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  1. Don't worry about the receive buffer. Every time you run the web100 test, it will give you a different suggestion on buffer size. Network traffic determines their suggestion of size. The Rwin suggested on DslReports starts at a low range for your connection. You would be ok with 10220. I have been tweaking PCs for years and know per your tests and specs that your Rwin can be pushed to 21780 safely(based on an MTU of 1492). Your connection looks good. Enjoy! Forgot to add: If you want to experiment further with rwins, stay between 10220 & 21900. Try: 13140, 16060, 18980 &
  2. Looking good thus far. Run these tests for me and post results: http://web100.rit.edu:7123/ http://www.dslreports.com/tweaks
  3. Using DrTCP Use these settings Rwin: 21780 Window scaling: Off Time stamping: Off Selective ACKs: On Path MTU Discovery: On Max Duplicate ACKs: 2 MTU: Try 1500 or 1492
  4. What is your advertised speed from your ISP? (example: 6000/768)Do you have DSL or Cable? I see you did much better with an Rwin of 10164.
  5. You can visit: http://www.dslreports.com/ You will find DrTCP in Tests & Tools
  6. To Keith_L, The only thing I agree with is: " RWIN is the most important setting realated to internet connection speed. Setting it too low can limit your throughput and setting too high could also reduce your connection speed." When you use the term "Max Setting", this is a term I associate with "One Size Fits All". To suggest an Rwin of 256960, which you've stated is a Max setting is clearly not suited for everyones individual computers and connections. This too high Rwin will cause lower download rates and can cause page lag. The optimum Rwin is an Rwin that is the lowest valu
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