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  1. You need some help with cleaning up cabling!.. You have a HAF-X, why mount the rad outside then?
  2. Hey CB.. been around man, just way inactive.. been too tied up with life, hope all's well with you.. I'm planning a new rig myself, deciding on parts..
  3. Very nice rig there.. clean and powerful off course
  4. MX-3 is pretty good. I also stopped using Arctic Silver 5, due to to its hight costs (you can get alternatives for cheaper), and the cure time now takes a while. Personally I like Gelid Thermal Paste CG2, it's not all that sticky, it even comes with a applicator, found it to be 2C cooler on gpu than mx-2.
  5. Yea KRAM is right.. I had to search google for the board, I was picturing the board upright like that and the lever on the bottom near the pci-e slots. Actually thanks KRAM for me too .. I just realized, I might not have my block in proper orientation either.. Shieet, damn you..
  6. Hold on, that ain't GTX, it's the GTZ that CB is using... There's some useful info on swiftech's site.. http://www.swiftnets.com/products/apogee-gtz.asp I think simply switching the inlet and outlet around on the block should help, basically the res connects to the inlet port on the cpu block (instead of outlet like you have now C_, and the outlet goes to the rad. The block stays in this very orientation, and tube directions change.
  7. C_B new case man, get rid of those plastic barbs FFS lol.. Clear tubing needs some UV stuff man, make it look better.. Also not sure if you noticed, the tube from res to cpu has a kink, tubing might be way too short and bending.. time for some 45 degree rotary fittings.. Ok i'll stop
  8. And you.... don't deserve , you deserve .. You didn't play with us.. Oh well terry, we're still buddies right..
  9. Wohoo CB, last time I wanted a case, BigJoe got it, this time you got it, I've been winning the Mag for the past 4 warz in a row lol.. Hopefully you get yours, BigJoe told me he never got his after all, but Ray took care of him and gave him some apparel. Good stuff people, thanks to all who played, we needed ya, and you didn't disappoint.
  10. Yea totally agree with Paul, Mushkin makes quality RAM and has great support. Mmm... C_B, it's your third board, it is making me doubt that something in the case could be shorting out, or a backplate or something must be shorting.. unless you're using the boards as military grade, it dies on you lol..
  11. Great job el_Kido, thanks for posting bud.. So shogan is still left, hope he shows up..ADMX didn't expect anything from him, so no surprise. Porksandwich where are ya.. c'mon..
  12. I've seen lots of people recovering faulty or bad hardware with the freezer method, although I dunno anything about it, maybe someone can confirm on how to do it and if it might help.
  13. 2 unhappy captains, c'mon team.. Seems like C_B has his ready.. Paul seems like he is gonna kill someone I love intimidating others
  14. Miggs78 - PC Pitstop Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 4054 MHz Biostar TPower i45 4GB G-Skill PC8500 eVGA 8800GTX Superclocked CPU Water, GPU Air Geekbench = 4689 http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/221257 3DMark03 = 44806 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=6270095 3DMark05 = 23078 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=5151525 SuperPi1M = 11.531 WPrime32M = 19.235 OC Bonus Stock Speed - 3000 OC'ed Speed - 4054 Percentage per calculator - 135% Bonus - 35,000 Total Score = 373,686 Darn low score..
  15. Agreed.. sure does look cool. The Black and Orange combination looks very cool, but Red FTW..
  16. Mm.. Cute buttocks lol ... I have mine posted in the temp overclock thread in the protected area, hopefully I'll get time this weekend again, I'll try and push a little more, or I'll use the one' that are there. I remember pushing the system to around 4.4ghz last time with a little tweaking of settings in the BIOS, I got to a 4.0 ghz OC with almost on auto settings, but 3dmark03 doesn't seem to be stable. But anyhow, I'll try my best not to to get caugh *************
  17. Verified and Entered in DB I took the overclock based on Super pi and the OC bonus based on that, just like you did Capt.
  18. Porksy this thread is from last year.. what's up lol.
  19. Thanks Inteller.. I try to keep it fun.. After all it's a tourny where everyone supposed to have fun right.. And yeah we're the behaved men (not kids) .. I was looking at amount of rigs we put up, I didn't realize we managed to put that many and off course btw 3 cops, flawless.. The captains did keep pressure on us, well warned us that if we were late.. they would be using their weapons.. :pow:
  20. Yeah it better be, otherwise C_B's weapon will be all over the @rse.. Ok i'll stop it.. Porky, just like bugging ya
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