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  1. can you access the recovery menu? you may need to do a factory reset. if you do this you will loose any personal files.
  2. Hi; don't suppose you know a banned Spammer called littlelight? You seem to have used the same IP to log in from? Might just be the VPN you are using as the 4 other IPs don't raise any flags.
  3. Happy birthday; hope you had a good one.
  4. Cheers guys. Had a nice weekend away with my wife. Several cocktails were consumed!!
  5. nigsy

    Windows Update

    Hi and When you say PC Matic; do you mean the software or the forums? What operating system are you running? What browser is your default? You've dug up an 6 year old post - IE8 probably hasn't been supported for a while and will be full of security holes so if you are using that I suggest switching to FF or Chrome. If you are still running XP then you have a bigger problem!!
  6. nigsy


    HI sorry for the late reply - When you say Java is getting shut down; can you elaborate - Is this on a website / browser; are you running software that uses a Java platform? The fixes are different.
  7. Yes and Yes. The dban file should be an ISO file so Rufus should see it. It will unpack the ISO (all the files you described in your opening post) and create a bootable disc / drive. Instructions here: https://www.techybugz.com/rufus/how-to-use-rufus/
  8. Hi; How are you loading Dban onto the USB - You have to create a bootable drive. For that you need a little tool called Rufus: https://rufus.ie/ Run rufus; choos the input file and the destination and you should be good to go. Then make sure the PC is set to boot from USB and you should be able to clean the HD.
  9. Is this on WiFi? Sounds like the signal isn't strong enough - Do mobile phones pick up the WiFi where you want to move the PC to?
  10. Ok; I know he doesn't visit these days...but just incase he pops in.... Happy birthday!!
  11. Hi; It doesn't sound like a virus or anything - more than likely an unwanted programme. Just in-case I'll tag in @Tx Redneck so he can raise with the relevant support team - You can also raise a ticket yourself here: Please open a trouble ticket at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ so we can get some info from you and get this resolved.
  12. I've given up TBH; they don't support my old video card anyway - and I have no need to upgrade. I was just getting massive projects that with my CPU set to medium I still couldn't complete before they timed out. It was just becoming a waste of electric keeping the rig running unfortunately.
  13. Hi mate...Nice!! Can I ask what city? And whats the radio station - I listen to Canada's Moose FM, but that station was playing some good tunes.
  14. To my longtime facebook buddie; have a great day, week, year........and onwards. Cheers Bryan
  15. Happy birthday - Have a good one!!
  16. I believe windows10 is asking for the system admin password; which is really helpful if you haven't enabled the admin account and set up a password. https://www.madestuffeasy.com/find-windows-10-administrator-password/
  17. Appreciate you dropping in; yep it's quiet around here these days. There's still a small group of us posting, moderating and keeping the forums alive. Good work with the quilts for those worthy causes. Hope to see you on here again soon. Nigel.
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