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    volt big fish small pond lol
  2. MCC are currently searching the Sri Lankan Team's ancestoral heritage...
  3. Seriously B, outside influences such as $ or a car won't do it. It has to be your decision - not a decision based on third party influences. When the time comes to quit - you'll do it. And you won't need $, cars or patches to do it.
  4. As an ex-smoker.... Money is not the motivator. Stopping comes from within. Until you are ready to quit then nicotine is the master and you are the slave. I know, I've been there.
  5. My brother is deaf. Seriously.
  6. What does your therapist say...
  7. You recognise the symptoms.
  8. You have chosen to ignore all posts from: brandon. · View this post · Un-ignore brandon
  9. ...when did 'like' become the 'like' third word in every 'like' sentence that they 'like' speak?
  10. He's in there somewhere... Cool pics by the way hulky.
  11. Gutted, a roller-coaster of a journey, but over all had a great time. p.s. It was a try only some one-eyed Aussie official took 27 minutes and 350 camera angles to find a blade of grass...
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