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  1. Sounds like you've tried all I would suggest; just to confirm you've also used netsh winsock reset (and restart) also netsh int ip reset (and restart).Just to rule things out have you uninstalled and reinstalled the network card / checked drivers? also
  2. Happy birthday - Have a good day!!
  3. Hi; Welcome back!! Things have slowed down on here over the last few years. Still have the regulars and lost a few more but we are still here to help where we can. N.
  4. I thought the OP was referring to a full 'brand new setup' - Yep the whole Cortana thing; sitting for ages while the screen flashes 'Hi' in several colors is annoying!! - That's why I use Linux
  5. You shouldn't need to! The only possible time is when it does a full OS upgrade; even then your old settings etc should remain; unless you have selected to do a clean install. Normal updates shouldn't require this.
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=why+do+uploaded+photos+appear+%3Bandscape&oq=why+do+uploaded+photos+appear+%3Bandscape&aqs=chrome..69i57j33.9806j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Take your pick of answers!!
  7. I'm taking a punt that after 11 years this is fixed!! - Thanks for the Spam link, and you're banned.
  8. Great piece of spam - Banned.
  9. I used to upgrade these years ago!! Used to by obsolete stock from companies that were upgrading their IT. I would stick a nice Linux Distro on there; Mint would work well on it. Upgrading parts is difficult but not impossible - It will probably use DDR2 ram - ebay is your friend there. You could pick up a cheap SSD drive for more speed. The issue as Tx eludes to is graphics - It's a while since I've played with these old DELLs but i know a lot of the hardware was designed specifically to fit the case so you will need to check the physical space available for graphics upgrades;
  10. I'm guessing after 2 years this has been sorted - Or maybe not as he's not posted a response?? - Anyway thanks for the spam link - And you're banned.
  11. 1st thing is your BIOS up to date? Might be worth flashing with the latest version. Are you installing matched pairs of RAM? I guess you've done a simple CMOS reset with the new config?
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