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  1. lets have a look, I was mostly looking at the 7800 series, or even the 7900 series. Coz' by the time I apply, and they put me in line, other cards will be coming, and prices should go down. But on the other hand, if I do get a good deal on either 7800 or 7900 series, I will buy it. but thanks for taking the input burned. thanks for worrying. have fun
  2. hey burned, right now I'm thinking of the step-up program.
  3. no money lol, or go here http://search.ncix.com/search.php?q=7600+G...m=0&p=1&s=0&a=0 and choose one please, and if you could an evga please.
  4. Thanks to Raptor and Flew, I decided what RAM to get. I'm getting the Mushkin PC4400 dual channel 1 gig kit. http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...facture=MUSHKIN And also getting the http://search.ncix.com/displayproductdetai...anufacture=eVGA Thanks others too, lots of people helped me. But ray and flew thanks alot for the memory.
  5. yes lol , agreed stormy but I do like the step-up program, I can pay the difference when I get the cash $$$$, e-VGA rocks lol.
  6. lol ummm.. let's see, good card = yes bad card = no could be expensive = yes maybe not expensive = yes do you have da money to by that freakin mosnter = heeeeeeelllllllll nooooooooooooooo lol.
  7. no man, they were out of stock, and i wasn't sure now. thats why i thought I asked, rather ask in a forum so that mulitple people can assist me, rather than PM'ing people. Thanks for worrying kenny, I appreciate it.
  8. hey guys, I need a video card, prefferebly Nvidia, coz' my board supports SLI too. my budget is around $230-260, not more plz. I need something. But I will also look at the evga step-up program (if vid card selected is evga). Thanks, and one more favor plz, I live in Canada, so I would appreciate if you choose something from a Canadian site. Thanks all
  9. hey guys, my system is almost up, last steps to go. here is the final list of items I am gonna buy. Vid card: VID CARD Heatsink: Thermalright XP-90 + Panaflo high speed fan Memory: This is what I'm not sure. OCZ or Mushkin Once this is bought, here are my system specs: AMD Opty 165 DFI LANParty UT NF4 ULTRA-D Motherboard 2 gig (whichever most suggested) RAM EVGA E-GEFORCE 6800GS SLI 256MB PCI-E vid card Antec NeoPower 480W PSU (PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 510 Express SLI, my next baby) Gigabyte 3D aurora Case BenQ DVD-RW Seagate 160GB IDE WD 120 GB SATA (wanna buy 1 more of this for RAID0) Last but not least Thermalright XP-90 with a Panaflo high flow fan. Thanks once again for all your help, to everybody
  10. actually that was my first first pick. Like no.1 way b4 thanks for reminding markkleb. just confused should I pick the one with 4 pin molex or what.
  11. Than you sir, I actually picked that first, but then I remember in my last post, somebody recommended the other one too, would you still pick that one, if you put it against a panaflo ultra quiet fan, high flow. what you say.
  12. I am getting the Thermalright XP-90c link here now my question was will any of this fit this heatsink, and if they do, do you recommend any of them, or something else. Fan 1 Fan 2 Which one, or none of them lol and one more favor, if you are gonna pick a fan, may you pick a fan from that site only plz, just a small request.
  13. so is that it, basically if I am not much of a gamer, then the non-32 ver is fine, I am just buying it to accompany it with my Opteron 165 for overclocking, basically.
  14. Whats the difference btw Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe board and the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe board. Thanks and offcourse all help is appreciated
  15. they thanks mr.ontario, nice to meet you i'm mr.alberta actually I checked pricegrabber.ca once, the canadian one, but wasn't that great. Thanks brother, may you live long SIR
  16. true same here, but check the sites, lots of sales too. Thanks, hey onecool infact I had a question for you, should I get an opteron dual core or the x2 dual core. thanks
  17. damn I put up a post, but server went down, so here is the link some very good places to shop at: this might be a useful link to where you can buy ur parts from, looked at some websites, excellent places, competetive prices. http://usa.asus.com/wheretobuy.aspx even thought it says asus, but you get everything from them. just select canada An excellent, must visit site. Thanks all Canadian brothers and sisters have fun
  18. miggs78


    Is it true that you can do RAID with one SATA and one PATA drives too. Like i know RAID is normally down with 2 SATA drives, but some of the nforce 4 motherboard specs say, lets you do RAID with one SATA drive and one PATA (which I believe is IDE) drive now is that true?? Thanks
  19. wow no one wanna help, man i thought i would get some advice, it looks like no one likes people here
  20. hey guys, how you doing all. now i had a small and simple question, i was looking to buy a new motherboard for my amd 64 3000+ venice core (i know the cpu is old now, but not enough money) i would still consider buying one if i get a good bundle deal for mobo and cpu and memory, or just a motherboard and cpu thanks. what do you guys suggest for a good motherboard for my processor if i don't get a bundle, and if you suggest a good bundle deal, what site thanks. also i would be overclocking offcourse so something good, descent, not very expensive. and one request is i would like a website that offers paypal, PLEASE Thanks boyos
  21. there you go shogan, I did a new test, that time I forgot I was running the pit test, as was doing multiple things at once. So here is the new one: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=330Y0WZH0XCSZ1SR And hopefully my sig will show up, WISH ME GOOD LUCK LOL Thanks, and I believe both HDD's are 7200 Rpm, preety sure. Thanks
  22. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=330Y0WZH0XCSZ1SR how good can this be.
  23. thanks shogan, I forgot to actually check the stability lol. OK full load goes upto 49-51 degrees C on full load and abt 35 degrees C on idle. Here is my system: AMD 64 3000+ (1800 Mhz), Overclock: 275(HTT)x9(multiplier)=2478 MHz Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra-939 Kingston 1 GB 3200 Dual-Channel memory Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu heatsink Gigabyte 3d Aurora series case http://www.cluboc.net/reviews/cases/gigabyte/aurora/ Seagate 160 GB IDE HDD WD 120 GB SATA HDD I rran the test for 7 hrs and 58 minutes lol , I forgot to check the 2 mins b4 stopping Sorry Let me know what you think, and/or if you need more information. Thanks for help, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you
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