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  1. no that would not be good for online gaming or any gaming really. You would need something like this http://www.barclays.lk/bc/itemdesc.asp?ic=12575&eq=&Tp= Even that would be limited to low to medium setting to get a playable frame rate
  2. I will give Dodge props.The Challenger looks the best out of three pony cars. But weights way to much. To quote motor trend... the fastest dump truck you will ever drive
  3. Thanks for the Pit test.That first post was giving me a headache. Well the first thing I see you need to upgrade for gaming would be the CPU. Thats a Socket 775 so maybe a good Core 2 Duo or maybe depending on your BIOS a Core 2 quadcore. Alot of other things are going to come into play when you start upgrading like your power supply,64bit OS (Win 7),more ram etc
  4. MY MOJO!!!!!!!!!! Can you see the new advertising for the Ipad. "Use the Ipad.It will save ur balls"
  5. Oh come on Adam...cram that 5th one in that Antec mini!!! You can do it!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah,I was gonna say. I have used Win7 disk image creator and it works good.
  7. I just checked touchpad setting and thats it right+left = middle
  8. If you have a button mouse wheel you might have to click all three.
  9. No mine combine. Its a laptop top touchpad so it may be configured different.
  10. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=177168 I just found a new little tidbit in W7 myself. If you left+right (both buttons at the same time) click the Firefox icon in the taskbar it opens a new window. Instead of having to right click it and click the icon again
  11. Will you just let me hate in peace Dennis. I like hating Apple and your making very hard for me to be narrow minded about it.... stop!!
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