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  1. Happy birthday bud; hope you have a good one!!
  2. Upgrade to W10!! Seriously what browser are you using - I'm guessing that some browsers versions that are XP compatible will no longer work on the internet and for good reason - Security. Try MyPal: https://feodor2.github.io/Mypal/ (it's a fork of Palemoon which was based on Mozillas basecode for Firefox) but really I wouldn't advise connecting any XP machine to the internet.
  3. Just moving this to the correct forum.
  4. Hi; What make and model do you have please? Is there a Wifi card fitted? Most either have a switch or a key toggle to turn wifi on. What do you see when you open 'Network & Internet Settings'? If yo open device settings > network adaptors > are there any Wifi adaptors listed?
  5. If you don't have separate sound card software..I would uninstall all the drivers; reboot the PC so it loads with the default windows ones and go from there.
  6. These new gen chips are so much more resilliant when it comes to OCing plus cooling solutions are much more effective and I think we've all become more aware of proper cable mangement and airflows which all helps that final figure.
  7. Going to have to talk to 'She who holds the purse strings' got that new build itch!!
  8. Methinks it's time for an upgrade!!
  9. All the best; hope you have good one!
  10. All the best buddy; hope you have a good one.
  11. I think the latest is Android10; Oreo is 2 releases behind.
  12. haha.....Happy Birthday!! Sorry; been real busy with work; let things slip!!
  13. nigsy


    Linux is an operating system - Same as Windows 10 or MAC OS are operating systems. The big difference is that Linux is open source and free as is 99% of the software you can install - Find out more here: https://www.linux.com/what-is-linux/ If you are interested in trying Linux - You can run what we call a live CD and 'test drive' it before deciding to install or not. I run a Linux OS called openSUSE; I wouldn't go back to windows ever!
  14. To add a profile pic: Click on either your name or the big 'C' where your picture will be. On your profile page you will see next to the 'C' a small image of a camera Click on this and upload a picture for your profile - There maybe some size restrictions - 0.1mb so you may need to save your picture at a lower quality to upload it.
  15. Gone but not forgotten Sir.
  16. @Humbluemoon Big like for that!!
  17. Hi; and Forum rule number 7) Do not ask for or submit ways or means to bypass or remove computer passwords. Thread locked.
  18. Long time no see!! Happy birthday buddy.
  19. Hi KavinDave111 and I've merged your 2 topics as they seem to be the same question.
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