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  1. so, where's the new hangout? this is the only message board I came to.
  2. couldn't pay me to. horrible job, listeneng to people and whine and not telling them to shut the heck up.
  3. holy crap that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while edit: can't quote a quote. Refering to the fighting for peace line
  4. Beast, go dyno your zr1, if its still stock.Go dyno any production car, doesn't matter which. None of them live up to their rating.They all have a tranny and a diff to get through, plus a whole lot of friction. Don't know who told you they rate them different, but they were wrong. You don't think any of the car magazines would have accounted for that in their comparisons?
  5. Hate to mention this, but sae net and bhp both mean at the crank with all accessories and emissions on. None of them mean at the wheels. Not one car out there will dyno the manufacturer's spec'd hp. Gross refers to just the engine and nothing else to draw power, which is why the classoc muscle cars boasted such high numbers, but poor performance in todays terms. That and weight.
  6. Market share does not mean profit or success.GM has the biggest chunk of marketshare, but is heading into a tailspin of cutbacks, layoffs, and cancelations (zeta platform?). Losing money hand over fist. Toyota is making a profit off every model they sell. Which is doing better? As for comparisons to euro's, it was just last year that the domestics got better at unscheduled trips to the service department. Japs still a comanding lead. But I wasn't refering to reliability (which really isn't a question to those not blinded by loyalty), I was talking about engineered quality. How well does the susprnsion work? How much wind noise? How well does the tranny shift (both timing and feel)? How does the engine sound? How is the sound of the doors shutting? Toyota engineers everything for proper feel and sound down to just the right weight to the turn signal. Ford uses the same parts for virtually every car they make. The domestics (daimler has helped chrysler, but not enough) engineer to the "good enough" standard. The few exceptions cost upwards of thirty thousand, Fairly steep to finally start getting quality. Ford did have a breakthrough with the Focus, but that's really just an imported european car. Chevy's Cobalt is lightyears ahead of the Cavalier, but it's yet to be seen if it can stand with the Corolla or Civic. The Neon is laughably outdated. Percieved quality is a great concept. Its actually funny to watch. Take an owner of a 3+ year old domestic and show them a brand new one, they can't believe how nice it is and how much its improved. Show the owner of a 3+ year old import (big two) a brand new domestic, the reaction is close to "so what?" The reason: Domestic cars degrade so quickly that the exact same car they have, but brand new seems immensely improved.
  7. Sorry, they American cars may be getting better looking (matter of opinion), but slapping in an enourmous engine does not make up for shoddy engineering.I've been selling cars for four years total and also worked in a service department. All the cars seem so nice and fancy on the showroom. We learn real quick how long that niceness lasts selling them used. American cars, as a general rule, get loose, squeaky, they rattel, have trim problems, develope wind noise, electric motors give out quickly (power seats and windows) and just kind of fall apart. MAybe its due to the union enforced mediocrity. Who knows. But many ten year old jap cars run as well or better then the new domestics.
  8. terrorism ins't gonna stop, no matter how many laws you throw at it and how many rights you trample. Best we can hope for is a lessoning of the acts. Best way I see to do that is to quietly seek out the main infractors and remove them, and try to stop people off so much. Yes, some people will always dislike us, but do we need to keep antagonizing them? Terror isn't something you declare war on. War is for poverty and hunger and evil empires bent on taking over the world. Terror should be dealt with silently and proactively. Honestly, how many people have died from terrorism compared to drunk driving? Poverty? Treatable illness?
  9. very much agree. Still hope though, nothing is all that permanent. someday we may have good leadership again and such wrongs will be righted.
  10. There's two ways of going about the feeling of security. You can see them both in everyday society. We'll call them "aggressive" and "passive". The aggressive is actually paranoid, constantly looking for new threats and more effective protection. Snaching up tasers and guns like candy, looking over his shoulder as he upgrades his home security system and buys a new urban assualt vehicle, spying on his neighbors, he will actually believe himself when he tells you that his collection of automatic assault rifles and gernades and land mines are just for self defense. He is scared to death of what might happen and nothing will ever make him feel safe. The passive walks around without guns or armor. He doesn't stare down strangers on the street. He doesn't even notice when the government tells him he should fell a bit yellow or orange that day. He enjoys his life. He knows that there is a small chance that something bad may happen, but if it does, at least he will be having a good time up to that point. He smiles, and maybe laughs to himself, when he sees a paraniod commando on the street, knowing its a waste to have life and not enjoy it. Our government is quite paranoid, and they're converting more and more of our citizens with everything they do in the name of "safety"
  11. Seriously?I just thought you had bought a cute new home and were excited about it. Yours makes sense too, though.
  12. wow, that was really entertaining, at least until I figured out there was a point. loved all the random input.
  13. wow, good find. So far both math and micro-biology are at odds with evolution.
