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  1. I switched it with another monitor and the 2nd monitor works fine. I need a 27 inch not a 24.if my 27 is broken, I need suggestions for another 1080p web browsing monitor.
  2. Last night one of my monitors did something weird. There is a horizontal line (taskbar but very thin) about 3/4 the way down the screen. Under the line there is the same image but scrunched up. There is flickering. I have changed out the hdmi cables and made sure they were in there securely. It had been working perfectly before. I don’t know what happened. I tried rebooting and turning the monitor off and on. When I turn the monitor back on, it is fine for abut 2 seconds then lines start from the bottom and go up the screen and I get the image I described. thanks in advance
  3. Well, I still have not gotten it put together. It is a matter of getting my area cleaned up and desk put together. Anyway, while I was waiting for some time to get it all together, I realized I might need a UPS. Any suggestions for this system? I did not realize that they had gotten so expensive. I think my old one cost about 50-60 dollars. My house suffers from a lot of brown outs in the the summer due to A/C, thus I think I need one that helps with those. I was reading that some UPS's do not play well with PSU's with an active PFC or something like that. I need something that will control brown outs and sags and total power failure. Just about 5 minutes will do. Just long enough to save and shut down. I got the SILVERSTONE ST75F-P 750W Active PFC. I hope this week will see a finished product. Thanks again
  4. I have everything ordered unless I find out I need cables or anything small like that. I did go with the silverstone 750 silver psu and the raven case the p67 pro and 8gb ram the evga 560ti and a 1tb main and 2tb data drive (plus the recycled drives from old comp). I just hope everything works. I will post results and pictures as soon as it is built. Thanks for all the advice.
  5. Yeah, that is a good board, but the price is prohibitive considering that I do not need a lot of the extras on that board. I am just going to use the pro. Thanks
  6. The pro it is then. I was just waiting for someone to confirm it. I can get the pro + 1tb samsung on combo. I was just trying to decide if it was worth the 10 or 15 extra over the Asrock. It is going to be that combo and evga 560ti 8gb ram and the raven and silverstone 750 silver case/psu. Also 2tb samsung data drive. I will post results as soon as I get it up and running. I think it is finally the last of the sales for a while so I have hit all that I can. Thanks for the help.
  7. Okay, I have everything picked out. Now I am trying to decide on a mobo. I cannot decide between the Asrock p67 extreme4 the Asus P8p67 pro or Evo. Help. I thought I wanted the Asrock, but I can get the Pro for 10 dollars more or the Evo for 20 dollars more than the extreme4. I was wondering if it were worth it. I do know that the deluxe is way not worth it to me. Someone help me decide. I will place the order this weekend. Thanks
  8. I am going with the silverstone silver 750. joking about that monster psu fitting. looking at getting the raven rv03 as soon as I can find it in stock. I could get it from frozen cpu, but their shipping seems fairly high. Hopefully finish this build this weekend. Anyone know when Newegg or Amazon or Tiger might be getting it? Frozen CPU seems to have the best price + shipping. Newegg just got it in and their base price was higher than Frozen. Looks like I will get it from there. They have the Pc Power and cooling 760 silencer on sale next 48 hours. 20 dollars less than the silverstone. There was something I read that said that the raven had to have the psu fan oriented a certain way. I cannot recall exactly what I read. The intake has to be on bottom. I will have to find it again. My link If it will fit correctly then I will go with the Pc P&C even though it is not modular.
  9. I do not think that that will quite fit. Anyway I am looking for a good wireless keyboard and mouse combo that is preferably inexpensive but good. I like logitech, but then again I have not kept up with keyboards lately. I do not need gaming per se, just a few hotkeys like the WASD and stuff like that. I like in the 40-50 dollar range. I was trying to find a refurbished Wave or Wave pro. Possibly an MX 5000 or 5500. Something on those lines. Anyone know a good site that sells refurbished keyboards? Thanks Nevermind. I just got an MX5000 off of ebay. I can sense the disapproving looks now for buying electronics from ebay, but anyway, I hope it works well. I have had luck before. I saw it after I posted this.
  10. I changed to this psu I think, just to make sure that it fits in the Raven if I still get that case. I am 98% sure that I am getting it though. SILVERSTONE ST75F-P 750W
  11. I bought a 6ft HDMI cable to go with the monitor. Also, I am eying this combo, I know it is not one of the PSU's you suggested, I cannot afford those nice ones. Corsair Hx650 psu and Samsung 2Tb HD
  12. I pretty much found that out. From what I have read, I am really liking the RV03 from Silverstone. Will I need extension cables or anything like that? There was something about the PSU also. Other than those 2 things, I like it a lot. If I have to, I will set it one the floor with some boards or something under it so that it does not sink into the carpet like you have it. I ended up getting the second monitor, the one with the 20 dollar off promo code. I hope it works okay. I am ending up getting this computer piecemeal since the sales are on certain items and whatnot. I hope to finish by Easter weekend at the latest. Newegg should have a good sale then to finish everything up. Thanks
  13. I am disappointed. I just measured the space on my desk and I do not have room for the cases I want. I have these dimensions and the cases are too tall or some are too wide. The dimensions are W: 9 3/8 D: 15 1/2 H: 20 1/8. Computer desk The NZXT Phantom is too tall by an inch. the Haf 922 is too tall the 600t is too wide and the new RV03 from silverstone Silverstone RV03 is too tall by just a centimeter. the dragon rider is too tall. the only case that I found that might fit is the Antec 900 or 902v3. I could spend an extra 50 or so and get the silverstone rv02, but I cannot justify that cost. Okay, now what are your suggestions. I would like a good looking case with cable management that is quality and uncommon. The uncommon part is a personality quirk. I just started reading about the silverstone cases and I liked them a lot. The rv03 is priced about right too. I do not want to spend more than about 150 including shipping. I would like to keep it around 100 dollars if possible. The pc-k63 from Lancool is on sale today shell shocker for 99 free shipping but it is about half an inch too tall too. The storm scout is in the right dimensions, but I am worried about cramped space and cable management was not as good supposedly. The sniper is too tall by an inch. I casually glanced at the Bitfenix survivor and it is within the dimensions by about a centimeter. I got this desk for a gift and I cannot mod it and I have to use it as is. So, the case has to fit the desk. Enough with cases, now I have a monitor question. This monitor went on guerrilla sale today and I was wondering which to get. ASUS VE247H for 189.99 or ASUS VH238H Black 23 for 164.99 after 20 dollar off promo code. It looks like I am losing an inch or less but the VH238h has a better contrast ratio? Both have a 10 dollar MIR. Is the VH model better than the VE model? The reviews are good for the VH I just wanted your opinons. I really appreciate your help in all of this. I am sorry about not getting the dimensions sooner.
  14. I have been digging some more and I kind of like this case. Lian Li PC-K63 for 129.99. What do y'all think?
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