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    Soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, computers, pc & console games.<br /><br />Xfire, AIM, Steam = Connor3400<br />Give me a holler.

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    Antec 900 e8400 3.0GHz FSP 450W Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L eVGA 7600gt Corsiar XMS2 1GB DDR2 800 WD Caviar 250GB Sata II Lite-On DVD Burner LG 19 Flatron
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  1. Have a great birthday Caintry!!!
  2. Watched the whole thing expecting the guy to say something else Nice croc though!
  3. When would calling someone a "ho" ever cross good old saint nick's mind!! Some people are a little too sensitive... Haha, I like that ho ho ho card, think I saw it last year.
  4. Who dey! ... Nice find Bruce Wow, the packers have more than any teams clicks double
  5. Hello everybody! Alright so, I need a little help here. My ISP is Time Warner Cable (RoadRunner), and I was thinking about getting this D-Link Broadband Cable Modem to help speeds a little and upgrade from the basic modem that was supplied by Time Warner. Connected to that I have a Linksys WRT54G Router. This is all on the first floor. My computer is connected to the router with a Ethernet Cable that goes through the floor and down the wall in my room into my computer. What I was wondering is that my brother and I share a room in the basement (where my comp is), and I was thinking about trying to get gigabyte switch. Would I be getting 1000mbs if I were to get a gigabyte switch and connect it to the router? (Like with the ethernet cable that is running down from the router into my room right now, connect that to the switch, and then connect my, and my brothers computer to the switch and get 1000mbs?) Or would I have to get a router that would have 1000mbs LAN ports? Hopefully that made some sense because I'm way confused on networking... Thanks!! edit: clicked post instead of preview post now I'm done.
  6. Leaning towards AT& Tingular now lol. So are Razrs, decent phones? A lot of people have them, but I've heard mixed feelings. I've personally played around with some of my friends and I don't dislike. I hear they were a little fragile dealing with the screen? I like the Nokia 6126, not very spensive is free right now!!! Nokia 6126 > Razr v3?
  7. Well my Mom currently has prepaid cards or whatever that deal is with T-Mobile, and my Dad has a phone through Sprint, but it's like 8 years old, and he is turning it back in when he starts his new job. So far I like Verizon because, most of their phones have bluetooth for my fasa, and my bro and I could get unlimited texting, and I guess my mom can too cause she likes being "hip." And Verizon has like buy one phone blah blah blah get another 3 free with 2-year subscription so that would be perfect. I dunno, but with like Cingular, Sprint, and Cincinnati Bell it seems they limit their phones with whatever plan you choose.
  8. Hey everybody! My dad asked me earlier this week about what would be the best family plan, and I really didn't have a clue so I thought I would ask the folks here. Also my dad is going to be working in Columbus (we live in Cincinnati) so its a sorta long commute and he wanted to be able to talk on the road, so he wants bluetooth capability in a phone. What is a good company that is reliable and has really good coverage, and has a good deal on a family plan (we are going to have 4 people using the plan.) Thanks!
  9. Happy Birthday FlyFishingRules!!!
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