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  1. I second that case, its an awesome case, good airflow, and all aluminium is good. Go for this one.
  2. biggy I still advice you yo stop writing emails to them, which they will not respond for, or will write some stupid made up stuff. Just go sue them, sue the whole company, take them to court, playing a smart game with them, will just make you get the money back. don't write to them. why do you keep doing that, when you yourself understand that they wouldn't give you a reply in any way. Thanks, do what's best, not what's not going to help you, look I don't wanna be rude or hash to you, but get a brain , and go sue them big time
  3. holly hell, sorry to hear that biggy, but cool down bro, look your never going to do anything by getting angry like that. You have to use your brain to do something, I even told you before that all your hear from them is total BS crap, so my advice still to you is just sue them, take them in court, and talk to Better Business Bereau, tell them that OCuk is messing aroung, and making up, they don't want to business properly. little brother, please cool down , trust me its not worth it, I've gone throught this recently with evga, and it never helped at all.
  4. escellent bigchrome, thats really stupid of them, they don't want to accept their mistake lol, crazy people. , thats totally wrong what they are doing dark, just wait, maybe its the weekend causing delays, I would wait till tue or wed, of nothing yet, no harm in emailing them back one more time. cya guys, have fun suin the company
  5. guys, I read all the horror stories of Ocuk, for some reason bigchrome I have a doubt they will even accept a refund, if they do, well and good, but if they don't take 'em to court. dark, for you I think you should just go to court, you are still waiting 3 months for it, they don't want to give you a refund, nor they want to replace anytime soon. I would also write this matter to BBB, Better Business Beraue, let those crooks suffer. people like that require some kind of lesson teaching to understand that doing business like this doesn't increase biz, but breaks biz lol. thats my suggestions, biggy I would even send them another email after a week saying, If I don't get a refund I am taking you to court, for giving me faulty equipment. bye
  6. There is a feature called Q-Fan I disabled that. But whats really wierd is me temps were around 27C with the old mobo, with the same settings its now at 42C idle, this is very wierd to me. I even applied , I will probably try seating it. OR maybe now. I got to reconnect my IDE, will try it now. Thanks though
  7. hey guys, I had a small question, when I was using my DFI board, my CPU fan spinned at the highest RPM, now with the Asus board, the fan sometimes spins slower, sometimes it goes back up full rpm, sometimes its annoying, it does every few seconds. Is it possible to set it to spin at full speed, any option in BIOS. Thanks
  8. c'mon Luis, if you can afforg GT why not PCP&C, aaah, you can With the GT I mean, Luis_GT lol. Kidding, I reinstalled 3dmark, will try uninstalling dx9, and the video drivers, and reinstalling again. Thanks
  9. I have a 510w PCP&C, which runs fine, I was told its as good as tradiotional 700w psu's. I believe if you ask brownhornet, or OCeanv47, they use SLI on it. all I have is 4hdd's RAID, 1 IDE, 1 CD-RW drive, cpu, and graphics card, and 4 fans, which take no power. So I don't get it, the card runs perfect on games, I oc'ed it, it takes more juice, and it works gr8 on 3dmark03, doesn't make sense man.
  10. WTH? I figured out the same test #2 doesn't even run in 3dmark05, just to test, I clocked the card and tried running 3dmark03, ran without any probs, no probs what so ever. Infact I see no artifacts on any 3dmark ver. But still I've started to believe that the card is spoilt or something , I hope not, its time to post some good scores, and the benches stop running, arghhh Any ideas people.
  11. I thought that too, but everything for me is stock right now.
  12. Hey guys, I got some problem running 3dmark06. The First game or test runs fine, the second one, first of all shows up after 10 secs or so, and runs very slow, like 1, mostly 0 FPU. Any idea why. Besides I got a score of 10160 score in 3dmark05, check it out http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2112961 Thanks
  13. yup, me too, its time to kick some AZZEZZ !! especially TRP's lol. pray for me to do good though
  14. ok now thats enough, you making me jealous, c'mon I wish I went with the SLI instead of the 7950, this is thing doesn't seem to do the job. Now flew, don't make me jealous
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