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  1. I am using the stock cooler on the card. Temperatures tend to peak around 160F (71C), and idle around 125F (51C). I've never tweaked my BIOS settings much (outside of disabling floppy and changing the boot order). However, I looked around a bit and didn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary. I don't overclock my hardware, so OC settings were default. On the way out, I loaded BIOS defaults and then changed what I normally change (no floppy, boot order). If it doesn't crash within a week, I would say the BIOS reset fixed it. I've not exactly hopeful though.
  2. Hello, I have been having issues with my main system (test results link) for a little over a month now. It all started when my old video card--EVGA 8800GT Superclocked--started having issues in 3D games. You can view how that worked out in a thread on my forums. In short, as soon as I brought up any 3D application I was met with low frame rates that were quickly followed by crashes. I eventually began having trouble on the desktop, and BSODs made the system unusable. A fresh Vista install did not remedy the problem. So, about a month and a half ago I got my new card--an XFX 9800GTX+--and shortly after I began having a different issue. Its only been happening in-game so far. When the issue occurs, it typically goes like this: Screen suddenly goes blank. Monitor reports no signal. (Sometimes) whatever last sound was playing will loop forever. CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn't do anything. Hitting the reset button on the PC doesn't fix the problem--the screen still says blank. The only way to bring the system back up is to hit the power button (turn it off) then turn it back on. On boot, Windows reports it wasn't shut down properly. I have tried a number of things to figure out what the issue was, including (in no particular order): Using driver cleaner to remove all NVIDIA drivers and then reinstalling them. Downgrading from Windows Vista SP2 to Windows Vista SP1. These crashes appear to be mostly random. The only thing that is consistent is that it only happens while I'm playing a game (such as Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, or Half-Life 2). The timing seems random. I can go on a gaming spree for a very long period of time without issue one day, and another day it will crash within the first half-hour of playing. I am out of ideas here, is there anything you could suggest I try before I RMA the card (and have to go without my main machine for upwards of a week)? Edit: I also forgot to mention, that I typically run [email protected] on the GPU while I'm not gaming. This doesn't seem to cause any crashes.
  3. Could this have anything to do with me having 6 WUs waiting to go to Stanford?
  4. At the very least I need to get windows installer working again.
  5. There is only light damage. But my guess is that something important is damaged. When I put the CD in, Explorer doesn't even see it. I click the CD Drive and Explorer opens up the drive, but nothing is there. Edit: The label for the CD is not displayed either.
  6. On my machine, it is already disabled.
  7. Not good. My XP CD wasn't recognized because it is damaged. Am I simply sol or is there hope?
  8. I looked, but the key I have already matches what the article suggests.
  9. Yes that's what I saw when I Googled before posting. I was hoping for a simpler method.
  10. I'm having problems with Windows Installer so I tried running sfc /scannow. It tells me that files need to be replaced, I put my XP Pro CD into the drive, but sfc does not recognize it as my XP Pro CD (Why?). I don't see any reason why this isn't working I would really appreciate any help ASAP because I need to reinstall OpenOffice.Org to finish a report I'm working on. :help:
  11. Yeah I found that one on Google. It doesn't work, it will only convert 50% of the file unless you pay for it.
  12. Now I need something to convert the .asf files from my partner's camera. Please help!
  13. For school, I need to make a newscast (complete with graphics and a jingle). I also need to make an advertisement (will need to make graphics). I've tried mussing around with Windows Movie Maker (with not much result). I'd appreciate any recommendations you have to offer.
  14. Using a good disk defragmenter is the easiest way to improve your boot speeds as well as overall system performance and stability. Most of us around here will recommend Diskeeper Lite 9. An explanation how how to obtain Diskeeper Lite 9 can be found HERE
  15. Is this a bad time to suggest Thunderbird?
  16. The photoshield looks like a piece of plexiglass bowed out from the license plate lettering. It would save you money to use a bowed piece of plexiglass, it will probably only take a bit more determination.
  17. Please post a pit test for us. It will give us the info we need to work on your problem. Here's How to Post a Pit Test
  18. Have you tried working with a different P2P client? Such as Limewire [Gnutella] or Shareaza [Gnutella1, eD2k, gnutella2, and BitTorrent].
  19. It sounds like a router or firewall problem. Do you have a router or firewall? Please post a Pit Test for us by following the instructions here.
  20. I use Shareaza, it combines eD2k, Gnutella1, Gnutella2, and BitTorrent into one application. Somehow, people can connect to me through my router.
  21. I recently downloaded the F.E.A.R. torrent on a router. I had no problems. At the very worst, people won't be able to download from you.
  22. I would recommend OpenOffice.org it comes with a bunch of other freeware Microsoft replacements too (word and excel)
  23. Fraps can also be used to measure frame rates if that's what your'e looking for.
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