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  1. 4064 on qwest dsl. stays that fast all day, no hiccups
  2. Two years ain't squat. Don't sweat it. Even legal, in most places. Gotta be more than two years apart to break the law, so far as I know. edit: V, that's well and good but should you be calling them older?
  3. sounds like you havr an airflow problem. You may be overfilling the grill with charcoal, or it might be a poorly designed grill. You could try a smaller pile of coal or you might want to drill some ventilation holes in the grill, above the level of ash. Two or three on each side will help.
  4. well there you go. Thanks
  5. Was thinking a program was trying to sync with Outlook or something. BTW weather bug is bad. Don't leave it there.
  6. is that normal? sent pm's are auto deleted or something? sometimes think I mis-spoke but can't go back and look.
  7. Names of programs please and do you have MS Office installed?
  8. can you describe the sound any other way? series of beeps, whine, clicking?
  9. "did I say two fingers? Better make it three"
  10. that's cool. No e test makes life so much easier.
  11. nice headers! wacha gonna do for the rest of the exhaust? Do you have to pass emissions?
  12. Traditional jujitsu is very slow paced, hard to learn, and difficult to use in real life. Brazilian is basically traditional that has been put through a filter, leaving only usable techniques, plus a bunch of stuff they developed through years of fighting, not years of meditation. IMO the best combination for both effectiveness and physical fitness is a combo of brazillian grappling and muay thai.
  13. oh oh, do the white noise thingy, see if she's talking!!
  14. Great stuff. Funny and scary at the same time.
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