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  1. Please let us know when it is working. Don't want to go through another crash. Thanks
  2. I now ran it the opposite way, Lavasoft first, Exterminate after. Lavasoft deleted about 10, Exterminate found one that was not in the Lavasoft list. So, no repeats like when I run it the other way.
  3. That's nice, but this program runs and updates in regular mode.
  4. Okay, just ran it again. Exterminate found 6, Adaware found 22. The one that Exterminate was supposed to have removed was 2o7.net, yet Adaware found it again.
  5. Thank you. At this point I have Exterminate, Lavasoft and ZoneAlarms Suite which does Adware too. I always like running a few, because they can each find something different. But the fact that it found the same one is puzzling.
  6. This morning I ran Exterminate, long scan. It found 3 tracing cookies. I then ran LavaSoft AdAware Plus, which found 15, including one that Exterminate said it deleted? Why would Lavasoft, in the SmatScan (shorter) find more than Exterminate?
  7. Just purchased today after thinking about it for a while. Already see a speed difference!!!
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