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    HP Pavillion a1030e AMD athlon 64 3300+ operating 2.4GHZ 1GB DDR 160GB 7200 RPM Sata HD 256MB DDR NVIDIAGEFORCEX55000 DVI&TV-OUT 48x CD-RW/DVD Combo
  1. Wow i totally agree. I have both Mac and PC . The PC SUXS !!! How great is MAC that i still have a G4 and it works great like the day i bought it..I just bought a PC a year ago a HP Pavillion a 1030 e (windows XP) not happy with it plus i spend $3000. for what!. To navigate and toggle through windows is cumbersome. If you want to force quit in Windows its a pain in the ! Now i hardly use the interenet on the PC because i was getting viruses like crazy and the anti-viral software i had didnt clean up all the viruses. Why spent so much money on Software if it doesnt work ! I even have problems with Itunes on the PC. And the worst part is the CD Burner I cant burn cds or even load cds anymore .Plus to troubleshoot and fix a problem takes for ever and if you are stuck and have to call customer support they dont even know what to do. As for the MAC,Software ,Hardware and virus protection is better.MACS lasts . I have the same MAC for years works great and i can upgrade the OS and it doesnt take alot of memory .Never hard software corrupt, no Viruses and the hardware is still intact.How can you have a PC for a year and it falls apart .Only a year and the CD-Writer/DVD-Rom Combo doesnt work . So know i have to put more $$$ to fix it! As a designer/animator sorry everyone Mac kicks .Its a better investment for a computer that lasts.
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