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  1. Happy Birthday lorriehe! Haven't seen you around for a while...but have a good one. The lights are still on and the doors' open!!
  2. Going away for a few days next week so folding rig will be down. @Tx Redneck Also won't be around for Admin duty
  3. Hiya Bob. What type of TV do you have? Most new smart TVs are blutooth enabled and you shouldn't need anything additional to pair your hearing aids. If It's not blutooth enabled you will need a transmitter so yep...anywhere from $150 upwards.
  4. Great news!! Now make sure you have a secondary backup option!!
  5. All the best...have a good one....and maybe some of this...
  6. I think the drive is dead. But you said the drives were in RAID1 so the mirrored drive should contain all the data, unless both have failed. Hence why I have an external backup to my RAID setup.
  7. Is SDE4 the drive you are having issues with? If it is Ubuntu can see it - Try Photorec as previously advised - It should be in the Ubuntu repository if not look here for instructions: https://www.journaldev.com/37328/photorec-recover-deleted-files-in-linux-ubuntu
  8. Never heard of EXT2FSD; have you tried Photorec as suggested by both me and TX? Can Ubuntu see the drive you are trying to repair; you may need to mount the drive - Use gparted for this in ubuntu
  9. Have you tried a different mouse?? Just replaced mine, very simmilar symtoms, eg. clicking on things not working, trying to highlight text just wouldn't do it... New mouse, problem gone.
  10. By the time they add cheer leaders, popcorn and get the who to perform between overs, half of America will pay
  11. Not my fault, Mc Donalds made me do it
  12. If I run the hot water tap (left side) the water is anti-clockwise, the cold tap, the water goes clockwise. There are a lot of variables that control which way the water goes down, least of them the correolis effect. And every full moon, the bathwater is higher at the end of the bath furthest from the tap, that would be lunar pull then...
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