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  1. Before you go playing with things...have a look here: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-share-files-and-printers-without-homegroup-windows-10 See if this makes life easier!!
  2. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Bluetooth-Mouse-Windows-Tablets/dp/B00JUHDYSO
  3. makes sense. I think a hammer would sort the issue!
  4. 5 options.....root that bad boy!! and install a lighter custom ROM. The reality is, the specs on that phone are not powerful enough to run the latest Android OS and give you a good user experience; the internal memory will struggle with the latest OS (11) with some users of the BETA release reporting up to 16gb of space being reserved for system. I'm with TX - if you can afford it, and it's an option; upgrade your phone.
  5. The SE201 is the HDD model number - It's a Hitachi drive - The SVEN is a totally different product. Like you though i 'm curious to know exactly how it's been encrypted? We use USB encryption at work - So the encryption code on the external drive looks for the unlock code from a thumbdrive - a bit like the old CISCO VPN number generators. Even with encryption - Does Boot and Nuke not do the trick?
  6. OK; I've got it folding on my work laptop. No way to choose to fold for COVID so I've left it on 'Any disease'
  7. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your lock down and have a beer!!
  8. Blue screens are normally caused by driver conflicts; damaged file system or failing hardware - so PCMatic probably isn't going to help. Can you post the error code when it happens? There should be a log stored under 'Event Viewer' and
  9. Bloomin 'eck Kurts back as well. This self isolation is pushing you all back to the Pit Good to see you Bud!
  10. Hey.....Welcome back!!
  11. Always remembered.....I'll raise a beer to your memory later bud!
  12. Hey.. I recently used this piece of software to switch a HDD for a SDD. Simply put the SDD in a external USB doock and cloned the HDD - Then just installed the SSD into the laptop. Perfect all files and setting etc; so no having to reinstall things or dig around for license keys!! https://forums.pcmatic.com/topic/209453-clonezilla-hard-drive-cloning-software/?tab=comments#comment-1819677
  13. SWF is a flash file......try opening it with IE or Chrome.....but only open it if you are sure it came from a trusted source.
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