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  1. iRivers looked cool and are pretty well priced. My brother was going to get an iRiver, but the store he went to was out of them so he just got some terrible Samsung one and so far it has been sent in 3 times to be fixed and they send him a refurbished one that still doesn't work. Don't go for samsung MP3 players. That Creative Vision M MP3 Player looks awesome! It would be a hard choice between a iPod and the Vision M. I would have to choose the Vision M.
  2. Godfrey has your Asus board that you linked had any sound problems? A couple reveiws said something about the sound so I was just wondering, but everything else on that board looks solid. Also with this motherboard I was lookin' to get a AGP video card like a eVGA 6600GT a new PSU OCZ ModStream 450W and some new RAM Corsair XMS 1GB Dual Channel. If anyone has any input on any of the things I listed or something you think is good that would be a huge help. Thanks everybody .
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys. An AGP Slot video card would be a nice step up from integrated video so I'm falling towards an AGP slot. Yeah I was looking into just buying a new AMD rig and using some of the old parts, but this computer is mostly for my parents and I sometimes paly games on it and i couldn't persuade my parents into a AMD system. Since this mobo you listed Godfrey doesn't have raid is it still possible to have two hard drives on this system?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm lookin' for a new motherboard for my family's computer. The case is only large enough for a Micro ATX board which is kinda a bummer. My family would like a computer that is a little bit faster than what we have right now ( TechExpress Test ). And saving most of the parts that are in the computer right now to save a little money. Since the old mobo in there right now really can't use anything that will make much of a difference I decided a new mobo would be best. I have been lookin' around and I wanted one that was Micro ATX, had a standard PC400 (3200) RAM, and is a Socket 478. Here's what has caught my attension: AOpen Mobo for $60 Asus Mobo $50 I'm not sure if those would be any good so do any of you have any suggestion or comments? Thanks everybody
  5. Does regular Windows XP not work if you're using a 64bit CPU like the ones made by AMD?
  6. That story is crazy! Terrible that Lina's child found out that he was Lina's son by teasing at school. Interesting find though.
  7. She just ran off with a bag of sand!
  8. Hello, I went to Bootdisk.com and click on DOS/Windows9X/Me/NT/2K/XP Excellent Bootdisks. Then i clicked on Windows Me OEM | Mirror1. I put it on a floppy and put it in my computer. Went to the BIOS and turned the first boot device to floppy. After that I booted up the computer and I got this message: Non-System disk or disk error Replace and press any key when ready
  9. Reading for a lil while always helps, and music is good too... I use those to help me sleep. Also just laying down on your bed for a while thinking does the trick. Hope you get some rest.
  10. LOL, Yeah ME wasnt high on my list of O/S's. Ill keep you posted on how im doing with the HD
  11. Hey Magog, Thanks for the info, and how would i reformat my HD?
  12. The apocalypse is coming! Serousily though, Hope everyone is safe down there. Dont want anything to happen so close to the holidays. Best O' Luck
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