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  1. How come everyone trusts Hamas so much? I for one am worried (and a little angry) that they got into power. Just because they got into the politcs game legit doesnt mean that they will suddenly become all honest and play nice, in my opinion the opposite is true.
  2. Yeah, well like I said, I think murder is worse, but everyone has their own opinion and you obviously fell very strongly about this. The point I was making was about capital punishment. I hate it and believe that it is wrong for one person to scentance another to death.
  3. Murder is a terrible thing, and is a crime. There are however, certain circumstances that I believe make murder acceptable (world war 2 for exmple). This was not such a circumstance, the murderer got what he deserved. Anyway, murder is worse than child malestation IMO.
  4. No, but thats different. I respect any choice a person makes as long as it doesnt hurt anyone else that would have a genuine reason to be hurt by tht choice. That is to say, if someone went into a shop and chose not to buy somethin, and the shopkeeper felt hurt, i wouldnt care, i respect that persons choice not to buy anything, even though it hurt someone. however if someone kills someone, thats just obviously wrong, and i dont respect such a choice. Basically, I hate being told what to do. i want everyone to be free to do what ever they want (no, not murder, rape, identity scam, s
  5. Yeah thats wht I mean. Im not saying you can just say ":filtered: you, im gonna sit around getting wasted all day through my teen years, then you can pay for my education later" For example, say I didnt want an education, so i didnt go to school, who are you to judge me? its not my fault you have to pay your precious tax dollars for an education I dont want, its not a personal insult at all, i would just be trying to do what i want to do. i'd be trying to be free. What if i just wanted to live like an animal, eating stuff off trees and building a crappy hut out of sticks? If i want
  6. perhapsbut again that seems unfair. Why can't a parent just respect their childs wishes? Just because she doesnt want to live an affluen lifestyle doesnt mean her prents should disown her, thats ridiculous. on the other hand, I do accept that if the girl does want to have a good job, then she should be taught that by her parents, she should understand that she needs to work hard to get a good job. If she genuinely doesnt want a good job though, she should be free to do whatever the hell she wants (within the law of course). Life is short, and not everyone wants to waste it working h
  7. Seems unfair to me. What if she didnt wan to work hard or spend all her time studying?What if she wanted a minimum wage job? What if she didnt even want that?, What if she wanted to be a hobo? She's 14 afterall, and very capable of making such decisions for herself. i did well in school, and i'm now in college (college in UK is not the safe thing as in america) so i dont really know this situation too well, but i have mates who didnt want to do well in school, they cut school, messed around and had fun, and thats how they wanted it. Now they are happy in their minimum wage jobs, and
  8. download? the origional norton internet security 2004 was on my comp when i got it. I installed NAV 2005 with a cd, just like you would a game. I didnt download anything. (except updates and stuff)
  9. Thats a good idea, but norton internet security 2004 (outdated) came with my pc, i dont have it on disk, so if i uninstall it i cant get it back without doing a system resore. Could i just disable norton internet security 2004 permenantly, and use zone alarm?
  10. So you are saying that false positives are likely with this tool? because up to now, ive had 3 false positives with this tool. It told me i had CWS.msconfig which is kinda hard to remove (for me) and i spent ages trying to "remove"it, but it would always be detected by CWShredder. Eventually, I looked up CWS.msconfig, and i found that i had none of the symptoms, so it must have been a mistake.
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