  14. then you agree the curiculum should be changed. I was taught in school that life evolved from a cingle cell organism. You seem to agree this is false. We have no argument. I would say that was an explanation of poor science in laymen's terms. If you have a different view, please share it, instead of disparaging other's. I understand that mutations occur, however most are cancerous, hardly benefitting the species. Consider the chances of an organism mutating a new ability, such as eyesight, or hearing, or gills. Very tall. Then consider the chances that the lucky organism will live long enough to reproduce, and that its offspring will continue the mutation. Then consider the chances that the lucky offspring will eventually out breed the rest of the unlucky species. I'd say the odds are better for winning the lottery. Repeatedly. Will you give an example of a complex species creating a new trait through evolution?
  15. You're refering to the book I mentioned. Excellent read.
  16. True. Evolution is valid, taken as Darwin intended. The theory works logically and has been observed in nature. The theory fails, however, when people try to apply it to the orgin of life. Evolution works very well when used to alter specific traits that a species already has. It cannot be used to create new traits. In the case of new abillities, evolutionists fall back on the "lucky monster" theory, that is a completely random genetic mutation that happens to benefit the mutated creature in some way, thereby increasing its chances of survival and eventually out breeding the remaining species without the mutation. Basically just dumb luck. I fail to see how any thinking person can accept that as the orgin of life. For those who would like scientific proof that evolution cannot be used as an orgin theory, please read Darwin's black box by Michael Behe. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books Please note the editorial review is incorrect. The author does not advocate the existance of god, he merely disproves a current theory without offering a new one. His views are about as unbiased as I've seen. For the reason above, I do not think evolution should be taught in schools as an orgin theory (should only be taught as it was intended). Simply teach that we don't know for sure. Why is it so hard to accept our ignorance on the subject? Children wil accept it.
  17. Seems a shame to withhold the experience that is your face kylie. My confinement is self imposed. Too much time out and about tends to get me in trouble.
  18. Won't flow quite as nicely once we add in the lines about the required paperwork.
  19. Unfortunately, the vast majority of your taxes do not go to those in need. Eliminating all money spent on illegal immigration would not save you a penny. Even if it did make a noticeable impact on your taxes, the money would simply be spent elsewhere. Perhaps someday people will get their wish, and we will start a massive deportation effort. Shall we stand at the boarder as they are leaving and ask for the money back for the prenatal vitamins the pregnant girl has been taking? Or for the formula the infant has been eating? Will you tell them they didn't deserve it?
  20. Tell me, this "small fortune" that they are costing, just how much has that affected your personal quality of life? None, I think. So then, lacking any damage to self, this must be a complaint based solely on principle. Much like the two year old that hoardes his toys from other children, though he has more than he can play with, does so based on principle. These are human beings, regardless of what paperwork they have filled out.
  21. I admit I gave up reading this entire thread at about page four, but I just can't stand the thinly veiled racism and holier than thou attitudes anymore. "Devoured, plundered, invaded" Excuse me? Should we line them up in the street and shoot the infidels? Because they were not lucky enough to be born in this country, with all of the wonderful things that we take for granted every day? Tell me, what did any of you do to deserve the priveledge of living here? Oh, just the dumb luck that your mother lived here when she got knocked up? Really. That trumps the desperation that these people have to make a better life for themselves, for their children? What shall we tell them? Something like this: "We're sorry, but we the American people feel that you and your children don't really deserve any help with money to feed yourselves or health care to keep you healthy, because of where you were born. Actually, we would very much like to keep that money to ourselves. So would you mind finding some other way way feed your kids, preferably by going back to Mexico and finding food there?" About how you feel? People, there is a price for living as well as we do, and we should be happy to pay it. This "anchor baby" business makes me want to curse. Lets see you got to a hospital and find an anchor baby. You take that baby to the border and you look into that baby's eyes as you tell the mexican authorities to take that baby from you because we don't want it here. You tell them that you want that baby to grow up in sickness and poverty because you can't be bothered to help. I'm disgusted.
  22. The court's decision (or indecision) makes sense for a few reasons. First, it isn't the court's jurisdiction to rule on the validity of societal trends. If this had been a case of substantiated religious oppression, what the seperation of church and state was designed to protect against, then a decisive ruling would be called for. Thankfully, however, and for the time being, finding a reason to let the world offend you does not automatically qualify you as a victim of a crime. Second, there is no good solid decision to be made here. To leave the dogma in place would be an actual court endorsement of a specific religion, completely against the founding fathers apparent wishes, and paving the way for all sorts of upleasantries in the future. The "slippery slope" analogy is justified. Likewise, an order of removal of all religious references would likely trigger a massive witch hunt for anything remotely religious in nature. A bandwagon for all who are unsatisfied with religion as a whole, a specific religion, or even persons who are loosely or otherwise affiliated with religion to jump onto. Taken far enough, such a decision could be the root of widespread religious prejudice in society. The slope is slippery on both sides, it would seem. Complete neutrality, to the point of indifference, is the only position our courts should take on this subject.
  23. well unless they were burning a stolen flag, one would assume that they had paid for it already.
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