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  1. I hope you recover at least the numbers Joe.. Ever forget a pack of gum in the pocket when doing laundry, yea.. that was my worst
  2. You know talking about PhysX.. those 9800gt's are so cheap now, that you can buy one for dirt cheap and add one with the GTX295s.. it seriously wouldn't cost you much, hek you might see a little increase who knows.. edit: I know you have an nvidia card, this is really interesting though.. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/video...html#post270124 ATI card and physx with an nvidia card, it works..
  3. Bad bad bad bad.. coz' you have a better system than me.. .. Very good .. Just one question, why do you have so many Anti Spyware programs installed, I think 2-3 is plenty, you have lots more..
  4. I'll say it one last time to you.. If you're considering the second one, get the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ .. it's a better cooler.. period..
  5. You know also makes me wonder if a HTPC case can handle the heat of an i7 processor.. I certainly wouldn't recommend using the stock Intel cooler even if you're not going to overclock, the stock cooler basically is no good.. You need at least a good mid tower case with proper airflow to handle the heat really.. In this case I would agree with kido, but instead of the Q6600 I would suggest a Q9450 or a Q9550.
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Top Game.. Sorry bro I totally missed out.. Just got online today after a few days, and saw a thread for you, I was like oh crap.. Hope you had a good one.. Where's da party
  7. Power supply.. Corsair Memory 650W TX SERIES ATX In stock now quicklinx: 4RY9WS mfr#: CMPSU-650TXUK £64.49 inc vat I wasn't sure how much budget you have left for the PSU, so I just picked the best possible one for your build.
  8. well you luck might be bad.. But I would still recommend Gigabyte over Asus really..
  9. Gigabyte X48/DS4 or DQ6.. DFI X48 T2RS Sorry not a fan of Asus boards, too overpriced from me. Personally suggest the Gigabyte boards, rock solid and have been one of the top X48 boards..
  10. Some changes please.. If you don't intend to overclock then PC8500 memory is a waste really. PC-6400 would plentiful Corsair Memory 4GBKIT (2X2GB) 800MHZ NON ECC CL5 In stock now quicklinx: 4PDNWS mfr#: T2X4GB-6400C5DX £67.72 inc vat You really don't need a 1GB video card.. Asustek Radeon HD 4850 512MB DDR3 CC 625MHz PCIE 2xDVI In stock now quicklinx: 57V1WS mfr#: EAH4850/HTDI/51 £117.01 inc vat Gigabyte S775 Intel P45 DDR2 ATX Audio Lan 6SATA11 In stock now quicklinx: 54HTWS mfr#: GA-EP45-DS3R £89.99 inc vat Total with processor.. £424.77 Quick question for ya.. what exactly are you going to do with this build, gaming, daily use.. reason I ask is because you also get this processor.. Intel E5200 Pentium Dual Core S775 2MB 2.5GHz 800FSB In stock now quicklinx: 57Y4WS mfr#: BX80571E5200 £54.59 inc vat It actually is a very nice processor too. That would save you some money to get a descent power supply because there is no way at all a 300w power supply will power this up, you need at least a good quality 550-650w power supply.. Which I can try and suggest if you wish .
  11. Gr8 I use it all the time myself, programs that have been carefully designed for 45nm processors, they first came out to save the day for the E8400's that people bought and were having issues with incorrect temp readings in software and BIOS, as for BIOS it is the manufacturer's duty to keep things right, BIOS updates were released, as for software, these kind of softwares.
  12. Nice program, gives almost close to accurate readings to BIOS. Now for 45nm processors i.e Quad and Dual cores, on stock it is suggested to change the TJMax distance to 100. Also try Coretemp, very similar program but a little better results, I think the newest version has the TJMax distance already set to 100. But as stormy said BIOS first.
  13. Well a good quiet case with sound dampening for under $80 is kind hard to get, how about.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...%20master%20590 .. It is a nice case, it is prices very well, and has nice room.
  14. Hey strukt, good to see you again.. Hope all's well, how ya been? I think the 8800GT would be a better fit though also considering that PNY would probably have better warranty then any other ATI card maker out there. But you should go for whichever has the lowest power consumption and a better cooler to keep the temps lower.
  15. Ooops I'm sorry then.. I feel like a dumb fart.
  16. This is dumb by the judge, the guy just made up something and the judge happened to believe him. Absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Did they happen to check the bus itself for those kind of signs..
  17. Yes very true ^^, brandon is very right, if your playing games and see no increase in frame rates and they just decide to stay where they are then your are bottlenecked. But your cpu should be fine..
  18. How about some mushkins then. These Mushkin Redlines are a very good kit, especially if you OC, honestly it does wonders.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...&Tpk=996593
  19. I've been reading a lot on that RAM, and been recommending that RAM to quite a few people. It is sure a very good set.
  20. Techreport using X38 board for their Intel system, what crap is that. C'mon P45 at least.. Its a killer card brandon, but only at higher resolutions, for us freaks who don't use resolutions over 1440*900 can enjoy with a 4850CF, did you see it didn't really outperform the 4850CF with a huge margin on low resolutions. Infact on low resolutions on some benches/games the 4870CF performed better by a little margin, only on much higher resolutions does this X2 card really kick serious butt!! Nonetheless, cheaper at launch than a GTX280, remember when the GTX280 came out, more like $700. And it totally owns the GTX280, no chance of survival, now we can peacefully say Nvidia lost on all fronts, from low end to high end. Kiss that Nvidia!!
  21. The 4870x2 officially launched today and is available for purchase. Here in canada its priced $600 (but the official price released was CAD $550, I think it was). Here is a nice trusted review.. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardw...ard-review.html
  22. Hey c'mon, those DFI X48 boards are one hek of a motherboard, overclock well and quality performance. Oh well Dark you already ordered, sorry I didn't see it earlier. This DFI X48 is $10 cheaper than the maximus formula and a better board the only downside is it only has 2 pci-e slots (both running at 16x). Or go with the other one which is $30 more than the other DFI I linked.. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....2%20Motherboard, oh and with this current board, dunno if you know believe its either last year or this year, but the cooling heatpipes are designed by Thermalright.. If you did overclock, you know DFI is your best friend. Oh well the Maximus is also a pretty solid board besides. Enjoy it.. Good to see you around dark, hope all is well m8
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