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  1. Interesting. Sort of sounds like the BIOS? Thanks for all of the help! I'm not so sure I would have it figured out right now if I hadn't come here and asked about it.
  2. Sorry for double posting, but seeing as there's an update I'm sure it will be fine. Well, it seems like I've fixed this problem. Working around the possibility that it may be drawing way too many resources, I followed the steps in the following forum post: http://forums.guru3d.com/showpost.php?p=3770113&postcount=2 I also turned off all of the things limiting my CPU's speed in Windows itself which also involved changing a few registry keys. I keep the program linked to in that post, Set Timer Resolution, running while playing EVE as well. All of this has EVE running better than ever and is keeping me from getting kicked offline at all. I've had EVE running for around 10 or 11 hours now and it's only disconnected once. At which point, it only disconnected from EVE. It did not kick me offline and I did not have to restart my computer at all. I've watched multiple videos on youtube and all seems to be well. Maybe this will help somebody else if they ever experience the same problem.
  3. I've been pretty busy. I haven't really had a chance to look into this. Much less play EVE. I've tried bare minimum graphics and even playing on 1 monitor and it still does it. Today it was doing it very frequently. About 4 times in the hour I played EVE. Even while just playing EVE and doing nothing else. I think the game is just too much for my laptop to handle like your previous posts have stated. I'm going to be getting a computer from a friend of mine because I feel like we've found the answer. On another note, what exactly does restarting hardware drivers do? Obviously it's not the same as just restarting the computer. I've never had to do that. A simple restart will resolve this issue. I'm just curious what exactly restarting them will do and how it's different from just restarting the computer.
  4. It's happened once or twice outside of EVE. That could have been because of something else though. I'm about to go to bed so I'll look into this more tomorrow. It was however playing videos on youtube just fine today while playing EVE. I've tried a number of different DOS commands like flushing my DNS and even tried restarting my network adapter. I'm not really sure how to reload the driver but what you're saying does make some sense. A friend of mine has a PC I can probably get from him if I need to. Also, it may very well do it with 1 monitor too. Back when I used only 1 monitor I never did anything else while playing EVE. I could try setting my second monitor as the main/only monitor and seeing if it still does it.
  5. Hey there. Thanks for the reply. I play EVE in a Fixed Window (Same as windowed?) with most of the settings on low or disabled. My laptop gets pretty hot otherwise. It runs relatively fine with it's current settings however. And, it's not that I'm doing too much in EVE or whatever. I can just be doing nothing, sitting in station or mining in an empty system, with no rats around, and this still happens. And it's pretty much only when I do anything that seems to put more of a strain on my connection outside of EVE that this problem occurs. I've literally never had it happen while I was playing EVE running combat missions or anything. Only when I do something outside of EVE that's somewhat connection intensive. Back when I was playing in fullscreen on just the 1 monitor it didn't do this either. For whatever reason, it seems like EVE not being the active window is playing a part in it. Why would my graphics settings in EVE, or the fact that it's in Fullscreen, affect my computer's ability to connect or at least scan for connections? Much less make it so that I can't even access my routers. And why, after shutting down EVE, would my internet remain unresponsive? I would think that if EVE were the cause, then the problem would go away some time after closing it. I would think I'd be able to do something with my network adapter other than shutting it off and on or at least scan for internet connections or something. Seems like the problem isn't just EVE, though.
