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  1. well , 15 inches and wind is picking up, we have more on the way !
  2. Hey,stick around ,looks like the best is yet to come ...
  3. Ok try going to the intel site and running or using there update tool make sure you use the right one for 7 64 bit.
  4. So your not using a hacked copy of windows ? doesn`t matter ,but it will cause this kinda problem
  5. Hey, you might of missed when you plugged it in , not really a plug so to speak just a ribbon that slips in and then you lock it in place
  6. So ? let me go this way what might of happened is the ribbon cable is broken ,good luck seeing it.plan on getting a replacement.Had a sony the same thing happened .i didn`t see the problem ,i never could find the break, Let me know what you find ,, tw2
  7. Aftre we talked i think i answered you let me know how it turned out AKA tw2 Bruce
  8. Not sure but i think you got a set of cables with that cam ,Hook it up to your computer see if it finds it then explore the cameras hard drive ,if it is found you should be able to copy it to a folder on your computer .sony does make software for this should of came with the camera..As far as the touch screem.well you might try removing the battery and leave it sit over night then reinstall it will make it go back to default settings ,you might get the screen to respond by doing this ... and my other question would be just why are you using this for storage ? instead of downloading it and ge
  9. OK ,so removing the cmos battery will not reset your bios password ,but!!! Ok, I said screw it. I opened the bottom of the notebook, found the backup battery and shorted the contacts. Turned the notebook on and viola the BIOS was reset. Damm it, I hate when people lie to me. The Acer Tech specifically told me you can not reset the BIOS by unplugging the backup battery (OK, I couldn't unplug the damm thing thus the short). Do this at your own risk !!! sometime this will work on most laptops .
  10. tw2


    I don`t think you can update. So like most places layout will go to 2.0 time for a new one once again. I know other forums are switching over so lot of them are having the old one running with the new 2.0 running inside. at least for now,have to get the bugs worked out,lots of them. Just my take on this , BTW most are not real happy with the 2.0 Check it out for yourself.. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/index.php This is just one site that started the switch over
  11. I did set up skype as well as the hp printer.gee works without any problems.. So,now it is back.wonderful in pieces what is it with people leaving the laptop on a table pluged in when not in use. I guess the little one got up for a drink walked into the cords and off it came.. Just what i wanted a repete....
  12. Ok, I found the fire wall,got it set got everything working.So till they get the printer.then will have to go set it up for them.I agree on skype also.just can`t sometimes get customers to try things. there take was all there friends will have to pay to use it... one thing if i did more installs on laptops ,it might go faster for me.but for now one a year. i`ll be back with more of the unknown, Thanks guys , a lot. Bruce
  13. Yup, you bet powersaver was the problem with the display..yes Bruce i told them about no support for kodak.. what a nightmare this is turning into for me ,got them talked into getting another printer HP for sure.. Got most of this in the bag.one thing i`m working around is Amsn is acting like it is fire walled.Gee i can`t fine one in ubuntu, plus i turned off the router, wired this one just a temp must be a bug in Amsn.. Not sure why they didn`t stick to windows ,they want it to act like it...
  14. ok,not my stuff sorry . webcam now up and working in AMSN. still having issues with display,not sure why it does this kinda of ramdon. as it will go black ,no screen saver isn`t running.maybe ,just maybe it`s a power saver ... it is a laptop so guess i need to check as far as the kodak printers i own two and have no problems with them. but this is a customers so it`s a kodak they have, will see what i can work out. last time i put suse on a sony,i was pulling my hair out trying to get it work. ubuntu so far just little things,bugs so to speak or me doin the mess up myself som
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