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  1. It`s made by HP. Model is Compaq Presario F700 Notebook PC.
  2. Alright my friend just purchased this laptop, he gave it to me to do some basic things to it such as disabling most of the stupid services vista has running, download AVG, ad-aware, and diskeeper. So I did all that and I came here to run a quick test as I do with any system and got these results. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=S8H0SW7P74GSKXPG Was hoping someone here can shed some light on the bad performance flags and possibly fix it. Also, when I try running diskeeper lite it says it wont run via terminal services or something... Any info on that
  3. Alright, first I learned that my V-Sync was capping my FPS at the refresh rate of my monitor, so I turned that off but, it seems Blizzard hasn't made any progress for support with dual core processors. My FPS now won't go any higher than 64. So I thought if I set the affinity to only one core than it should work, but nothing happened. So all dual core users are in the dark till blizzard decides to fix this.
  4. Average down: 6280kbpsAverage up: 968kbps
  5. Because I don't use it... I don't like having a cord run from the router to my room. How would I check if it has a bandwith limit? My signal strength is always fine.
  6. No yellow question marks... and yes I have installed a wireless network card.
  7. First ping: 1012nd ping: 76 3rd ping: 74 4th ping: 81 Average: 83ms
  8. Alright, thanks for the help. Anyone have suggestions for my connection?
  9. Well it seems the game (or at least a setting) has always capped my frames at 60, it hasn't allowed it to go higher. It still doesn't allow it to go higher but now it drops to like 48 FPS in town. I guess I can try reinstalling.
  10. Alright, my gpu driver problem is fixed but I'm still getting like 48 FPS in Ogrimmar (Main Town). I have all settings maxed but I really doubt this should be happening. I can play FEAR with maxed out graphics and still have an average of 65 FPS.
  11. I was getting 3000+ kbps, it's weird, I should be getting more though. As I said in my first post no I didn't. Of course I have the mobo driver installed.
  12. I've started to play World of Warcraft and I've been having connection problems since I started. My friends who live in the same area with the same ISP have more stable connections than me. My problem is that it spikes a lot. Some times I might have 100ms - 200ms but a lot of times it will spike to 400ms+ and idle around 300ms. Today in Alterac Valley it jumped to 8649ms and stayed there. I reconnected and it started at 400ms and shot back to 5000ms+. I asked my friends what their ping was and they said around 200ms. I have a couple ideas on what it might be but not sure, decided you guys could give some suggestions. I have the Shaw cable Xtreme connection so I should be getting better than this. I'm thinking it may be the windows firewall, maybe I should switch to AVG. Also if anyone knows the ports required for WoW I could make sure they're open on my router; I checked the site but for some reason that links down. Any suggestions are welcomed so please don't hesitate. Also, lately my frames have dropped. I mean I have a beast of a system and in town my FPS drops below 50 witch I don't think should be happening. I installed the new Nvidia driver recently but I've actually got a couple errors and crashes from it. It's probably because I didn't uninstall the old one first but I couldn't find the display drivers so I said meh. So if theres a driver cleaner or something I can use and reinstall it that would be great. My friends said that I should use the Omega drivers instead of the official Nvidia drivers, any suggestions? Anyway, all help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  13. Well I decided to call my ISP and one of the phone service guys helped me look into it for over an hour; he was very friendly, infact we talked about WoW half the time. After almost giving up he checked the traffic in my area and it is well above normal. He said theres barely enough nodes to keep up. So he told me to call back almost everyday to complain if I want to see anything done about it.
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