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  1. Oh don't worry about my reformats. Theyre "special"
  2. If I find a rootkit on an infected machine, I insist on a reformat. Its not so much that I mistrust my own level of skill to remove them, as I mistrust the deviousness of the attacker that put it there (and possibly more besides) in the first place.
  3. heres something that does have something to do with block checker....if you saw my last writeup on this thing, you'll know that it makes a call to a specific website to "establish" if someone is blocking you (even though - er - it doesnt actually seem to work...) but check THIS out, left in one of the comments and prepare to say YE GODS!!!! very loudly... http://www.blockstatus.com/msn/nick-changer :\
  4. Thanks, it's a pleasure to be here
  5. Always keep an eye on Jay Loden's website, as he has done some pretty impressive things where IM is concerned and has created some great fixes. AIMFix is a nifty little tool.
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