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  1. ok. thank you. I just wanted to be sure since they seem to use the same drivers for both cards.
  2. I recently got a 7600GS to replace my aging 6200. Do I have to uninstall the old drivers (I am using the latest drivers from Nvidia for the 6200) or can I just have to uninstall the card from hardware manager and put the new one in? What would be the best process? Thanks
  3. Here is my latest test results. I need to upgrade my C: drive. I was thinking about getting another sata drive like the one i have, Maxtor 6L200M0, and setting up a raid 0 or 1 whichever is better. Would that be worthwhile or should I just get another drive for storage? I need to get a SATA due to lack of IDE channel. As a sidenote, I was considering upgrading that turtle beach soundcard. Any suggestions around $100? I listen to a lot of music. test results with specs http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=BV4VPWACCJJSWA1C MOBO ECS PM800-M2 Celeron 2.66Ghz 2gig RAM
  4. sorry to take so long to get back on this topic. I ran [email protected] file recovery. I had to recover each folder to another disk and then format and move them back. But it is back now. Question taken care of for now. thanks all
  5. The drive problem with the exclamation mark is gone. I am not sure how. It was a combination of updating drivers and unplugging the whole thing. (which I had tried before). Now I just need to get the partition back. I had done that before with a different drive, but I do not recall how I did it. I know I used testdisk and / or [email protected] recovery.
  6. It is plug and play no software. . I have always left it on.
  7. I just installed my new sata 200gb hd in this computer. I moved some folders from my overflowing external WD 120gb hd seemingly ok. I left it on overnight and came back with an error message of a delayed write error on the external and when I tried to access some of the files it came back with a semaphore error. Now it is GONE. Device manager shows a usb mass storage device, but with the yellow exclamation mark (error code 10). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the device from device manager. I tried the update drivers option, it says that it cannot find any drivers that are a better match. I tried unplugging the drive and plugging it into a different computer and I get the same thing on the other computer. Here is the TE link if that may help. I have googled this problem and I cannot find any valid solutions. :help: Thank you. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KBSN0W71DFJS1L3Q
  8. It seems to be finished. here is the newest TE link. It migrated the data with no errors. Pitstop says that it is running 38Mb/s uncached, Is that right? thank you all http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KBSN0W71DFJS1L3Q Also a HDtune report HD Tune: Maxtor 6L200M0 Information Firmware version : BANC1G10 Serial number : L415VYCH Capacity : 189.9 GB (~203.9 GB) Buffer size : 8192 KB Standard : ATA/ATAPI-7 - SATA I Supported mode : UDMA Mode 6 (Ultra ATA/133) Current mode : UDMA Mode 6 (Ultra ATA/133) S.M.A.R.T : yes 48-bit Address : yes Read Look-Ahead : yes Write Cache : yes Host Protected Area : yes Device Configuration Overlay : yes Automatic Acoustic Managment : yes Power Managment : yes Advanced Power Managment : yes Power-up in Standby : no Security Mode : yes Firmware Upgradable : yes Partition : 1 Drive letter : C:\ Label : DRV1_VOL1 Capacity : 194474 MB Usage : 57.38% Type : NTFS Bootable : Yes
  9. just an update. I installed the drive physically with no problems. I used the maxblast4 cd that came with it and it had to change a setting for xp to recognize over 137gb. I thought I had already done that. Oh well. It has a feature that when it sets up the sata drive it asks if I want it as boot or storage. I chose boot and it migrates the data from the current boot to the sata automatically. I did not know this when I originally asked my question. It is about halfway done copying. I am not sure how much more time it needs. I will update as soon as it is finished and I can post a new test. thanks all.
  10. I will try that. I will let y'all know what happens. Thank you all
  11. I just got a new SATA I (150) 200gb hard drive for my computer. I already use a 40gb IDE as my main/operating system drive with a 111gb external for data. My questions are should I use the new sata as my main drive? Should I partition it? Take the 40gb out? (I do have space for it, but I can use it in another computer.) If I make the Sata as my main drive and or take the 40gb out, How do I (with the least amount of trouble)keep all the data from the 40gb; files and settings etc... I am leaning toward using the 40gb in another computer, but I want to keep my computer as it is without having to reinstall windows and all the programs and settings. I am sure that this may sound like a simple question, but I just want to hear thoughts and opinions and a step by step guide if possible for migrating the data from the old drive to the new with the least amount of trouble. Thank you all
  12. I am getting slow memory performance and my drive C uncached speed is too low. I just bought a new video card. Would anyone be willing to offer some advice? TE link http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=A3MH0W9NAMQSQPER
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