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  1. Now wait a minute !!! I know good and well he`s miss counting the pies, Oh , ya those are the ones that made it in the door ,the rest we`re not talking about .. Sweet deal .Bruce
  2. Well if and when the other one leaves. My guess would be to start fixing what is out before moving onto something new, on second thought,maybe not
  3. Oh ya you can blame the holiday for it .As much as i hate working on them,love the money. got a call today asking how to remove ink off the screen,new sony wide screen. Funny he was going to call sony to get it fixed,a cracked screen ,he knocked it off a table I don`t think it will be covered,for sure..
  4. Some times you have to be smarter then the box your working on.....
  5. Well we all know what the word Expert means lol EXPERT Ex meaning has been SPert a leak under persure Glad it was a simple fix even for a mechanic
  6. Well, i do hate to say this, But if you can`t get HJ to run or malwarebites,and can`t not boot to safemode.. how about system restorer? did you set a point? go to,start,control panel,system, you will see system restorer, doulbe click on it to see if it will run.. if this fails,might be time to do a clean install of windows
  7. Just pop it apart load it into the dishwasher,wash and rinse only. Don`t use the dry cycle,pat dry or blow dry with hair dryer. Don`t wash the contact part in the disher washer,just wipe it down with a towel.
  8. mme, tried that this morning.didn`t help.now i see another problem on the reboot smoke came out of it.. Guess i`ll be doin some work to it..i hate working on laptops... i just unplugged it took the battery out,will leave it sit .till i get around to looking Thanks
  9. This laptop is like listening to mel tillis talk.don`t care if your listening to music that is loaded onto the computer,But not that it`s breaking up because of volume soft ,louder kinda of like it just stutters. acer, xp-pro,due core 1.6 ghz, 2-gigs of ram memory. checked out clean no viruses,malware,all clean tries new drivers for the audio still the same. just started out of the blue.never been dropped ,doesn`t leave the house stays on the desk.i only use it ,no kids .turned it off left it for a week.came in turned it on and it just started doing this.Never been ran hot ,sits on a cooler pad.will try to change out drives tommorw when i feel like playing with it.. Bruce PS went back changed drives still the same,also tried headphones to bypass the speakers. has to be a problem on the MOBO .guess maybe change to a sound card to kill the onboard sound. i hope that will repair it.
  10. One of the longest playing bands of all times Called,THE BAND Dillion started it members from to many bands to list played with the BAND but there are way to many bands to list from the 60 & 70 , lot of one hit wonder bands in that time frame...
  11. yes you can just boot into safe mode to remove them .and not knowing what year the programs are it very on how much space you`ll get .don`t forget to defrag after you get them removed
  12. sounds like your losing your mother board drivers just up date them ,not the bios just the drivers
  13. That`s why i`m a proud member of ENCASE AND nope that`s not a link either !!!! i could come up with some great one for SWAT But i won`t
  14. win32:trojandownloader that is a back door trojan runs off java download avg free from magorgeeks.com might find a few other files infected too
  15. as always no two video cards are alike just like everything else so either GeForce ,or ATI,stay with one of the top brands you`ll be fine
  16. well it`s an emachine so you can pull the spec up off there web site. but if you can`t wait simple 4X will work don`t try 8X you`ll end up with a fried board wrong voltage at the apg slot even though the web site will say it can run the 8X video card you will need to change the voltage to use it .but being that bios are locked no go .
  17. in answers to the questions yes i have tried to play it on other machines have 3 here and 1 next door ,same said problem can`t be played in any play that i have i have tried to rename it ,change it to a different format and i still get an error that says out of date ? but it doesn`t go into detail on what is out of date the file or player .i am thinking the file has gone bad so i`m going to have to find a tool to repair the video file itself .i`ve got tools for for getting data off hard drive that have been crashed ,burned up in fires and the like ,but i`ve never tried it for video,not sure about using them for that,not quite the same as getting raw data from a drive .and i`ll be back later tonight to post again have meetings for IDEM i have to be at and no fun on my end will be back late tonight to work on this problem . thanks
  18. Neonknight77 Well,got it downloaded and installed.got the file moved into the player shows that it`s in there no go all i get is the total time that it should play. Still at a lost on what`s wrong .
  19. Well to try and made this short . some how i never would save a file in avi format but this is in it. and now it`s bad to make it worst,some idoit took the orginal and now it is ruined.The tape got stuck in someone machine and it is now in pieces only copy .SO now i have 4.3 gigs of Wedding video on my computer on an avi format,got it burned to disk just in case so nothing else can happen to it, but it starts to play in real player,something else i don`t use then it tell me it`s out of date,that is all it says .not sure what is out of date at this point of time i just down loaded real player as i don`t use it . I have tried installing codec packs and different players.i`m at a lost i`ve got tools to repair files ,but nothing in my cabinets that i know of to repair videos files i`m not sure it is bad as of yet if it starts to play .i`m kinda of at a lose here not knowing how it got into avi in the first place,unless the one program called camstudio hooked it and changed it on me i do use it for flash and capture at times,but it doesn`t run in the back ground i`ve checked .I hope someone has some help for this mess .
  20. sounds like you have a simple bug ,dump your temp internet files should clear your problem ,then do a search and get a program called cleanup it`s free will get rid if the rest .
  21. Yup you might want to start turning off some of the back ground things you have running weather update ? and a lot of others auto updaters you have running in the back ground you don`t need a 100% CPU load is killing you computer also try running Cleanup,plus a good adware program kinda of looks like you might have some spyware running to give you that kind of CPU load.
  22. hi hillbilly if you look at the top of this fourm it will give you the how to. sorry best i can do for now as i`m signing off now. and welcome to the pit .
  23. bigchrome I think you have wrote the book on OC ,OEM computers and they said it can`t be done i`ve never did figure out who( they) were..
  24. Sounds just about right
  25. MSI makes good boards has for many years. you made a good choice for your first build. So i guess your borad is an MSI RS482M-IL ? the other # it will go by will be MS-7145-060 if not post what one you have or a MicroStar are both good boards Also made by MSI Having a problem or just asking if you got a good board not knowing what one you have not all 754 will handle a duel core processor .
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