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    Currently: A state of confusion!
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    Chocolate! For now. My hp :http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=N9AKAW040PMSUF0X<br> 2nd pc I built:http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=7X0HLWDZLZUSWH0X<br>1st pc I built:http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=HCHVAWD8F9MSL10X

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    HP A450N, two hds, Gforce 5600 256,512 ram and a horrid bios that does not allow you to do anything. I have the best websurfing pc.
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  1. When you ram Msconfig, what did you uncheck in startup. You don't need anything really to load at startup but you antivirus and( firewall if you don't have a router).
  2. I hope not, I only have a geforce 5600! The rest should be spiffy though.my pc
  3. Which game, if you are a gamer. Do you think that game companies are producing too many top end games that alot of people won't be able to play, because they can not meet the minium requirements?
  4. Make sure you have a gig of ram, buy the geforce 6800 and EverQuest 2 when it comes out....watch your life drain away...LOL. Seriously, you have a good system.
  5. It was only two weeks ago that you formatted his pc, do it again with a 98 disk, using fat32. It's that or buy Partition Magic
  6. Partition Magic and Norton Ghost are a must have!
  7. When the original partition was formatted as fat16 it was 2 gigs, now the rest is unallotted. Use partition magic to use the rest...resize, make another drive or or computer management. Does ME have that. I do not know.
  8. Why you are at it.Feed the Animals
  9. have you tried Pitstops autofix for bandwith? try different tweaks and patches, just create a restore point first. Also try SpeedGuide.
  10. Rude? Like what you stated was any different from what I said. Get real it wasn't. You just stated I was stupid and did not think before I posted that. And I stated he was anal retentive. The difference was that I did not try to hide the insult.
  11. You take the fun out of being mean.
  12. Ummmmmmmmmm....I never have left a two year old alone.
  13. I do have children around that age. I haven't had to resort to bullying them. The primary reason children run away from home is domestic violence. It usually starts when they are toddlers I'm sorry you are right, that totally idiotic comment threw me off. Can you bend over...I think you have something stuck ;P
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