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    fatal1ty an8sli athalon 64 3200+ 1 gig ocz platinum ddr3200 ocz 520 watt psu evga 7800gt 120sata seagate/80ata maxtor and still changes to come
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  1. well i tried the thing out ....dont notice any real performance gain. now on boot up everything halts at the welcome screen with a beep....ctrl alt del to finish boot, still havent figure out the exact problem. a scan with panda said it had some adware attached so its gone.. edit: another problem i just noticed is i cant update windows from m$ site. error message that the administrator has disabled updates, stand alone machine and lone user
  2. of course disc speed will be the biggest part of data transfer...does sata have any limits on disc speed? sata has a higher rate of transfer than ata. ata being what bigphillyed is considering
  3. i'm not 100% sure what rpm limits sata have but transfer rates of ata are limited to 133MBs where as sata standard is 150. i dont know if sataII is available yet but its double that. as for raid...in a striped mode you write to 2 drives at the same time doubling your transfer rate in theory. in real nubmbers its a little less than double but not a whole lot
  4. hey cool looking setup. i just built a system similar to what your doing....then i made a few upgrades . first a ocz modstream 520 psu to replace the stocker....then i went from 6800 gt to 7800 gt, now i begining to think i should of bucked up and got the gtx...live and learn. still only have 1. then the extra length of the 7800 the case was totally cramped so i got a bigger screwless case.... i pulled out the mobo mount and screwed my board in.....last but not least i'm waiting for zalman's new reserator water cooling...i know its probably not the best cooler but its the quietest and i'm real
  5. ummmm...aaahhhhh..naw gotta leave that 1 alone..
  6. hi was just checkin out the team list i'm on team 2....you've got me listed as having a stock speed of 11x200 for 2200 ....really its 10 x200 for 2000...dont have an 11 multiplier...and video is 7800gt evga other than that i all in. when all the scores have to be in?
  7. dont know if this is the right ball park but someone with an admin log on couldnt have added it to a fire wall, explorer or other software restricted list as opposed to allow list?
  8. is 70 no damage 30 opps...if so i'm ready to charge ahead. if the other way i'll just wade in....lol. either way i used to race 1/4 mile cars and squeezing out extra preformance is 2nd nature to me....on the race track breaking stuff is almost expected and breakage is measured in cubic dollars so while im not rich nor wasteful i came in expecting a lot more risks so as long as i can figure out when to boost voltage to regain stability with higher speed setting and bigger multipliers i may not do near the damage i expected
  9. no i hadnt see that before...i think its about the easiest step by step guide i've see....thanks
  10. well i went out and check on my water cooling kit...its on the way and picked up a ocz psu as well as 2 x 512 ocz platinum ram....the guy told me that my asus mobo would gain better performance with ram that would run tighter timing as opposed to higher speed??? then i talked myself into trading up a step to a 6800 series vid card...so i'm going to jump on the learning curve and hopefully when the new pieces arrive i'll know enough to really mess stuf up....lol...either way is 7 or 8 days enough time to be a worthy competitor in the great forum challenge
  11. i like the guide the more i read different guides the more familiar its becoming...whats a real drag is the terminology. my asus a8v-e delux has ltd up/down bus widh and freq. the list goes on with vlink peg data pe0 pe3....ect the book that comes with it gives a list of the different adj and the value you can choose with the odd one that has vauge hits as to what it is. the more things i take off auto the more choice i get ...and the company web site is little help, never tried a direct email query .....i guess the best thing would be to learn how to search effectively....i would really like
  12. was that for hs and fan? more than double for water....makes me think twice ...i still have to go water i cant stand the fan noise...even with quieter fans alot of noise is generated by the added voloume of air rush thru the grills ect. as well im giving oveerclock a serious go this time and i figure 2 first time efforts aught to produce some excitement .....any bets will i burn it up or short it out.....what kind of odds should there be..... :crash:
  13. know what i bet not......so i'll go and either get 1 or order it today........just know your gonna tell me that the memmory i have isnt anything better than average.....oh well i knew the nice man was shoveling the doo doo....it's kingston ddr 3200...the vid card is geforce...the psu i can do no problem hopeing the ram will pass.....it will have to at this point
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