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  1. Hey im back. Yeah so I increased the Warning Temperature and it seems that the cpu is reaching some pretty high temps. It was set at 60C, then I changed it to 70C. The issue seemed to disappear for a while until all of a sudden beep beep beep. Hmmm, the CPU shouldnt be running that high should it? Its and AMD K6 400MHz. The BIOS information reports that the fan is going at 5000RPMs. I sit there and watch it for a few minutes and the CPU temp slowly increases. So I guess my question is: Is this normal operating temperature. It likes to run in the 60s. If it is normal, then ma
  2. Excellent. Thats it. The warning temp was set so close to the actual temperature that it didnt allow room for some varying. I increased it a little and everything seems to be okay so far. Thanks guys. I like this board. I have my AAS Degree in Computer Tech. and im A+ and Fiber Optic certified but there are just somethings that you dont learn in school. Ill be around. Thanks Ogame.org = fun text based game :-). (If your into that sort of thing) Peace
  3. No, there isnt a clock program running. As yes, windoes loads right up. Then randomly it will start beeping. (1set=4 beeps:about 2 seconds in between each set).
  4. LOL, random music!!! Well its deinitely not that. It is sort of a chirping sound. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hmmm, I know or at least I think I know that XP has system restore points and a tool that lets you load your Last Knowns Good Configurations. You can try the LKGC by pressing F8 I believe after POST and selecting Last Known Good Configuration. It may work, it may not. If that doesnt work, you can boot to safe mode and work around in there. (Im just a user viewing the forums, not an expert.)
  6. Thanks, I like this place so far. Any of you like online text/graphics based games? (Spamming)
  7. Beep codes can occur after the OS has loaded? I am only aware of POST BEEP codes the occur at start-up. Hmm, what kind of motherboard. Ill have to take a look really quick. I was thinking about reseating the processor and memory. (You never know). Its an older computer that my brother uses, otherwise I would know the make of the motherboard. Ive just never encountered anything like this before. It doesnt bug me, its just interesting.
  8. There is a beeping noise coming from the system speaker. What on earth could this be. It happens randomly, and once it starts it doesnt stop till you turn off the computer. Its 1 set of 4 beeps with at least 2 seconds in between the sets. Interesting I might have to say.... Any suggestions?
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