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  1. Hi nigsy, Thanks, We moved to Utica NY and the radio station is ... https://www.iheart.com/ Just type in what music you like and a bunch of stations or songs should show up.
  2. We lived in the country for 30yrs, We moved to the city 5 months ago. So this year I'm doing my snow cams from the 10th floor. Stop by and say Hi.... chat is open to all. Heres the link... https://www.ivlog.tv/user/CityLiving_Wayne PS, I hope all is well with pc pitsters that are still with us.
  3. I built this.. 29in Genesis GX 7 I added bluetooth speakers & led headlights & blue blinking spoke lights & 80cc motor.
  4. thanks all , i'm loving this retirement gig . and thanks nigsy..... those bad points were in my younger years when i was full of pee & vinegar. .
  5. I didn't think I'd see this day.... So let the partying begin.
  6. LOL, i keep getting a million calls saying i owe for student loans. i'm 62yrs old and drove truck for 33yrs { retired now } so i know its scammers.
  7. oh man another shocker, R.I.P Ykawika. this has got to stop. we're losing pit members faster than new members joining.
  8. oh man, this is a shocker. i thought i would of died before most of the old pitsters gang. RIP cb .
  9. $14 a month. My WiFi downstairs in the kitchen.
  10. Another update. That 60gb ssd wasn't worth the $6 bucks = JUNK. I ended up getting a 1T segate drive and I love it. Everything is running very nice and I had no problems with the win7 updates this time.
  11. Terry, its super hot to the touch. it almost burns your fingers. I'm not messing with it anymore. I ordered a 60gb SSD for $6 on Amazon. i got it this way for the $6..( SSD Samples for testing are available!) Heres the SSD. https://www.amazon.com/KingDian-Internal-Solid-Desktop-Laptop/dp/B018K3AV7A/ref=sr_1_5?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1474639775&sr=1-5&keywords=60gb+ssd It should work very well for the old laptop...... your advice on it please, if you have one.
  12. Another update. I tried to install win7 again and the hard drive got really super HOT during the install and while it was doing the 3 million(lol)win7 updates. I'm thinking the HD is shot.... Yes/No ?.
  13. I dug out a HP NX6325 laptop with win xp pro on it, I thought heck I'll put win7 on it. All was going fine til the 287+ updates showed up. I got so mad waiting for them to install. I went back to win xp pro. Why doesn't win7 have a easier way to get them ?.
  14. Just stopping by to say. I got 6 security win7 updates this morning..
  15. no updates on my 2 computers since 8/16 with windows 7 premium 64 bit.
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