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    6+ years old HP pavillion: 500MHz: 9.45gig HD: 256MB ram(upgraded from 64): 1 reg CD drive: Basically ancient junk ---------OR--------- 4 year old gateway 1.5GHz; 512 ram; 40gig HD; 80gig HD slave: CD drive; CD-RW/R drive; not quite as ancient as the other
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  1. I've got Vista in my laptop and I highly suggest you just stick with XP for now. In a year or so when there is better overall compatibility with Vista then you might want to go for it. But right now there are still lots of issues with Drivers and such for vista.
  2. i have an old mac IIsi; 20 mhz of processing power baby!
  3. i dont have a question, just a statement of anger about my regular folding. i just need to finish one. my last 3 have all crashed. so i dont even have my name on the active folders list anymore. Hopefully the current one in the works will be ready in a couple of days or so.
  4. Congrats Champion Munch for making it into the 20,000 points section!
  5. i enjoyed his shows, and no matter what others might say about him (not to name names...) i think he was a funny guy and an overall pretty good guy. I feel for his kids because its extremely hard to deal with death of a parent at any age but especically for children so young. RIP Steve. Many will miss you.
  6. why dont you try deleting the pitstop cookie and then when you log in again you will get a new one.
  7. i'm just about always folding 24/7... just goes to show how much better an X2 is then a 1.5 ghz willamete core P4
  8. your back in front of me now, nothing to worry about I was happy to get that 600 pointer, unlike the 36 which only give about 40ish ppd the 600 point gromac actually got about 100 ppd
  9. wow, this is a very strange thread to just come into... speaking of cheese...
  10. yea, like really big mistakes. but you cant easily fix them once you make them. So you have to be really good at doing it. you need to roughly know how to... 1)diagnose problem 2)knowing how to fix it 3)knowing how to explain it so that a worm could figure out how to do it. It takes practice. trust me. I tried, but then found out that you need to invest a good bit of time into it and it was time i didn't have.
  11. yea, actually in the next two weeks i will only be folding part time. because at one point or another my family will all be on vacation also.
  12. when my dads compact flash card for his camera got corrupted i used killdisk to wipe it. then (if i remember correctly) when i put it back in the camera the camera reformated it. Any pictures on there were lost (well maybe not gone completely because data has this thing for staying around... but for regular files sake it was gone) I dont know of any way to wipe then reformat and still have an easy/cheap way to recover the data. If you felt like spending enough $$ then i'm sure the pictures could probably be recovered.
  13. im with ya there. i rarely wander into PD. i take too long in a debate and am not really good at it anyway. Not biased and opinionated enough the day when Bruce leaves will be the when the forum truely dies... (IMO anyway)
  14. Dont cheat yourself of points, your ALU from crystalmark is actually 23206. Hey its 4 whole points! Your total is actually 112604 anyways its entered now
  15. thats great! my old 500 mhz celery keeps starting over on the latest Wu it has. and for its weak power it sure got a big one. i will take like 2 months :0 so i might just end up moving it over to my other PC.
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