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  1. i had this not long ago. pesky little bugger, eh? first read this: http://jayloden.com/block-checker.htm then read this: http://jayloden.com/blockremove.htm cheers! Serious damage to an operating system can result if advice is given by a novice. Forum Members are requested to not post a 'fix' for a HJT log unless you've been educated in the matter, and people seeking help are advised to wait until a Forum Staff Member or a Member of the Trusted HJT Advisor Group has reviewed and approved any advice given here before proceeding any further.
  2. Anyone? I really don't want to format...
  3. Did it. There were no toolbars left, and nothing reappeared. Twas a good idea, though...
  4. S'ok. I was more poking fun than mad. Sorry if I came off as rude.
  5. You didn't read and look at the picture, eh?
  6. I have a recovery CD, but it's one that completely restores everything, as in it formats the C drive. I'd rather not do that. Also, I noticed sometghing on a site I was directed to saying to check out if the problem affects all user accounts, so I activated the Guest account on my computer, and this problem does NOT exist on it. Only my account is affected.
  7. i don't have an XP disc, it was preinstalled. can i use the I386 folder in my C drive?
  8. I don't think that worked... And now two IE windows open all the time, and they're both like...missing stuff... I'm so confused...
  9. So let's see if I can't stump you people today... My Internet Exploder has apparently lost the top menu, address bar, links menu, and standard buttons. As in, they're gone. Completely. I can't bring them back. Maybe they're on vacation over at Firefoxes place. I've included a screenshot for your viewing pleasure: http://www.bloopdiary.com/users/28459/lostbuttons.JPG You can see the right click toolbar menu is open, and all the checks are there, including the blank one which only recently appeared. Also, I cannot uncheck anything. It's almost like the checkmarks are locked by something. I have tried resetting the web settings and I've set all IE options to default, to no avail. I have rebooted approximately 50,475,021 times, to no avail. I've scanned with numerous scanny-type things, such as Adaware, Spybot, Norton, Panda Activescan and a few others, also to no avail. I am officially stumped. Any takers?
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