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    [SIZE=2][He used to say that] thinking is <an instance of the> sacred disease [and that] sight is deceptive- Heraclitus[/SIZE]<br><br>[color=gray]"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Jefferson[/color]

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  1. Bruce, I got your message regarding my "school yard #%^*!" as you termed it and since you have blocked me I say RIGHT
  2. Thank you Dave. I'm glad that you undertake measures to prevent any would be social engineering by would be posters upon myself. I can see how your thought processes are truly the Representation of Absolute Altruism. It's too bad that Plato neglected to write a dialogue on this, or we could explore his writings to aid ourselves in the dialectic investigation of this wonderful notion of yours. Again, thanks for setting me straight and your insight, which I'm sure you worked hard on to develop.
  3. If you are looking for posts as to why I ask this, they have been erased.
  4. Is it against the rules to acquire information already present on your own computer or to aid others who seek to do so? Thank You.
  5. slight modification made. How exactly do you want it written? I'm pretty quick when I'm in the mood.
  6. Hotmail comes equipped with a Mcaffee scanner
  7. Hi, my thanks to Karl for providing a link that shows that to do this you go to HKLM>System>current control set>services> and then export the entire branch.
  8. the question is will a new motherboard fit a emachine case?
  9. hi Sir T. I believe I found the answer which you don't want to here http://shop.store.yahoo.com/valueram/emons...ster866dvd.html
  10. But you will accuse them of not reading the thread??
  11. Don't act like I don't read the thread before I comment Xtreme. The test merely addressed each stick in isolation, incompatibilities do occur, although you may have been lucky enough to have escaped them. In addition, your attempts to scare SIR T from clearing CMOS were unwarranted.
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