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  1. i tried and to even talk to them about it is a 35 dollar charge...nuts! Even if i do get the code from them that doesnt solve the other countless problems i have on here so itll just be better to start from scratch again
  2. yea believe me we have been dealing with this for over a week and the searches for whatevers missing/corrupted are getting tiresome and rather annoying. That was before i found out that Windows cant activate. So i think i will just go the easy route on this one..or as Staples puts it...."the easy button"
  3. well im not sure but i did have a virus in the computer and i got rid of it. not sure if i messed with some of the major stuff in there, but it looks to be that way. Right now i am basically at a stand still until i can reformat my computer. I figure since we have all these problems it will just be easier to reformat and put a clean install of Windows on it.
  4. Well i looked up a few things and it says my ActiveX is damaged...and that still runs back to why cant i activate my windows? This is the same Repair disk we have been using and it hasnt done this in the past
  5. Ok it did download (he was directing me to Direct X download) but now im having an error installing it...it says An internal error occured. Please refer to directx.log in your windows folder to determine the problem Well i dont see a directx.log in my windows folder...am i missing something?
  6. I wont i promise but so much thx to ya..i really appriciate it..at least i can play my game even tho my puter still hates me.
  7. OMG Im In LOVE!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you so so so so much!
  8. OMG if this works i will be in love with you! LOL
  9. nope sure didnt...ahhhhhhhhhh I hate this puter and it hates me...thats gonna be my new signature! ok when i try to just go to download the updates i am getting this error code An error occured when copying file wuweb.dll Cannot copy file to destination directory. Click retry to retry or click cancel to cancel Among other things that are screwed up on this thing..i just wanna be able to download Direct X tho!
  10. i dont have that option..have already looked into that Im on the phone with Compaq atm so hopefully we will get something worked out
  11. We just restored/repaired our windows using the compaq restore disk. We then tried to update Windows and it keeps coming up that we need to activate windows. There is no option for this and we are pretty much stuck. Is there somewhere we can go to activate it or are we more of less not gonna be able to? opps edited cause i cant spell LOL
  12. Nope i didnt...the only thing that was new was the Hard drive...Compaq came and put a new one in like a month ago (maybe a month and a half now) and thats it. They checked everything else and said it was ok also
  13. Yes none of the NVidia drivers or anything for that matter can be found on the comp I have checked more than a few times today hoping that was the problem. I should also add this happened AFTER i did a system repair because the computer wouldnt stop restarting =(
  14. When trying to reinstall my video card drivers i am getting this error from the update wizard There was a problem installing NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra An error occured during the installation of this device Cannot copy to specified target Also when i try to install them from the web site i am also getting these errors When first starting the installation this pops up Access is denied C:\Windows\System32\UNINST.EXE So i click ok and then i press next and it continues and then i get An error occured while copying file nv4_mini.sy_. Cannot copy file to
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