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  1. Sorry I'm a scatterbrain. If you have 32 bit drivers installed it will cause you problems if you're running a 64 bit system on certain devices like video cards, audio drivers, mobo driver. (Possibly your gaming problem) Another one that I've encountered is Logitechs setpoint program. One of my solutions was just uninstalling it and running fine.
  2. If you're using a 64 bit 32 bit would cause more problems. This does sound like you might have the wrong drivers for your video card though. I had something like this happen to me when using XP a few years ago. The drivers on the video cards disc were wrong, updated through the website problem went away. I know you're on Vista but just a tip. I just noticed you're using Vista Home. Crysis has a huge problem running on Vista Home (Even Vista Ultimate) I'm not sure if anyone else has suggested this, but ending all other processes (including sidebar) doesn't solve the problems? Are you using setpoint or something similiar for a logitech device? (Their programs like to have little popups come up and kill fullscreen mode)
  3. Odd Promo code was working yesterday might of expired by now though. The second monitor you linked is essentially the other one without a webcam, good specs if you're intrigued by it.
  4. 22 Inch Asus Monitor For 199.99 after $20 mail in rebate. Built in Webcam and audio. An idea for maybe your "main" monitor http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...-_-NA-_-NA-_-NA Use Code: EMCAKBGAE for additional $40 off
  5. There are 2 TripleHeads that I see one with DVI and one with VGA connections. So to extend you would simply need to buy a longer VGA or DVI cable. Not really extension just longer cords.
  6. I have a dual set up myself, with the ability to install 2 more monitors (4 in total) However I do not use any sort of box or converter, I have 2 SLI compatible video cards. The TripleHead seems like a good idea if your Desktop or Laptop only has 1 video port. Otherwise it seems like it's an additonal power hog from the computers resources. Even with 2 Monitors installed the games that do have the dual setup have the option in video settings and I can have the game stretched across the two. I guess for me, the 250-300 retail the box costs isn't worth it to me when that money can be spent on video cards or monitors to configure. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I was. It wasn't the RAM. Still no idea why memtest failed maybe tonight when I go to sleep I'll leave it running with all 4 sticks in just to make sure. There was an Asus BIOS Beta update. It had no description and didn't say anything about being compatible with Vista 64, and also I was browsing under Vista 64 apps and website even says be very careful when using a Beta well, flashed the Beta BIOS and Vista installed Service Pack 1. Where as before it was just installing 100 updates, it seemed to do it this time in one big file. But yeah now all 4 sticks are in and Vista reads 4GB.
  8. Gargh..still need a bit of assistance. So I tried running memtest with all 4 sticks in. No go it failed. Assuming it might be one of the sticks.. I pull out 1 stick. (Only 3 inside now 1GB each. Vista boots up. About to try to run memtest again with these three in and see if it doesn't fail. Idea is maybe motherboard? But it still boots up to XP 32 bit with all 4 sticks in. Oh yeah all updates are installed. Oh yeah, I'm not the only one with this problem, that's good lol. Still doesn't explain why memtest failed though... http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...1&SiteID=17 Apparently the Beta BIOS update is supposed to resolve this problem even though the info on it said nothing about it...heh well windows is installing another update, hope this goes better.
  9. So there's no other hotfix? Hmm..that kind of blows, maybe my RAM is somehow messed up deep inside...I've updated the BIOS, all the drivers, I think I have like only 2 Vista updates waiting for me at home. By chance know of a good deep scan RAM test? I guess I'll just switch out between the two cards and half hope I find something wrong with one.
  10. Or the best button would be Auto.
  11. Google search found that people have had problems with older systems something about Vista not being able to run and install with more then 3GB inserte and their are hotfixes but they haven't worked so far but I still have a few more updates to do
  12. It didn't like having 4 sticks of RAM in it. Took out 2 and it works like a charm now.
  13. Nope I do not have Vista installed if what you linked me if I'm reading it correct it's stating when I enable that in Vista? This error is occurring during the time I boot from the BIOS off the DVD Original post I said CD but my bad it's a DVD but no I don't have Vista installed this is during installation from DVD.
  14. Update: It was the BETA Bios Update that made it work. Even though the description didn't even mention it...grr. Oh well yay for problem solved. 4GB of Ram up and running. Silly memtest. It's been driving me nuts for a while so maybe someone can help me here. During boot install from DVD it goes through the "Starting Windows" Then blue screen and stop error. Thanks for any and all suggestions Side note: I had it on SLI configuration then I took it off, so technically only 1x card in right now but still same error. Stop error: 0x0000007E (0XFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFF98000E0F598, 0xFFFF98000E0F598) System being installed on: MOBO: Asus A8N-SLI Socket 939
  15. Ah blessed be my old MOBO is fine, and possibly my old video card but I've got the new 512 now so I'm not even trying. After switching out the new case it's up and running finally I haven't tried the old PSU because I got a brand new one and it's much quieter http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...;ci_sku=8330512 So the system is up and running, it was either the case of the PSU doubt it was the PSU but yay problem solved.
  16. After trying out a new Motherboard, PSU, RAM, CPU old and new video card and many different set ups I found the problem. It's awesome that the outside case tests don't work because both motherboards I bought have sensors on them, but I figured it out. It's the case. Case has risers but don't rise high enough I possible shorted out 2 motherboards in this process now I'm going to the store, returning everything buying a new case and trying my old set up. I shall update later.
  17. lol Yep PSU is on, shorted..eh..parts um you'll have to give me a bit to post it all up this just happened I haven't even tried many options it's just been annoying, I think it is the old PSU now I'm going to try to reset CMOS again and go from there.
  18. I bought a new PSU, Mobo, CPU and RAM. Set it all up and now it's not even powering on. Wow today is not my day for computers. I'm about to throw it all out the window.
  19. Wow that sounds like a damn good idea...and come to think of it when I tested it on the laptop I used the VGA connection. Yeah I have the adapter and both cables I'll try switching out the cables when I get home thanks for the great tip. Oh yeah this is the monitor http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...;Tpk=24-009-094
  20. Re-seating it? Um, I've taken it out and placed it back in, but regardless the computer did boot up, Windows Start up sound did go off, so the system was running, just no video, I'm so 99.9% certain it's the MOBO damaged during install or the video card incident besides it was fresh out of warranty gah..I miss my machine.
  21. I did won't power up with everything pull out I believe my MOBO has the sensors on the screws that refuse it to start up unless it's screwed into a base. I've tried to reduce it to the minimum of everything already and no video my conclusion is the MOBO but I have yet to try a new PSU yet.
  22. Funny story, I can't figure out which jumper resets the cmos I removed the battery since last night I'm going to try to put it in but as far as the jumper goes I can't find it in the manual or anywhere on-line how to reset it Update. Well, left the battery out overnight, tried powering up still nothing, I even tried running the Dual Video Card configuration and replugging the monitor in all 4 no video. Going to go to Tigerdirect late afternoon buy a PSU and try it out, if not the only conclusion I can think of is the slot of the first video card is damaged, but then running Dual..I would think the second video card slot would display something, man I hate these non video problems I can work with errors but not when I can't see them.
  23. I'll try swapping out the RAM erm yeah I meant Asus Acer is the monitor yeah it does have a 3 year warranty that expired..last month. Here's to hoping it's something simple Gah.
  24. Oh no I understand what you mean I'll stick to a PSU with a single rail. It's just that I also have Dual SLI and I don't believe the one you posted supports it also What do you mean by Molex to SATA? Pardon my confusion.
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