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  1. This is part of the reason I will no longer use PCpitstop. I clicked on the link on my hompage for PCpitstop because I hadn't looked at it in a while, maybe to re-evaluate my opinion of the site, when I saw the link to "hall of shame". What do I hear? Rob's initial description of what he wants to do makes no sense. [begin call] Rob: Hi, I got a gateway portable? And I just got it and got it up and running, and it has this D drive on there that has all this windows stuff on there... Tech support: (Long pause) And? Rob: ... and I want to remove all that and I want to put that all into my C drive. [/call] Out of context with your "crusade" to recover your hardrive space, that request makes no sense. As far as I know, the "disc" you say you got from gateway only has the files needed to begin a restore from the actual files that were on the D drive. Remove the D drive, and there's no way to restore. In fact, having those files there (like on my HP) means I can restore selected parts of my system should I need to rather than doing a full reformat/restore. Perhaps gateway no longer operates this way, but the tech support did mention that their systems go out "medialess"... which isn't uncommon. Did it occur to you to explain who you were and what you were doing? You might have recieved better service than you got had you been up front with this woman in the first place. Also, there's this... [open call]So shouldn't you have marketed it as a 90 gigabyte hardrive?[/close call] Why are you asking tech support this question? This is something you should have contacted marketing about. The only purpose I can think of was to bait this person. In fact, youtube right now has lots of videos of phonecalls baiting tech support... you joined the crowd and may have cost this woman her job (and if reports are accurate an entire group), rather than it being about educating her and gateway about the deficiencies in their tech support. The part that disturbs me the most is you state that you were once in that line of work, and yet you baited this person anyway. In fact, the minute you ask her what her location was so you could know which gateway service center suggests to me you started out with intent to trap her by asking for something that makes no sense in the first place. And what's more, you asked her to repeat her badge number and name, which suggests to me you didn't let her know you were recording the conversation to begin with. On that topic, it's one thing to know that your employer might be recording your conversation. It's another completely to be taped by a customer, and another to be taped by a media individual doing an expose on tech support. This woman just won the media expose lottery and perhaps lost her job (can't find out if she did one way or the other). Now, my re-evaluation of PCpitstop is this. I had stopped using PCpitstop because of privacy issues with the pitstop tests collecting information that was not disclosed in the privacy policy. My actions had been not to recommend PCpitstop any longer due to this fact. Now, I believe I'm leaning toward contacting people I had previously recommended PCpitstop to and explaining that they need to stop using the site and it's services and explain why. It's pretty simple. The privacy policy may have been changed to reflect the fact that data about your hardrive (including installed programs) is being collected, but for a fair amount of time this information was not disclosed in the privacy policy. Also, it is now common practice for PCpitstop to call people at tech support and tape conversations, once again not disclosing their intent and the fact that techs are being recorded to be aired on the site. This is an absolute disgrace to a site that once prided itself on full disclosure, but now has slidden to this new low position. It's shameful, it's disgusting, and uncalled for particularly in a day when the way privacy is handled by companies is so terrible.
  2. No, my solution is to no longer use PCpitstop until such time the people in charge get off their high horse and become fully transparent. They have no business misleading people via their privacy policy by saying one thing while doing another during their scans. I say this not to be a forum troll, but because I started out years ago with PCpitstop when it was in it's infancy, and this recent collecting and selling information that's not made clear in the privacy policy goes against everything the original site stood for. Culling information from millions of PCs and then selling to bodies like the RIAA for 195 dollars a pop is not good, especially when it's not made clear they are doing so in the privacy policy.
  3. Actually, that did answer my question. Nowhere in the privacy policy does it mention collecting information on installed programs. That's not good. I already put in a request about this. It does say "programs running during testing", but from the report that PCpitstop is selling concerning audia programs and P2P programs... It's disturbing to me that this information is being collected without full disclosure. Transparancy is of utmost importance in this day and age. I know that many of you will say to yourselves, "this is just some guy who's trying to rock the boat and stir up trouble", which is the tendency in internet forums these days. But the fact is I've put a lot of effort into spreading the word about PCpitstop, telling everyone how great the site is and the things that can get done. You might not understand it, but this appears to be a breach of trust, which is not something that anyone wants. I'm hoping that I'll hear back from PCpitstop soon.
