who brought this old thread back? Its like 2 1/2 years old!!!!!! Still using AZ and BiTornado
  10. In CCC (advance) adjust these two sliders IMO its bettter because the 2 sliders allow for better tweaking. And it looks awsome in games with HDR
  11. At Radio Shack for 39cent Hell I was hopin for a new house How did they ship that stuff (or at what cost) after all the money shipping stuff he could have bought a new house I have a formated floppy BEGING to be traded
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