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  1. Thanks all, I just ended up completely installing a new version of XP on this machine. Glad to hear someone got "rid" of this thing.
  2. Thanks phat420man, but I couldn't find seli.exe in the startup. Foud the other instances in windows & windows\prefetch. Found one instance in the registry. Funny, the file name in the windows\prefetch was not the same as yours. Maybe I'm missing something here, can you elaborate on the nomenclature of your registry entries that you found....and what exactly showed up in the startup? pcnpbrian
  3. Thanks guys for all your help! This thing seems to get random, I mean you do not get the same thing on two or more machines. I'll try the "seli" solution and keep tracking....
  4. Right, edited as per your request. Thanks and sorry 'bout that!
  5. Messenger may be the culprit. I just talked with my customer and she said that the MMOV window has not popped up, that means that "project1" does not restart and killing it in TM stops the pop up.
  6. None of these get it. Actually, this machine was running Win 2K and I ran Spybot S&D V. 1.4 and I thought I got it, but when I upgarded to Win XP it was still there.
  7. Try these links and see if you think we are talking about the same thing http://cyro.cs-territories.com/blog/2005_0...ro_archive.html http://forums.designtechnica.com/archive/i...php/t-8017.html http://forums.designtechnica.com/archive/i...php/t-8057.html I hope the solution is as easy as you say, I will not know until tomorrow AM when I get back to the customer's PC Thanks again
  8. Right, followed this......not the same symptoms. I have has no error messages like this, just the pop up MMOV window. Also, other users are now reporting that the propmts, if followed, will promote other sites. "bigoffice.com" etc,
  9. I do not think this is the same problem. I have researched this deeper and there are people all over the globe that are just recently getting this problem. I will try this solution on the infected computer in the AM an post results. Thank you. P.S. Try searching Project1 virus and you'll see many HJT logs.
  10. This was firsrt discovered by a pop up blank window titled "MMOV" in top left, later you will get various small windows to click OK. Don't!!!!! A link to http://ran[Dot]popupper[Dot]com takes you to an uninstall program that does not work. If you look in your task manager you will see Project 1 running, end it and the pop ups should stop. Project 1 will start when you start windows. If you end it, there is no indication it will start again. There have been a few posts about this virus, but no solutions. Norton and McAfee appear to be clueless as of yet. Apparently the Beta version of MS Pop Up spyware finds it, but whether it kills it is unknown. It seems to be a tough one! Brian @ PC's in Paradise
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