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  1. Well, neither one did it. One made it worse and the other was the same as my old setting (32120 KB) and produces the same results as before I purchased Optimize. I even tried resetting to the windows defaults and then running Optimize and it still made it over 1000k worse. Can I get my money back for Optimize since it does the opposite of what it promises?
  2. Thanks bluescout, but that doesn't really address my point. I just paid $30 for software that makes it worse. I did everything in my above post in 15 minutes. I just redid the whole scenario with restore points and the results were exactly the same. Optimize makes it worse. I'm not happy.
  3. My download speeds have been averaging 3770. I downloaded the free optimize scan and ran it. It told me there was a whole bunch of things it could fix including 6 values to tweak in the registry for better performance. So I pay the 30 bucks and run the fix and restart. Now I can't even hit a 3000 dl speed. Ackk. I created a restore point right before I ran the fix. After I saw the dl speed go down, I restored to the point I had just created and dl speed went right back up to almost 4000. FYI.. I'm supposed to be getting a 6mb download speed. Comcast is giving me a smokescreen. T
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