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  1. I think it might be possible the file on your Diablo CD may be damaged as well. Is your CD still in good shape or no? Edit: Now that I think about it, I think if you create a Blizzard Account at http://battle.net/login you can add your Diablo CD Key to the games you own. From there, you might be able to get Diablo as a digital download from the Blizzard website. I know they do this with Warcraft 3, Starcraft, and Diablo II--all games I have on their system. I think it is likely they do it for Diablo as well.
  2. I've come across a number of excellent Free Software Fonts over the past few months and I thought I would share them with you guys. All of them are freely licensed, and embeddable without restrictions. The details vary (check the license included in the packages), but that is pretty much the gist of it. I generated all of these previews using ImageMagick and a script, so bear in mind they'll (probably) look a bit better (less jagged, mostly) on your screen, and they'll all look good in print. Also, all of them boast support of large portions of unicode (meaning they have characters for >900
  3. That might actually work on a few of them.
  4. Aye, but sometimes it is hard to get the "helping humanity" part across to them. They hear you start talking about proteins and misfolding and the like, and eyes glaze over. That is why I'm seeking insight here. College Hill.
  5. After my long period of being away from these forums (I've still been folding though!). I return to ask my fellow folders, how do you guys recommend I get my friends to fold? I haven't made any serious attempts at getting them to fold (yet), but I plan to, and it would be good to have some extra ammunition for convincing them to fold. These guys are gamers (good computers), and I imagine their biggest fear would be that they would take a performance hit, they may also find the initial setup [somewhat] intimidating. How would/do you go about convincing others to fold? The major poi
  6. I was looking at the CCleaner forums the other day, when I saw that by creating a file named "winapp2.ini" and placing it in your CCleaner folder, you could add applications for CCleaner to remove junk files from. To test how much this would free, I ran CCleaner with winapp2.ini not added, and then I ran it with winapp2.ini added. Winapp2.ini allowed for the removal of 50MB more junk files! When you add winapp2.ini to your CCleaner folder, when you run CCleaner, go to the "Applications" tab, and the applications added by winapp2.ini will show up there. Simply check the entries you would
  7. Don't forget to configure your BT client of choice to work with 50 connections instead of the standard 10.
  8. For me: Max Speeds Before: ~250Kb/s Max Speeds After: ~700Kb/s A major improvement for me.
  9. I saw a speed increase in both upload and download speeds. Thanks!
  10. This one is for my fellow tinfoil hat wearers out there. Do you have personal data on your Hard Drive or USB drive? That data is available to anyone with access to that device. To prevent would-be information thieves, use TrueCrypt (based on Encryption for the Masses) to hide your data. It has both Linux and Windows versions! Reasons to use TrueCrypt: - It's free and open source! - Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk. - Encrypts an entire hard disk partition or a storage device such as USB flash drive. - Encryption is automatic, real-tim
  11. Mozilla Speaketh: http://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/tips#oth_pipelining
  12. I did notice a speed increase! Would someone mind explaining to me what this does exactly?
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