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  1. Hey hey.....Happy birthday hope you have a good one buddy.
  2. Happy birthday have a good one
  3. Download the following: https://www.filehorse.com/download-media-player-classic-64/ https://www.filehorse.com/download-klite-codec-pack/ See if it will run with those - I does't look like a codec problem but it might be. Is it just media files that error? It may be worth trying a different USB stick or reformatting your current one.
  4. I'm thinking after nearly 18 months he's got the issue fixed.
  5. All the best; hope you have a good day
  6. Try clearing your browser cookies / cache or try an different browser.
  7. If it's your current system then the issue is not with the Site itself. I can access the link no issues whatsoever. May be you need to add pcmatic.com to your whitelist or something in Bitdefender?
  8. By Default windows installs to the C:/ - All programmes will install there. If you get the option to do a custom install and not accept default setting when installing you can change the drive to your HHD (I'm assuming the SSD is C:/?). Not all software will play nicely though if you do this. Better off with a decent size SSD and use the higher capacity HHD for files, music etc.
  9. Just the one. The world doesn't need any more worries at the moment!! He's 19 in September, but I deleted 18 years of photos!!
  10. Ha ha!! Photo rec saved my life when I wiped my entire PC by accident (rm -r*) in linux!! As my backup drive was connected at the time the comand deleted the lot - 18 years of my sons photos etc. Photrec recovered the whole lot.
  11. Audacity is the best freeware out there for what you are trying to do. As for stereo mix - Unless you are running an old win98 machine that shouldn't be an issue! But just in case: https://appuals.com/how-to-restore-missing-stereo-mix-on-windows-10/
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