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  1. No snow here but its cold. Feels like: 10°F.
  2. I just got up from my afternoon nap to this.
  3. You really don't need one in NY at my age . I was bored and took the test anyways. I passed it with a 98% score. So now I can be a .. Mr Know It All .. on the water this summer. Edit There was personal info on the other pic.
  4. The Doc made a very BIG mistake reading my lung X rays !! . Now the law suits are going to start to fly. I gave away most of my wealth to Violent Crimes Against Women [On behalf of my DARLING DENISE that I miss so MUCH !! ] & my girls Tracy & Stacey. . Thank God !! My boat didn't sell I still own that and my car . Take care my Pit friends. PS, Thanks Y for the email I didn't want to answers at that time.
  5. Wayne


    Been there done that !! . In my younger days. .
  6. Well I just checked the weather radar, Someone is sending me some bad juju.
  7. . Congratulations Sue! .
  8. I'm doing fine thanks . The ladies at the marina are taking care of me. I haven't cooked a meal since !!! . I'm going to play this hurt boo boo thing for along time so they keep feeding me. It was 89* here today woohoo summer is back S.R, I didn't fall into the water. I did a nose plant onto the dock . YOU GUYS & GALS HAVE A SAFE HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Remember to take your CAMERA with you !!. We like to see pics .
  9. And onto the dock. Now I have afew stainless steel staple in my forehead. Wow isn't boating fun !!. Up for sale one good partying boat. $18.500 .
  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you also, Take care Wayne.
  11. No need to be sorry my friend . Its not your fault that I live in NY. Its still snowing here.
  12. No joking here. I took that pic at 7:30am this morning.
  13. What the heck is going on with this crazy weather.
  14. With gas at $3.00agal I thought I'd save alittle with this. v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v . .
  15. I know about all of them.
  16. Very sad indeed . They'll be in my prayers tonight.
  17. I remember in my younger days. I had a Plymouth Roadrunner with a 426 hemi with a 2 X 4 850 double pumpers setup. Man was that car fast !!. I had it up to 140mph.
  18. Blackmailing virus infects computers by installing a Trojan horse. Blackmailing virus is a new type of Malware called Kenzero. It is a Trojan horse designed to profit from victims whose computers are infected. The virus installs itself on computers through a popular file-share service called Winni. Viruses on computers can usually do damage to the hardware. This Malware demands a ransom by prompting for a credit card number. It can ridicule and embarrass its computer victims. Browsing History The Trojan captures the user's browsing history on the infected computer. It then sends the information to a public website. Once the user realizes that their private information is on the Web for everyone to see, the website demands payment to have it removed. I got this in a email from my computer geek friend,
  19. 8 more days to splash time . . . My Pit friends are always welcome to spend the day/night on the good ship Wayne's World. .
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