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    P4 3.0GHZ HT tech 1024MB ram ATI Radeon 9800 XT DVD drive and dvd burner
  1. Ok i got rid of stat bar even though I'm 90% sure it was doin nothin but just incase. Anyways i got my start up programs down to bout 5 and its all good there now. I also downloaded the one program that was recommended to me. Last i got a picture to show you guys the trouble im having with alt ctrl delete. Also this alt ctrl delete problem has been round for like a year almost so it had nothin to do with stat bar and maybe not even spyware... just user error maybe? Anyways less rant and heres a pic to show you guys wat i mean
  2. No i get the same thing... it doesnt show all the things that are running just the main things that i have open (ex: internet explorer and msn messenger) not all the other ones. It also doesnt say my pc usage
  3. Ok but heres the problem. When i do the Alt, Ctrl, delete i dont get the message that most people get. I just just a lil window that tells me wat main programs are in use and wether to end task, switch to, or new task. I think when i first got the cpu i played round with alt ctrl delete and may have changed it from the standard form to some other option. And stat bar is fine, i looked into it before i downloaded it and Cnet reviewed it along with other good sites. Edit- if i can figure out how to get alt ctrl delete to work in the default form ill get rid of stat bar. Also how does my cpu look now? According to the results i got over 1500 so i think thats good?
  4. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NZHENWLWKNQSARDU How much better is that? should i be considered an A+ computer in top notch shape or just an A or wat? Anything else i can do?
  5. ok i clicked the "share test results with tech express" now if thats not good enough heres the link they provided for me http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NZHENWLWKNQSKBBU
  6. k i did the tests now do i send somethin to u or wat? please help
  7. k be ready cause im startin the process right now
  8. Ok i just got "stat bar" which is a free download that pretty much does nothin but lets u know ur cpu's performance at the moment. Anyways when i first got it like a week ago i was suprised because on average id be using like 350/1024 of my ram when i was just sitting at the cpu and had nothin running. Now a week later on average it runs at round 450/1024? I have used many different anti spyware devices such as spybot, spyware doctor and ad-aware, so my whole cpu is clean. I have also ran 3 diffferent virus scanners and all is good. I have nothin running in the background so somethin is up. Oh one last thing i noticed, that beside the Ram gauge theres a c cpu% thing and it ranges from 1-3% when nothin is running but like once every 10-30 seconds it will jump to like 80 or even 100% usage for half a second. Help me figure this out... or maybe im overreacting... but 400 mbs ram when i have nothin runnin seems quite high
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