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  1. Just got off the phone with microsoft. I pressed 0 a few times and it connected me to a person. I was transefered to a "Genuine Advantage" specialist. I told him my issue and gave him my Product Key. He said he searched my exact key on google and it came up and he said it was locked by microsoft. This means that my girlfriend's stepdad actually put on a fake windows 7 on her computer. I really did not think he would do that. It's just weird that I could update it through windows update all the time but this SP1 triggered the not genuine message. He said that if i want to purchase a copy of W7
  2. Just called tech support. It was completely automated because they arent open today. That was useless. Any other ideas for now?
  3. Like I said, When I click "Activate" it just pops up with an error. There's no numbers listed or options. It just takes me to a website and has me download a genuine tool thing which fails to install every time.
  4. We live with her mom and her stepdad and he said it's genuine. I tried to get the number for MS tech support online but it said I would have to pay like $50 bucks or call Dell. I tried to activate it but it keeps coming up with an error message saying it was unable to activate.
  5. So my girlfriend's computer has Windows 7 Ultimate on it. Today the SP1 update popped up in the Windows Update. I have SP1 installed on my netbook with ZERO issues so i said "why not?". So I installed it successfully on her computer but when it rebooted and started loading up the desktop, her wallpaper was gone and its black now with a watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen which says "Windows 7, Build 7600, This copy of windows is not genuine". wth???? I keep her computer up to date with all the windows updates because she neglects it and it has always updated fine. Her stepdad ha
  6. I ran Prime95 last night and it passed all tests. Temp stayed at 69-70C during tests. Stable as stock and only a few degrees C higher then stock.
  7. Update: Tried restarting the comp and windows wouldnt start up. had to run windows restore. This was after i set it at 2.0ghz. So I dropped it back down to 1.9ghz and all is good. I am happy with the extra pep this thing has now and i'm glad I could get some more speed out of this little netbook. i might try to o a little more, like 1.95ghz and see how that goes but 2.0 is definately too much for this thing. Edit: I'm at 1.96ghz right now and i think i'm gonna stay here. temps are at 55-67C while I am typing this right now and when surfing the internet and watching youtube, the temps ha
  8. Idle at stock 1.6ghz was 49-50C. At 2.0ghz and idle its at 54-55C. Seems stable just like it was at 1.9. Are the temps ok for idle (1-5% cpu usage)?
  9. Well, my temps are getting to 68C after watching an HD video on youtube and I had a few things open, load was at 75% - 95% constant for 5-10 minutes. I read online that laptops run hotter anyways. And the limit to where this netbook shuts off from heat is 100C. Am I ok then with my temps reaching 68C after full load for a few minutes? Should I keep going? I had it at 2ghz but didnt check the temps. Edit: seems to like to hang out at 55-59C with minor load at 1.9ghz
  10. I have an Asus eee pc 1015pe netbook with the Intel Atom N450 processor. Just OC'ed it from 1.6ghz to 1.9ghz. Do you guys think I could go further and be safe? Its rock solid right now at 1.9.
  11. Currently using IE9. runs smooth and seems to load up quicker.
  12. My mom and I are T-mobile customers and have been for 6 years. I HATE their service and customer service. We have been having money issues the past few months and our phones have been shut off 3 times so far. I also dislike the phone selection. My area I live in, specifically my neighborhood is terrible for service for all providers but i literally get ZERO service. My girlfreind gets 1 or 2 bars with verizon in my neighborhood. When i had my blackberry i had to use UMA through my wifi or i wouldnt get anything. It broke so now im using some piece of crap tmobile dash which is the worst phone
  13. i've had it since the release date and no problems at all so far
  14. Don't know if this has been posted, but I found this very useful. A nice guide to tweak up Windows 7. Enjoy http://www.computingunleashed.com/speed-up-windows-7-ultimate-guide-to.html
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