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  1. so, where's the new hangout? this is the only message board I came to.
  2. couldn't pay me to. horrible job, listeneng to people and whine and not telling them to shut the heck up.
  3. holy crap that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while edit: can't quote a quote. Refering to the fighting for peace line
  4. Beast, go dyno your zr1, if its still stock.Go dyno any production car, doesn't matter which. None of them live up to their rating.They all have a tranny and a diff to get through, plus a whole lot of friction. Don't know who told you they rate them different, but they were wrong. You don't think any of the car magazines would have accounted for that in their comparisons?
  5. Hate to mention this, but sae net and bhp both mean at the crank with all accessories and emissions on. None of them mean at the wheels. Not one car out there will dyno the manufacturer's spec'd hp. Gross refers to just the engine and nothing else to draw power, which is why the classoc muscle cars boasted such high numbers, but poor performance in todays terms. That and weight.
  6. Market share does not mean profit or success.GM has the biggest chunk of marketshare, but is heading into a tailspin of cutbacks, layoffs, and cancelations (zeta platform?). Losing money hand over fist. Toyota is making a profit off every model they sell. Which is doing better? As for comparisons to euro's, it was just last year that the domestics got better at unscheduled trips to the service department. Japs still a comanding lead. But I wasn't refering to reliability (which really isn't a question to those not blinded by loyalty), I was talking about engineered quality. How well d
  7. Sorry, they American cars may be getting better looking (matter of opinion), but slapping in an enourmous engine does not make up for shoddy engineering.I've been selling cars for four years total and also worked in a service department. All the cars seem so nice and fancy on the showroom. We learn real quick how long that niceness lasts selling them used. American cars, as a general rule, get loose, squeaky, they rattel, have trim problems, develope wind noise, electric motors give out quickly (power seats and windows) and just kind of fall apart. MAybe its due to the union enforced mediocri
  8. terrorism ins't gonna stop, no matter how many laws you throw at it and how many rights you trample. Best we can hope for is a lessoning of the acts. Best way I see to do that is to quietly seek out the main infractors and remove them, and try to stop people off so much. Yes, some people will always dislike us, but do we need to keep antagonizing them? Terror isn't something you declare war on. War is for poverty and hunger and evil empires bent on taking over the world. Terror should be dealt with silently and proactively. Honestly, how many people have died from terrorism compared to drunk
  9. very much agree. Still hope though, nothing is all that permanent. someday we may have good leadership again and such wrongs will be righted.
  10. There's two ways of going about the feeling of security. You can see them both in everyday society. We'll call them "aggressive" and "passive". The aggressive is actually paranoid, constantly looking for new threats and more effective protection. Snaching up tasers and guns like candy, looking over his shoulder as he upgrades his home security system and buys a new urban assualt vehicle, spying on his neighbors, he will actually believe himself when he tells you that his collection of automatic assault rifles and gernades and land mines are just for self defense. He is scared to death of what
  11. Seriously?I just thought you had bought a cute new home and were excited about it. Yours makes sense too, though.
  12. wow, that was really entertaining, at least until I figured out there was a point. loved all the random input.
  13. wow, good find. So far both math and micro-biology are at odds with evolution.
  14. then you agree the curiculum should be changed. I was taught in school that life evolved from a cingle cell organism. You seem to agree this is false. We have no argument. I would say that was an explanation of poor science in laymen's terms. If you have a different view, please share it, instead of disparaging other's. I understand that mutations occur, however most are cancerous, hardly benefitting the species. Consider the chances of an organism mutating a new ability, such as eyesight, or hearing, or gills. Very tall. Then consider the chances that the lucky organism will live long enoug
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