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  1. For example: "firefox.exe has generated errors and will be shut down by Windows. An error log is being created." Usually, they are loading a webpage of clicking a link when it happens. I have already fixed those problems, but I'll update the test results anyways. Windows Media Player crashes sometimes too.
  2. I've been having major problems with program instability lately. The main programs are: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and OpenOffice.org. My techexpress link shows my systems specs. I would appreciate any help.
  3. Avast supposedly has 100% detection of "In-the-wild" viruses. Why not choose that one? (Let's not forget fully-automatic updates)
  4. Sometimes during the upload test, Kerio Personal Firewall wil warn me that Internet Explorer is attempting to create an Outgoing Connection sometimes however, after clicking allow, I get a BSOD saying something about by ethernet drivers. This may just be an error on behalf of kerio, but the test may need a looking over.
  5. Ah yes, society's double-standard: A man whose had sex with 3 beautiful women at once is a PIMP While a woman who sleeps with 3 handsome men at once is a HOE As for my opinion, as long as no STDs were contracted and nothing atrocious happened I don't really mind. What's in a girl's past should remain there unless she chooses to discuss it with me. Note: After posting I realized the person above me said the same thing. . . maybe I should have read the whole topic
  6. I was surfing newegg looking for good deals on quality RAM when I came across this. It seems like good RAM and the reviewers would agree it seems. Has anyone had any experience with this particular Company and it's products? What do you guys think? It all seems good to me, and unless someone gives me reason not to, I will probably buy it.
  7. Are you using the drivers from the manufacturer's website? If drivers directly from the manufacturer do not work, it may be a hardware-related problem. :crash:
  8. A Reinstall of Windows 2000 will most likely fix your problem
  9. maybe something similar would happen like in the movie: The Day After Tomarrow. It deals with the same sort of guld streat weakening. I would like to see it happen. We are fully capable of surviving an ice age.
  10. I do not see why there would be a legitimate reason to remove PC Pitstop. Maybe he was mistaken that it was spyware, as some web sites have similar programs that are full of spyware. Even the best make mistakes. unfortunately, I don't use xsoft/don't know what it is. So I couldn't tell you if it was spyware or not.
  11. Yes that is my motherboard. . . I've got 7 expansion slots. All I really need to know is. . . will it hold either of these two motherboards? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131549 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131512
  12. After download and installing Everest, I used it to check my temps, when I noticed something strange. Sometimes it didn't show my CPU temp at all, sometimes it showed it around 107C and a second or two later, it shows somewhere around 7C. This makes no sense at all, in my BIOS it shows a steady temperature of about 52C. So, that means my temperature sensor isn't broke right? It must be something wrong with Everest, why would it show these temps? 107C would certainly fry my CPU and it's impossible [on air cooling at least] for it to jump down to 7C less than a second later.
  13. It currently holds a [crappy] PC Chips/ECS Motherboard (which has the processor soldered directly onto it which is why I'm buying a new one) I plan to put in an ATX motherboard, this one most likely. I've had a hard time finding out info about my motherboard, as I received it [and the rest of the computer] for free from a program at my younger brother's school. I have established that it is an AMD-Based motherboard manufactured by PC Chips/ECS with onboard graphics and sound, and two DDR RAM slots. Does anything about that say ATX to you? I did some digging and found this picture of it, sadly from the front.
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