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  1. Going away for a few days next week so folding rig will be down. @Tx Redneck Also won't be around for Admin duty
  2. Hiya Bob. What type of TV do you have? Most new smart TVs are blutooth enabled and you shouldn't need anything additional to pair your hearing aids. If It's not blutooth enabled you will need a transmitter so yep...anywhere from $150 upwards.
  3. Great news!! Now make sure you have a secondary backup option!!
  4. All the best...have a good one....and maybe some of this...
  5. I think the drive is dead. But you said the drives were in RAID1 so the mirrored drive should contain all the data, unless both have failed. Hence why I have an external backup to my RAID setup.
  6. Is SDE4 the drive you are having issues with? If it is Ubuntu can see it - Try Photorec as previously advised - It should be in the Ubuntu repository if not look here for instructions: https://www.journaldev.com/37328/photorec-recover-deleted-files-in-linux-ubuntu
  7. Never heard of EXT2FSD; have you tried Photorec as suggested by both me and TX? Can Ubuntu see the drive you are trying to repair; you may need to mount the drive - Use gparted for this in ubuntu
  8. Yep, "Vista" get's enough bad press, then M$ rub salt into the wounds. Not into conspiracy theories but the windows 7 launch is just around the corner.....
  9. Ok, after a lot of googling, no real answer, but did manage to get it to eventually boot in safe mode, now running checkdisc. All internet findings point to a m$ update that has messed up several vista installs.
  10. Hi all, It's my mums laptop, a Toshiba Equium running Vista. The thing just refuses to boot. I gets as far as the windows loading screen (Microsoft Corporation, with the little green loading bar) and just stays like that. I have tried booting to last known good config, no good. Tried safe mode and it stops on:sys32/drivers/crcdisc/.sys, if that has any relevance. Mum is bringing the recovery disc over tomorrow, but was hoping to have it fixed before then. Any clues??
  11. 64bit it is then. Now to sell all my junk on Ebay to pay for the little beauty Thanks guys
  12. Hi all, Have decided to go the new build route for my October W7 install. Will be running a I7 processor on a gigabyte board, not sure about ram at the mo, but will sort ram/ hard-drive and raid set up nearer the time my question though is this: As the new OS will be shipped with DVD for both 32bit and 64bit is there any benefit in me going for 64bit computing over 32? I do a lot of intensive video editing and have recently bought a HD camcorder so smooth HD editing is high on my lists of must haves. I don't "game". Any thoughts on the pros and cons....?
  13. Lovely, thanks for sharing. One day maybe me and my family will make it there!!
  14. Not sure how Yahoo works but you might find trying to send 50+ emails at the same time with the same subject line will get blocked by the server as potential spam. I'm guessing if you send a test Email (great suggestion), you won't send it to 50 people, maybe 5 at the most and this wouldn't trigger your ISP's spam filter. Just a thought, but good luck.
  15. Sorry, just wasted 6 minutes of my life on this, can't see anything funny about it.
  16. Good call. I have the 550 watt in my tower, quiet and with plenty of connection options plus good cable length for taller towers.
  17. I guess she's fried the circuitry, in which case I'm guessing only proffesional data recovery would be possible and expensive. Could try this: Freeze your Hdrive Long shot but it might work. Just found this: Data Recovery From a Failed Hard Drive - Changing the Logic Board: One possible cause of hard drive failure is a problem with the logic board (the electronics unit) onboard the hard drive. If the logic board fails your computer will not be able to access the data on the hard drive. To recover data in this case you will need to change the logic board. You must replace the logic board with one from an indentical hard drive otherwise it will not work. Once the logic board is replaced you will know right away if it was the problem since you will be able to access your data again as soon as you start the computer.
  18. When you say "windows" do you mean an OEM version? Could be that your OS was tied to the original chip?
  19. nigsy


    Ok, found a friend with a Iphone. Impressive bit of kit, loved the web browsing experience and all the little apps and very easy to use. But no MMS messaging, yes I know i could Email attachments, but I'm always sending MMS to my friends. I think it's coming with update no.3, but not until summer. Don't want to be tied to Itunes or have to have anything to do with the Istore. (my wife has an Ipod and I don't like the restrictions) My current phone has a 5mpx cybershot camera and takes excellent photos and good video, so 2mpx will not do. Also found on some forums about the Iphone that a next generation phone is being planned for next year/18months , maybe the camera issue will be fixed by then? So veering away from one now I have had a chance to see it "in the flesh", but maybe wait until the next gen iphone hits the stores. Once again thanks for all you input.
  20. nigsy


    Thanks, guys!! I think we'll draw a close on this as it's starting to get a bit heated I appreciate all the input, I am vering towards the iphone, but the poor camera does worry me, still will go to the phone shop at the weekend and get my hands on one and see how it feels.
  21. nigsy


    Cheers, Like the sound of the Nokia, always had a sony errikson, but sony really need to up their game in this part of the market.
  22. Hi guys, It's phone upgrade time for me, and this time I'm thinking of going for an IPhone. have any of you got one? Are they really as good as the hype? Are there better alternatives? I need convincing....
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