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  1. thanks for the part the list raptor, appreciate it! i plan to do some shopping after this holiday season
  2. what motherboard would you suggest i go with raptor? i currently have Gigabyte, however when i first decided to build a computer when 939 came out, i went with the asus a8n-sli deluxe, so I'd definitely go with either of the two, however I'm so outdated and ignorant on current computer hardware now days. and my previous post, i intended to say, everything minus keyboard mouse and monitor, and of course minus software. do note: i will be overclocking this pc i want to get the most bang for the buck even if i have to make it bang if you could give me an idea on mobo or a top 3 intel based, i'd be able to easily work off of that. or if you could work up some parts and throw a price tag on it i could get an idea of what i'm really looking for and adjust as i see fit. but that may be asking a lot. thanks for all the help everyone!
  3. id feel comfortable with a system in the 1150 dollar range, +/- 100. including everything - monitor, keyboard, mouse. i got xp at home, and will probably be using xp, i don't quite see reasoning to make the jump to vista yet. so what you wiz's got? i like intell, they seem to be the most bang for the buck at the moment, however i dont care about the name on my parts, i care what the parts do. same with ati and nvidia, however nvidia seems to be doing work right now. thanks! a lot
  4. i guess you're right, but it seems everytime i look to build a new pc i get lost in the numbers and the fact that i always want the best but don't wanna pay to play, makes it a difficult decision to build a new pc. i have reconsidered upgrading this pos. and going to attempt to put together a list of possible computer parts. you'll be hearing from me ha. intell currently the most bang for the buck right now? and whats a good mobo for intel, i do plan on overclocking, so what would be the best choice for mobo and cpu if im going to do just that.
  5. how fast of a cpu would i need to take advantage of all if not most of this cards potential? i was thinking of getting a faster processor maybe an athlon 2200 or 2700
  6. Im looking to get a little better performance in gaming for my old pc. Im not looking to play games a max resolution and high settings. id just to be able to play every game at decent to moderate settings. mobo: GA 7vt600 1394 (agp 8x, 400mhz) CPU: AMD athlon 1800+ (1533 mhz) 2gigs of memory 1440x900 monitor I'd like to be able to play games at 1440x900 resulation, and looking to get great gains over my radeon 9000 pro which i am currently using. I did a little research on my own which yielded some confusion. I was looking at the radeon 3000 series, more specifically the 3650 or 3850. they seem to be the best agp x8 card. however i don't know if thats true strictly gaming. I wont be using this card to watch movies or HD content. So i want the best card for gaming my system can handle. however i dont wanna spend more than 150$ and prefibly less than 100. please help, and thanks
  7. Well i got a rough estimate of some things im looking at. Amd seems to got me sold this year, mainly for the savings. I havent search around for best prices on these parts, but its a decent estimate. case P180B Advanced Super Mid-Tower Enclosures - Black Mobo + Cpu http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...BM-M2NSLI-6400A GPU http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...BM-M2NSLI-6400A I havent looked at memory/harddrive yet, any suggestions? mobo+cpu+gpu will be about 530$ let me know what you think/better options/suggestions/thoughts Thanks!
  8. Please read the rules. There is no selling allowed in the open forums. Thank you.
  9. maybe im not so set on intel. I pretty much left the computer hardware market when intel was whooping amd's . Right around the time thier conroe duel cores were coming out. Amd had some x2 but from what i recall intel was cheaper, and preformed better. After looking at both amd and intel, now amd seems to be a lot cheaper, and at least have better power. I want a powerful system with a weak cost. 3.2ghz amd x2 for 160$ is pretty untouchable in my opinion. Not to mention their quads are like 40 dollars more, real cheap. So who is on top now days? which do think is better, I was set on intel not because of preference, I don't take sides, i sit back and let their prices/power decide for me. What you guys think? (on the amd side whats some good mobos?) also, ati vs nvidia, is it safe to assume nvidia is pretty much the powerhouse still?
  10. any idea on a time frame for the new socket to release? If there is going to be a new socket out before 09 im willing to wait
  11. thanks for the input everyone. To answer some questions, I dont plan on running anything that would require a quad core. With what i will be doing i could get away with a single core. However, I feel the dual core is worth it's price for what i will use it for. I really want a computer that will last through at least 5-10 years like my last computer did (and still is). I built the computer back in 97-99 and the first game it couldnt run well was battlefield and it's noticably bogging down on most of todays games. Which is why i play games on my xbox now. So i think any mobo that supports dual core, (quad not even an issue, wont be oging quad for many years to come, for price, and because i have no use for it). I also doubt i will require two graphic cards any time. I'm not one fo those people who care about having settings maxed out. I just want to the play the game well, and i care about framerates more so then frame quality. The p35 i have seen mentioned as a good board previously. Any other opinions or info from anyone? thanks
  12. I plan on building myself a new computer probably in the 1000-1500$ range. I'm definantly looking to save money anywhere i can. I haven't stayed current with the market of good products coming out. Obviously If i can get some good ideas for motherboards, i can base my selection of components around that. I am set on Intel and Nvidia. I will not being sli at first/if at all. Would be nice to at least have the option open to me. also I will be at least be going dual posibbly quad, so i want the option to be able to choose both. Let me know what you think woul dbe a good choices on motherboards.
  13. but will this price cut only be for am2? or 939. according to what i've read... note the underlined section. Does this appear that the price cut could only be for the Am2 processors? also chrome, it appears FX-60 will not be recieving a price cut. According to memos recently obtained by DailyTech, AMD will drastically cut prices on its desktop processors after the July 23rd release of Intel’s Core 2 Duo Conroe processors. The memos that DailyTech has secured are between AMD and Japanese system manufacturers and indicate the following price cuts will become effective July 24th, 2006: AMD Athlon 64 price cuts will receive price cut up to 30% AMD Athlon 64 X2 will receive price cuts up to 50% AMD Sempron processors will receive price cuts up to 15% The memos only mention the AM2 processors; however the AM2 parts are now priced identically with Socket 939 components. AMD has previously indicated that the aim of the AM2 processors was to be price competitive with its legacy components. Several of the dual-core components do not show a price drop, but it's possible AMD has just not announced the pricing on these processors yet. The Athlon 64 FX model line will not receive any price reduction. Perhaps the most interesting price reductions are on the Athlon 64 X2 dual core line. The memo claims the Athlon 64 X2 3800+ will fall from a processor-in-box (PIB) of $303 to $169. Single core Athlon 64 3800+ processors will fall from $290 all the way to $139 through special promotions. The AMD Athlon and Sempron Energy Efficient models do not show any price reduction.
  14. i own the game, but not playing it until i get my new system. and i'm a big half-life fan , so i'll let ya know in a month-2 when i beat it with my new specs.
  15. generaly application crashes are due to problems with memory, whether it be not enough memory, or in your case what seems to be your memory over heating, burning to the touch, obviously its way to hot. even without a heat disapator it shouldnt get that hot unless overclocked, so if you dont have someing that spreads the heat, for example http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...te=pricegrabber that is a heat spreader+ fan, should significantly lower your memory tempature
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