  6. First of all, let me just say I really appreciate any help in advance and apologize for the following book I'm subjecting you to read. Now, let's get into it. After extensive research and trial and error, I still have no real idea what exactly could be causing this. I'm lead to believe that it can only be computer hardware or router settings. I have a pretty decent cable internet connection. It comes from the wall, goes to our modem and then to a router. From there, I have 1 ethernet cable ran to the other side of the house, plugged into a LAN port on a second router. I use this second router as an extender for my Laptop/Playstation/Cell/3DS and pretty much anything I need a connection for in here. My laptop and Playstation are both connected to the secondary router through ethernet cables of their own. I like them to have maximum speeds without more wires stretching across the house. I've had this setup for a while now with no problems at all. Also, since this problem has started, I've since formatted multiple times and made the move from Vista to Windows 7. Let's backtrack a little. About 2 months ago I started playing EVE Online again. I was on Windows Vista at the time and everything ran fine at first. Soon after, I hooked up a second monitor devoted almost entirely to gaming, while I use my main monitor for pretty much whatever I want. It was then I noticed that sometimes while playing EVE, my connection would just drop. I lose all connection to my routers despite having a wired connection. No matter what, the ONLY way I've found to fix it is by completely restarting the computer. I can't refresh my IP through command prompts or anything else. Basically, it's like I shut my Wi-Fi off and unplug my ethernet cord. I can't even access either router's config pages. It didn't happen enough to really affect my gaming or other activities at first. There was no consistency to it. It simply happened sometimes while playing EVE. For other reasons, I decided to format and install Windows 7. The problem continued after formatting. In the last few weeks it seems to be happening more frequently, or easily, if you will. For example, while playing EVE, as long as that's all I'm doing, EVE runs perfectly fine without any connection lag or interruptions. However, if I start watching videos on YouTube (possibly even browsing web pages) while playing EVE, I'll notice the video skipping (quickly stopping and playing). If I don't immediately pause the video (and possibly make EVE the active window), my connection will drop and leave me with a yellow warning symbol on my network icon. At this point, I cannot access the internet *on my laptop* at all. If I try to view either of my router's config pages, they won't even try to load up. While this is happening I can have my Playstation online, on Netflix and the connection isn't interrupted at all. This leads me to believe that the routers and internet are all working just fine. Though, possibly there is some router setting I've overlooked that might be causing this? No matter what I've tried, the connection remains silent and completely unresponsive until I restart my laptop. By that, I mean that my laptop fails to even recognize that there's a cable linking it to a router. If I turn my Wi-Fi on at this point, I can't remember exactly what happens, but it will either connect and remain offline/unresponsive or it won't find any connections at all. A little info off the top of my head that may help: Both Routers are of the same make. But, the main is a newer and bigger/better model. I've turned off DHCP on my secondary Router. Secondary Router's IP is static on the first router and outside of DHCP range. Laptop's IP is also static and outside DHCP range on main Router. (Wouldn't think this is the problem. But..?) Main's RIP version is disabled by default. Secondary was set to RIP_1 but now is disabled. It seems to have stopped the videos on youtube from skipping while playing EVE. Though, the problem persists and this just makes it harder to prevent. I've disabled most, if not all security features on the secondary router. I keep them minimal on my main as well. I've tried using the tests on this site, but.. for some reason they just don't load up or do anything at all. The page that was supposed to be running the overdrive test had another link to the older test if you have problems with the newer one... and guess what! The link leads to the same damn page! I've yet to install a lot of things like Flash or Java. If you need me to post any results from the tests then this will need to be figured out as well. Otherwise, I can provide pretty much any info on my machine/LAN that is needed.
  7. That's a lot of useful information to keep in mind. Also sorry I haven't been able to update any I haven't had the time. But I updated my video drivers and that fixed the problems. Also my computer is usually defragmented I've just been downloading and deleting a bunch of stuff lately. But the problem's fixed none the less thanks for all your help.
  8. Yeah. I'll try and update windows later. I've been kind of neglecting it this whole time. I'm also kind of reluctant to get SP2. ^_^;
  9. Ah haha I see. Last time I checked it was active. >,< Oh and um.. no I don't actually have any drivers for the computer, I've just gotta find them online. -_-
  10. I know it's in DMA Mode. All I've gotta do is uninstall the driver and restart 2 times to get it back to UDMA Mode 5. The problem is... it's very annoying to have to uninstall the driver and restart my computer 2 times every half an hour or so. I play a lot of online games and it's just too much of a hassle to drop what I'm doing and have to restart. EDIT - SMBus and my USB's do work. It just says they don't for some reason. I think that's more of a hardware issue though.
  11. Sorry I would've gotten back sooner but the forums wouldn't load up. -_- Anyways here ya go: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=WZU80W3DBQCSA4HR
  12. Hey people I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I just bought this computer about 2 months ago and I've reformatted and everything since that time. But my computer is at the point where it will keep setting my Primary IDE Channel in to PIO Mode. I know that Windows will automatically step it down from Ultra DMA Mode 5 to 4 or 3 and so on when it encounters an error or something, but my computer just takes it straight from Ultra DMA Mode 5 and throws it in to PIO Mode. Even when I don't do anything, I can let my computer sit idle over night with nothing running and it will still do it. I can't exactly say what the problem is, maybe it's because I'm running off an internal video card instead of an external one. But is there any way to change it so that Windows cannot reset my Primary IDE Channel to PIO Mode? EDIT - I know how to get my computer out of PIO Mode. I just want to know if there's a way to get it to stop going IN TO PIO Mode.
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