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    eMachines 2.0 Ghz AMD Athlon XP. 120 GB HD. 512 MB Ram. CD-RW 48x.
  1. I see, all right then thanks for all your help. I guess I'll buy Phantasy Star Universe and install it on my desktop back at home.
  2. I am not computer savvy so this may be a dumb question. If it is then forgive me of my noobiness. I have a laptop with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M card. I am not sure if I am able to play a particular game so is it possible to somehow tweak or update my graphics card to handle the game's graphics? If so, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, any help is appreciated. BTW I don't want to waste any forum space so I'll ask another question here. My system RAM is advertised as 512MB, however, after analyzing my laptop it turns out that my system RAM is actually 446.2MB. What's the cause of this? Is there anyway to increase my RAM without buying components?
  3. Oh wow looks very promising. I'll go ahead and get a floppy and see if it works. Thanks DonJayok~ EDIT: the part of the site where one submits the line of code along with their email address doesn't work. Always says timed out connection to results.loginrecovery.com. Screw it I'm going to the computer shop first thing tommorow morning. Thanks for your help though, Good Day all.
  4. ^ I can't get into windows. I'm stuck at windows login screen because I don't know my password. In addition, I can't go into windows through safe mode. Safe mode still requires password from my account. Admin account won't work either. Anyways thanks for all your help, I'm going to visit the dreaded computer shop to get it fixed.
  5. UPDATE: had to burn the .iso image of UBCD onto a new disk. changed boot list and had DVD/CD ROM boot first. working fine. i did a reset on passwords for my account through system tools but for some reason after rebooting to apply changes, it doesn't work.
  6. I changed the value list around so that my DVD/CD ROM is the first to boot. However, that did nothing for me. what are the login details of admin account? Is it username: admin ?
  7. @ Slurpy, I popped into CD at login screen and nothing happened. I downloaded UBCB basic .iso file (83mb) and burned it onto an empty CD-R. Am I doing something wrong? If it's any help I found out that my computer is a BIOS 68.04 (?) My friend told me I can reset my password through BIOS settings using a BIOS password. Any help on this? By the way I only have one account on my computer so logging onto other accounts is out of the question.
  8. EDIT: On the link you gave me...do I download the UBCD full or basic?
  9. Will heed your advice slurpy...but two questions: 1. How does one go about and make a bootable floppy? 2. If I do the latter part of your reply, do I just pop the CD into my laptop? Or are there other explicit instructions on how to execute the files on the CD?
  10. I hoped to never come here again...yet here I am. :help: Anyways, lately my college roommate has been snooping around my laptop so I created a startup/login password just two nights ago to safeguard my precious. I tried logging in, but laptop won't recognize my password so apparently, I mis-typed my password when creating one and now I can't log in. I tried different variations of my password and I failed miserably. After viewing your forums and topics that are relevant to my problem, I concluded I need to either reset the BIOS, boot in safe mode, or use a recovery disk. The problem is that I don't have a recovery disk since it's 450 miles away in California and I have little to none computer knowledge so BIOS to me means ooglydoogly didawap. I plan to boot my laptop in safe mode later today to see if it works. Any suggestions on how to reset my laptop password without killing my data? Ironically, my roommate's uncle owns a computer repair shop near campus called Lanes Repair, however, I would like to fix it myself before paying a hefty amount to a repairman. COMPUTER INFO: Gateway® MX6441 AMD Turion® 64 mobile technology ML-34 • Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005² • 15.4" WXGA Ultrabright™ TFT • 512MB DDR memory • 80GB hard drive³ • Multiformat dual-layer DVD±RW drive • 802.11g wireless LAN • Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ Capable *Proof that I'm computer illiterate. I found my computer's specs on Gateway's website. Anywhos any help at all is appreciate and claps to your ongoing effort in protecting and serving our country..from viruses and whatnot. EDIT: tried to boot in safe mode but comp still required me to input password.
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