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  1. how do i access this an d once i open the file what do i do? this has been very frustrating for me. have been trying to hook up another laptop to dsl. this laptop has windows 98 se. it needed a network adaptor. i got a linksys pcm 200 v.2 ethernet card and this thing bought a floppy disc. this laptop has cd rom. i found a crappy A drive for the floppy and tried to install this floppy disc. nothing was happening. then i burned a cdr with a download from the linksys website. after all that it kept prompting me to 'insert windows 98 second edition disc." i didn't have one then but i do have it now. i have been trying to set this up since august. lastnight i made another attempt. i would insert the wins 98 se disc, clicked on 'ok,' and nothing happened. i don't know what to do know or where downloads get installed. i have ran out of ideas.
  2. is there a way to not using win 98 when that annoying message pops up whenever you are installing new hardware or software?
  3. i tried using registryfix. i tried downloading secure32.dll. i tried to reinstall the netgear fa120 disc. i tried installing the driver from the netgear download site. i am still getting error messages like: dhcpcsvc.dll cannot be found. or error code 137. i do not know what any of this means. how do i manually install these cabs? where do i find them. all this is new to me. thanks for your help.
  4. you are not suppose to turn off dsl.
  5. i already have a router. i am having problems connecting a laptop to dsl and need to download a driver. only way (without burning data to a cd-r/cd-rw) is to use dial-up for this one laptop. i am not disconnecting phone/dsl service but just physically unhooking the phone line to the phone to attach that laptop to get dial-up on this one particular pc. would this disrupt dsl?
  6. one of my laptops is on dsl. i have been trying to connect another laptop with no success so far (after connecting a network adapter it is asking me insert a windows 98 disc i don't have). would i able to disconnect the phone line to use dail-up for my other laptop without disrupting my dsl connection? in other words... can i use dial-up even if i have dsl service? thanks!
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