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    I'm in!

    Having a think......but anything with no posts for 12 months needs a discussion over whether they are relevant. Ill get back to you.
  2. nigsy

    I'm in!

    It's getting crowded!
  3. nigsy

    I'm in!

    I'm in to the new site. Maybe an opportunity to review the individual forums and loose a few?
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    Linux is an operating system - Same as Windows 10 or MAC OS are operating systems. The big difference is that Linux is open source and free as is 99% of the software you can install - Find out more here: https://www.linux.com/what-is-linux/ If you are interested in trying Linux - You can run what we call a live CD and 'test drive' it before deciding to install or not. I run a Linux OS called openSUSE; I wouldn't go back to windows ever!
  5. To add a profile pic: Click on either your name or the big 'C' where your picture will be. On your profile page you will see next to the 'C' a small image of a camera Click on this and upload a picture for your profile - There maybe some size restrictions - 0.1mb so you may need to save your picture at a lower quality to upload it.
  6. Gone but not forgotten Sir.
  7. @Humbluemoon Big like for that!!
  8. Hi; and Forum rule number 7) Do not ask for or submit ways or means to bypass or remove computer passwords. Thread locked.
  9. Long time no see!! Happy birthday buddy.
  10. Hi KavinDave111 and I've merged your 2 topics as they seem to be the same question.
  11. Great for keeping it up. Still having issues with mine - Keeps starting massive pieces of work and never finishes them. Switched off for now until I get time to fix it.
  12. https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/oracle/webcenter/page/scopedMD/s55728c97_466d_4ddb_952d_05484ea932c6/Page29.jspx?wc.contextURL=%2Fspaces%2Fcp&articleId=TS101331&_afrLoop=304397829580168&leftWidth=0%&showFooter=false&showHeader=false&rightWidth=0%&centerWidth=100%#!%40%40%3FshowFooter%3Dfalse%26_afrLoop%3D304397829580168%26articleId%3DTS101331%26leftWidth%3D0%25%26showHeader%3Dfalse%26wc.contextURL%3D%2Fspaces%2Fcp%26rightWidth%3D0%25%26centerWidth%3D100%25%26_adf.ctrl-state%3Df1had9xl3_9
  13. I must confess I've used Rufus for years and never had an issue. I would try a different USB, make sure it has more than the required 4gb and check in Rufus its definitely burning as iso, this should be the default anyway. There may be other issues here such as your pc not supporting USB boot ups, or UEFi bios which means in the list of drive options you need to look for the USB entry that's states secure boot or UEFi boot, not just the one listed as USB.
  14. Will it boot in safe mode or are you able to get to the recovery options and boot from a recovery point?
  15. You need this little tool: https://rufus.ie/ It will create a bootable USB.
  16. I'm guessing as this was over 12 months ago....he's fixed it by now. But cheers anyway.
  17. I'm with TX; no reason why it shouldn't boot. To be safe unplug working bootable drives first. It should run on the generic windows drivers until you can install correct ones; the only one you may have an issue with is with the network drivers but I'm guessing the clone will have (what would have been) the latest drivers?
  18. Hope you had a good one (sorry it's a day late!)
  19. https://thebreastcancersite.greatergood.com/clicktogive/bcs/home
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