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  1. I have a optiplex 755 usff and brand new installation of vista but when I connect my LAN cable in it -it says local only, limited connectivity --> no internet BUT WHEN I put the cable into my laptop it works fine? help?
  2. Maybe, how would I be able to figure out which is the video card cable? Could I replace it with a cable from a regular desktop? I've heard that some laptops have video card soldered to mobo, does that make a difference? thanks!
  3. Hi, I have very strange behaviour with my laptop screen. it's dv9000 hp pavillion It shows green pixelated lines allover the images especially black..The pattern is strange and looks like as if a plastic sheet is being pressed on the LCD, This is the issue right from the moment the laptop starts up HP LOGO, BIOS, etc...not specific to OS. everything black is shown as almost green.everything is in green even the bios when iam in windows everthing is pixelated with green/black/white lines in it or the color is mixed Please help if anyone can...sorry for the long post. Thank You!!
  4. Is there anyway to do this? I am using Windows XP pro, CutePDF, MS office 2003 I've got pdfs with a bunch of colours and when I print black and white it does grayscale thanks
  5. Hi, I've just replaced all the monitors in my house and now I've got 3 CRT monitors (20'',17'',15'') left over. Does anyone know what I can do with them? Is there anywhere I can sell them? if so how much can I sell them for? Are there any stores that trade for store credits? thanks btw I live in Toronto
  6. I was getting desperate because I couldn't even use the SD card and whenever I inserted it into my camera it would say "Card is wrong format, press OK to format" and when I press OK, it says card unformattable. Before this I've never formatted my SD card, it was working perfectly before, will the warrenty cover it, I've had the card for 2 years now. -I can't run chkdsk on it because it doesn't even appear on my computer (BOTH through using Dcam and SD card reader). Any help is appreciated thanks again
  7. I have a 256 mb sandisk SD card that is unformattable. Keeps saying wrong format or unformattable, tried using a camera, PC, Sd card reader, SD card recovery programs (don't recognize format or detect it) and still won't format or READ. Right before it became like this I was using it in my HP digital camera in which I changed the ISO speed of the camera to take pics faster but after about 4 pics the camera crashed and afterwards the SD card wasn't working. How can I fix this? I have lots of important pics on it. (hopefully do this for free) thank you
  8. The drive is usable. In fact, it's quite new I only had it for about 1.5 years. It's in perfect condition, looks like it have never been used. It functioned perfectly on my old computer untill I accidentally fried the mobo (incompatible RAM).
  9. I am willing to use any program (even if I have to pay) to get the data out of the hard drive. All my family's childhood photos are on their. Can you give me some suggestions on recovery programs to try? thanks
  10. I have the hard drive in my computer but I can't open it. Every time I try to, it tells me to format it. When I open properties, it says that the file system is RAW??? I really need the data in the hard drive. thanks
  11. How is trying to extend the life of my LCD monitor, a silly question?
  12. thanks everyone I just have one last question, whenever I put my computer to sleep mode and I accidentally move the mouse sightly, the computer wakes up. How do I configure the computer so that it wouldn't wakeup when I move the mouse. thanks again.
  13. how do I check the socket without opening the case?
  14. Thanks everyone I just bought the computer and it's good so far.... I just have two more questions: 1. When I opened My Computer it told me that the 984 Mhz then five minutes later it tells me that it's 1.79 ghz ...what's happening??? 2. What processors (exact names) can I upgrade my Compaq Presario SR1810NX with Sempron 3200+ to? perhaps a website? thanks Well, I think I fried the RAM slot when I was upgrading it. The computer service ppl. told me the entire mobo was fried...
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