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  1. hmmm, slander and defamation,yes. but isn't it libel if its in print?? :beer:
  2. hey aeroman, you around houston? i live up by groveton, tx. about 40 miles west of lufkin. piney woods of east texas. i had it set to redial 5 times (gave me time for a beer) and as far as the password goes, you mean my windows pass? msn is who i have internet service with, therefore i have no clue who i'm dialing in to. some place in lufkin. and if you mentioned high speed here in the woods, thay'd say "huh". its 4 miles to pavement from my house. i'd have to go with satellite. msn told me to put in my dial up networking: MSN/user pass. i'm going to try the oter settings now, then i'll look on here to see which pass you are talking about. thank you ... ok, changed the settings and still getting error 678
  3. p.s. i have belarc on the screen if anyone gets to me before toolong, thanks again, mike
  4. my pc was stored for 3 months. it was working (connecting) then. i just got it this weekend and now it will not connect. it dials, handshakes (sounds like) then quits and retries. maybe i screwed up a setting? but i don't think i did. and yes the phone line is connected. not sure what all you need. win98 se 2000mhz celeron 256 m mem 40 gig hd, 34.83 free IE 6 modem = intel 536 EP v.92 56 k supposed to be running on com 4 thats what its on anyway. having to do this on webtv right now. I WANT MY PUTER BACK!!! please thanks :beer:
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