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  1. Hi, I don't know that this is a problem, as much as it is just a general question. Hopefully someone can shed a little light for me! I have used this site for testing on 4 separate computers in our house, and on the one computer that runs a seperate graphics card, the line test portion where it draws the ellipses/ovals draws very slowly. On all others (which all use on-board graphics) they draw extremely quickly. This computer also used to have the same line-draw speed (visually). I don't know how long ago this behavior started, but I believe it has been at least several months, and possibly longer. Is this normal, does the software recognize an add on card with a higher capability and purposely stress it more during the tests, causing the slower draw rate? The tests do finish correctly, but I am just interested in getting this difference in the tests answered, please. Thanks much Vgolfmaster
  2. Thanks for the tip, it worked! I did not have diskfau.dll, but deleted the pcpitstop.dll file. Everything worked after that - thanks again.
  3. I should add, this 'Checking Signatures' portion of the test is under the Analyze Add/Remove Programs section of the tests.
  4. Hi, I have used this numerous times in the past with no troubles,but now the tests are stopping when I hit the 'Checking Signatures' portion of the tests.I do not remember seeing this portion in the past, is this new? Does anyone have a fix for this or a work around? I did not see an option to skip this portion in the debugging section, so I don't know what to do next. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Vgolfmaster
  5. I know it is way to late to help this request,but I thoguht I'd add this link here, a link to the solution, in case anyone stumbles on this through a search engine, looking for the same thing! http://support.microsoft.com/kb/254914/en-us
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