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  1. I'd give them a ring....they can test the speed to the router and some other tests as well.
  2. Welcome back!! Giving up folding at the moment....My Linux setup is not supported so until I upgrade some parts i'm down.
  3. Maybe there's a power setting in BIOS? I know there's wake on LAN etc.
  4. Hi; What are the pc specs and what version of windows do you have running? 65 sounds fairly reasonable but there maybe some background stuff we could turn off. If it's just for internet and email it might be worth looking at a Linux install - Mint Lite is good for old laptops.
  5. Here you go: https://www.smartsysinc.com/blog/wireless-access-points-vs-mesh-network I have WAP in my house; also consider a 'Homeplug' solution.
  6. Hi; it means that your system cant find any valid security certificates / ciphers and has hit the end of it's list to check. Have you tried with the AV turned off? or can you whitelist the site in AVG?
  7. Happy birthday Bud!! Hope you have a good one
  8. Happy Birthday..hope you have a good one!!
  9. If the issue is linked to 'Restart' and not a full shutdown it could point to a myriad of things!!. First look up the difference between the 2 power off options as they run completely differently the main one being that 'Shutdown' writes the Kernel settings to memory to allow 'Fast Start' to run where as 'restart' kills all services and also shuts the windows kernel down without saving settings so when it reboots it's fully clean start. This might help you narrow down the issue as it could be Kernel related or one of the other services kept awake by shutdown.
  10. Hey; hope you had a good one!
  11. Cheers Bud. Bit of a quiet one, getting old now!!
  12. Every day's a school day bud!!
  13. Hi; As I said in my 1st post; these files are usually encrypted to a specific user. In this case I think the encryption is linked to the original samsung device - you may be able to open it on another Samsung device but I doubt it. You could try and get clever with it and see if it opens with WinZip (I know this sounds strange - bear with me) as all .docx files are basically zipped files containing the html and a wrapper; you might be then able to extract the text into a html editor (Notepad ++) and save as a word doc.
  14. SDOCX is a Secure Document Format - Not sure why Samsung note would use it as it was developed for Oracle!! Might be worth trying to open it using Open Office (Not Libre Office) as this is owned by Oracle. The issue is the 'S' bit of the word document is an encrypted authorisation linked to specific users - Probably coded to your Galaxy; I doubt whether they would open on another Samsung device either.
  15. Adobe gave 3 years notice of this. Flash is not secure, buggy, needs extra work to embed on web pages....the list goes on - Basically HTML5 has superceeded it. Not sure about embeded flash players for software but for websites this is good news.
  16. @Tx Redneck The law of unintended consequences - It seems that if you copy and paste or quote an old post the automatic text color is the same as the new background. I've edited one of your posts on PCmatic help and set the font to white as the reply looked blank!!
  17. Toggle switch activated Sir!! That's much better!
  18. It would be good to have a choice of themes in the user settings.
  19. Happy birthday bud. Hope you have a good one.
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