  4. I'm wondering... is there a way to opt out of the data collection where when you use the tests it collects what programs are installed on you computer? I'm starting to wonder whether I want anyone to have that information anymore.
  5. I don't like dealing with online refunds. It's usually a stress enhancing experience. There should be a trial period of 30 days in order to aleviate the pain induced by trying to get your money back. I'd say that it's only a matter of time before the online full tests will be a paid service. Oh well.
  6. I see a number of services that pcpitstop.com has offered going to paid programs. This is not a good idea. If all the services were to go to paid programs... 1. It would cost too much, for one thing... 2. What point would there be to visit the site? 3. No need for these forums since all the services will be localized bits of software. Examples include spyware scan, which is now a downloadable program and privacy scan (erase). The truth is guys and girls at pcpitstop, we don't need another couple of scanners like this. Both of these are disabled versions that you can't actually test because you have to pay for it BEFORE you can actually test it. Why would I want to buy a program I might not like? All I can find out about these programs is that they indeed do find junk and spyware, but I'd like to be able to test them beyond that. before I purchase. At one time many of the tweaks that are available in the program Optimize used to be available on the site without a download. I can't test this one either beyond it telling me that I needed certain tweaks. It costs 30 dollars to purchase... What if I don't like it or it does something funky to my computer? I guess what I'm saying is I find this to be disturbing and I'm wondering how long till we have to pay for a program to run the now online tests. I don't think I could recommend the site anymore if it came to that.
  7. I must have somehow messed up when I titled this post. Thanks for pulling that for me. Well, so far no ill effects... but then there weren't any ill effects before either. I still can't find a basic description of what it does or what kind of effects it should have, other than it's been reported from people who have the arcade classic pack (space invaders, asteriods, etc)... Which I downloaded from www.download.com http://www.download.com/Arcade-Classic-Arc...tml?tag=lst-0-3 I just loaded up the game, it plays fine, and it didn't recreate the file, so I don't know...
  8. That's my spam catcher email anyway. It get's tons of spam, that's why I use it to sign up for this stuff. But, I am curious how it got in the title of this post, considering I didn't put it in there
  9. Y kawika and Jacee, Fantastic links! Thankyou so much. Bit defender identified it as a malware, while http://virusscan.jotti.org/ listed the following... AntiVir Found nothing ArcaVir Found Trojan.Clicker.Vb.Dn Avast Found Win32:Trojan-gen. {Other} AVG Antivirus Found nothing BitDefender Found Dropped:Trojan.Click.337 ClamAV Found nothing Dr.Web Found Trojan.MulDrop.1663 F-Prot Antivirus Found nothing Fortinet Found W32/VB.dn-tr Kaspersky Anti-Virus Found not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.MediaBack.d, Trojan-Clicker.Win32.VB.dn NOD32 Found Win32/TrojanClicker.VB.DN Norman Virus Control Found nothing UNA Found nothing VBA32 Found AdWare.Win32.MediaBack.d What concerns me is this: All of the different designations given to this file, and nothing definative, gives me pause. Bit defender didn't give me the option of what to do about it, and continued on and deleted the file. My only problem with that is that this file was in the common files folder, which means I run the possibility of having future errors if this identification was in error. I find this as confounding as having a real virus, or worse. Is it a virus or isn't it?
  10. Hijack this would be something I would only do as a last resort. As I said, out of 3 online virus scans and two onboard scanners, only the pcpitstop scanner reports a virus. Even Panda, which is what thier scanner is based upon, doesn't report this virus. Before I start tearing my computer apart I'd like someone at pcpitstop to check if perhaps thier virus definitions are in error.
  11. Online virus scanner identifies mscombtl32.exe as either a virus or infected with a virus when so far Norton's, Mcafee online scan, AVG and Panda do not? PCpitstop's scanner returns the following... What's going on?
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